Blanke, Herm.-Josef

Governing Europe under a Constitution

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Table of contents

1. European integration through constitutional law
Rudolf Streinz

2. The ability of a European Constitution to forge a European identity
M. Rainer Lepsius

3. “Identity building” by means of a European Constitution? Some reflections from a Swiss point of view
Giovanni Biaggini

4. Perspectives of the Project for a European Constitution
Daniel Thürer

5. The Issue of the Legal Nature of the Constitutional Treaty and the System of Sources
Vincenzo Cerulli Irelli

6. Economic and market direction in the European Constitution
Miguel Ángel García Herrera, Gonzalo Maestro Buelga

7. A first evaluation of the European Constitution
Andrew Duff

8. Some critical remarks on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
Peter J. Tettinger

9. Expectations of the German foreign policy towards the European Constitutional Treaty
Eckart Cuntz

10. The purposes of the European Union according to the Constitutional Treaty
Federico Sorrentino

11. The religious element in the Constitution for Europe
Cesare Mirabelli

12. Citizenship of the Union and Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of the EU
Antonio López Castillo

13. From the European Convention on Human Rights to the European Charter of Fundamental Rights: The prospects for the protection of human rights in Europe
Klaus Stern

14. Social rights and European neo-constitutionalism
Antonio Cantaro

15. The Common Law System in a constitutionalised European Union — An analysis in the light of the principle of Equality
Margot Horspool

16. Fundamental Rights in Central and Eastern Europe: A Basic Analysis
Rainer Arnold

17. Protection of Fundamental Rights afforded by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg
Hermann-Josef Blanke

18. The legal relationship between the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Communities according to the European Convention on Human Rights
Georg Ress

19. Draft Constitution of the European Union: the new division of competences
Joachim Wuermeling

20. The order of competence within the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
Martin Nettesheim

21. The distribution of competences between the European Union and the Member States in the light of the new Constitutional Treaty: the Spanish experience
Luis Jimena Quesada

22. Remarks on the system of the sources of law in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe: complementary issues and framework of reference
Angelo Rinella

23. The Supremacy of European law in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe in the light of Community experience
Enzo Salvatore

24. European Financial regulation
Bernhard Friedmann

25. The EU as a federal commonwealth
Ulrich Fastenrath

26. The parliamentarisation of the institutional structure of the European Union between representative democracy and participatory democracy
Paolo Ridola

27. The balance of power between the European Council, the Council and the Commission in the draft European Constitution
Juan Fernando López Aguilar

28. The development of the Committee of the Regions
Enrico Borghi

29. The Role of Regional and Local Government in European Governance
Stelio Mangiameli

Keywords: Law, European Law/Public International Law

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