Herstatt, Cornelius

Management of Technology and Innovation in Japan

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Table of contents

Part I:.Strategic Aspects

1. Designing the Product Architecture for High Appropriability: The Case of Canon
Kiyonori Sakakibara, Yoichi Matsumoto

2. Case Study Shimano: Market Creation Through Component Integration
Akira Takeishi, Yaichi Aoshima

3. Invisible Dimensions of Innovation: Strategy for De-commoditization in the Japanese Electronics Industry
Ken Kusunoki

4. The Customer System and New Product Development: The Material Supplier’s Strategy in Japan
Junichi Tomita, Takahiro Fujimoto

Part II:.Process Aspects

5. The Japanese Know-Who Based Model of Innovation Management — Reducing Risk at High Speed
Sigvald J. Harryson

6. The Domestic Shaping of Japanese Innovations
Marian Beise

7. Exploiting “Interface Capabilities” in Overseas Markets: Lessons from Japanese Mobile Phone Handset Manufacturers in the US
Masanori Yasumoto, Takahiro Fujimoto

8. “Fuzzy Front End” Practices in Innovating Japanese Companies
Cornelius Herstatt, Birgit Verworn, Christoph Stockstrom, Akio Nagahira, Osamu Takahashi

9. Implementing Process Innovation — The Case of the Toyota Production System
René Haak

Part III:.Organizational Aspects

10. Reorientation in Product Development for Multiproject Management: The Toyota Case
Kentaro Nobeoka

11. Suppliers’ Involvement in New Product Development in the Japanese Auto Industry — A Case Study from a Product Architecture Perspective
Dongsheng Ge, Takahiro Fujimoto

12. NPD-Process and Planning in Japanese Engineering Companies — Findings from an Interview Research
Cornelius Herstatt, Christoph Stockstrom, Akio Nagahira

Part IV:.Cultural Aspects

13. Japanese New Product Advantage: A Comparative Examination
Cheryl Nakata, Subin Im

14. Differences in the Internationalization of Industrial R&D in the Triad
Guido Reger

15. Global Innovation and Knowledge Flows in Japanese and European Corporations
Alexander Gerybadze

16. Reducing Project Related Uncertainty in the “Fuzzy Front End” of Innovation — A Comparison of German and Japanese Product Innovation Projects
Cornelius Herstatt, Birgit Verworn, Akio Nagahira

Part V:.Implementational Aspects

17. From Practice: IP Management in Japanese Companies
Yonoshin Mori

18. MoT: From Academia to Management Practice — The MoT Implementation Case in a Traditional Japanese Company
Gaston Trauffler, Hugo Tschirky


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