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Mechanics of Biological Tissue

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Table of contents

Part I.Tissue Growth and Remodelling

1. Towards a Theory of Vascular Growth and Remodeling
J. D. Humphrey

2. Complementary Roles of Theoretical Modeling and Computer-controlled Experimentation in Vascular Growth and Remodeling
R. L. Gleason, E. Wilson, J. D. Humphrey

3. On the Modeling of Growth and Adaptation
S. C. Cowin

4. Growth in Soft Biological Tissue and Residual Stress Development
A. Guillou, R. W. Ogden

5. Characterization and Modeling of Growth and Remodeling in Tendon and Soft Tissue Constructs
E. M. Arruda, S. C. Calve, K. Garikipati, K. Grosh, H. Narayanan

6. Modeling and Simulation of Remodeling in Soft Biological Tissues
E. Kuhl, A. Menzel, K. Garikipati, E. M. Arruda, K. Grosh

7. Anisotropic Remodelling of Biological Tissues
A. Menzel

8. A Mechanobiological Formulation of Bone Healing
M. Doblaré, J. M. García-Aznar, M. J. Gómez-Benito

9. Continuum Models of Growth with Emphasis on Articular Cartilage
S. M. Klisch

Part II.Micromechanics, Cells and Matrix

10. Tensile Properties and Local Stiffness of Cells
K. Hayashi

11. Microfluid-dynamics in Three-dimensional Engineered Cell Systems
F. Boschetti, M.T. Raimondi, F. Migliavacca, M. Cioffi, R. Pietrabissa

12. Nonlinear Constitutive Models for Cochlear Outer Hair Cells
K. Grosh, N. Deo

13. Prediction of Changes in Cell-substrate Contact under Cyclic Substrate Deformation Using Cohesive Zone Modelling
J. P. McGarry, B. P. Murphy, P. E. McHugh

14. Micromechanics and Macromechanics of the Tensile Deformation of Nacre
H. J. Qi, B. J. F. Bruet, J. S. Palmer, C. Ortiz, M. C. Boyce

Part III.Arteries in Health and Disease

15. Mechanical Properties of Atherosclerotic Tissues
P. D. Richardson

16. Towards a Computational Methodology for Optimizing Angioplasty Treatments with Stenting
G. A. Holzapfel, M. Stadler, Th. C. Gasser

17. Computational Modeling of Stented Arteries: Considerations for Evolving Stent Designs
M. R. Moreno, J. Bedoya, C. Meyer, J. E. Moore

18. Simulation of In-stent Restenosis for the Design of Cardiovascular Stents
C. Lally, P. J. Prendergast

19. Material Property Alterations with Early Atheroma in an Animal Model
K. B. Chandran, H. Kim, D. D. McPherson

20. Microscopic Analysis of Residual Stress and Strain in the Aortic Media Considering Anisotropy of Smooth Muscle Layer
T. Matsumoto, T. Furukawa, K. Nagayama

21. Parameter Identification in Arteries Using Constraints
J. Stålhand, A. Klarbring

22. Collagen Organization and Biomechanics of the Arteries and Aneurysms of the Human Brain
P. B. Canham, R. M. Korol, H. M. Finlay, R. R. Hammond, D. W. Holdsworth, G. G. Ferguson, A. R. Lucas

23. Image-based Simulation of Blood Flow and Arterial Wall Interaction for Cerebral Aneurysms
M. Oshima, R. Torii, T. Takagi

Part IV.Biological Tissues

24. A Framework for Soft Tissue and Musculo-skeletal Modelling: Clinical Uses and Future Challenges
J. W. Fernandez, H. Schmid, P. J. Hunter

25. Invariant Formulation for Dispersed Transverse Isotropy in Tissues of the Aortic Outflow Tract
D. R. Einstein, A. D. Freed, I. Vesely

26. Mathematical Modelling of Cardiac Mechanoenergetics
J. Engelbrecht, M. Vendelin

27. Creep and Relaxation in Ligament: Theory, Methods and Experiment
A. L. Oza, R. Vanderby, R. S. Lakes

28. Viscoelastic Constitutive Law Based on the Time Scale of the Mechanical Phenomena
D. P. Pioletti

29. A Coupled FE Analysis of the Intervertebral Disc Based on a Multiphasic TPM Formulation
W. Ehlers, B. Markert, N. Karajan, A. Acartürk

30. Is the Free Energy of Hydrogel the Sum of Elastic Energy and Ionic Energy?
R. W. Roos, J. M. Huyghe, F. P. T. Baaijens

31. In Vivo Experiments to Characterize the Mechanical Behavior of the Human Uterine Cervix
E. Mazza, A. Nava, M. Bauer, R. Winter, M. Bajka, G. A. Holzapfel

32. Viscoelastic Response of Vocal Fold Tissues and Scaffolds at High Frequencies
R. J. Clifton, X. Jia, T. Jiao, C. Bull, M. S. Hahn

33. An Alternative Fabric-based Yield and Failure Criterion for Trabecular Bone
Ph. Zysset, L. Rincón

Part V.Image-based Analysis

34. Functional Micro-imaging at the Interface of Bone Mechanics and Biology
R. Müller, A. Nazarian, P. Schneider, M. Stauber, P. Thurner, G. H. Lenthe, R. Voide

35. Strain Measurement Using Deformable Image Registration
J. A. Weiss, A. I. Veress, G. T. Gullberg, N. S. Phatak, Q. Sun, D. Parker, R. D. Rabbitt

36. Image-based Hierarchical Analysis and Design of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
S. J. Hollister, C. Y. Lin, C. Y. Lin


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