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Complex Computing-Networks

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Table of contents

Part I. Electromagnetic Theory

1. Wave Models for Networks and Fields
C. Christopoulos, P. Sewell, J. Paul

2. Electromagnetic Field Interaction with a Transmission Line
J. Russer, A. Cangellaris, P. Russer

3. Scattering of a Plane-Wave by a Moving Half-Plane: A Full Relativistic Study
M. ?demen, A. Alkumru

4. High-Frequency/Short-Pulse Wave Dynamics in Ray-Chaotic Scenarios: A Survey
V. Galdi, G. Castaldi, V. Fiumara, V. Pierro, I. M. Pinto, L. B. Felsen

5. Numerical Modeling and Simulation Studies of 2D Propagation over Non-flat Terrain and Through Inhomogeneous Atmosphere
Ç Ului?ik, L. Sevgi

6. Fast Integral Equation Solutions: Application to Mixed Path Terrain Profiles and Comparisons with Parabolic Equation Method
C. A. Tunç, F. Akleman, V. B. Ertürk, A. Altinta?, L. Sevgi

7. A Pole Matching Method for the Analysis of Frequency Selective Surfaces
A. Cucini, M. Nannetti, F. Caminita, S. Maci

8. About Complex Extensions and Their Application in Electromagnetics
M. J. G. Morales, C. D. Martinez, E. G. -Ribas

9. Radiation of Sound from a Semi-Infinite Rigid Duct Inserted Axially into a Larger Infinite Tube with Wall Impedance Discontinuity
A. Büyükaksoy, A. Demir

10. Scattering by a Perfect Conducting Elliptic Cylinder Immersed Halfway Between Two Half Spaces
A. Kamel, E. Niver

11. Pattern Nulling of Offset Parabolic Reflector with Array Feed
B. Saka, A. Selçuk

12. Tapered Dielectric Rod Antenna
E. Niver

13. Design Alternatives of Spiral Antenna Arrays for Wireless Applications
G. çakir, L. Sevgi

14. Analysis of Multiple Vertical Strips in Planar Geometries via DCIM-MoM
T. önal, N. Kinayman, M. ?. Aksun

15. A Matlab-based Filter Design Tool Using the Analogy between Wave and Circuit Theories
G. çakir, S. Gündüz, L. Sevgi

16. A Generic Microstrip Structure with Broadband Bandstop and Bandpass Filter Characteristics
G. çakir, L. Sevgi

17. Analysis of Waveguide Structures by Combination of the Method of Lines and Finite Differences
R. Pregla

18. Resonator Characterization by Microwave Active Circuits
C. Akyel

19. Performance Evaluation in Optical Burst Switched Networks
S. Parlar, E. Topuz

20. Nonlinearity and Multiscale Behaviour in Ocean Surface Dynamics: An Investigation Using HF and Microwave Radars
S. Anderson, C. Anderson, J. Morris

21. Fine Tuning of Printed Triangular Monopole
C. I?ik

22. A Chiralic Circuit Element and Its Use in a Chiralic Circuit
T. ?engör

Part II. Circuit Theory

23. Dynamical Systems Analysis Using Differential Geometry
J.-M Ginoux, B. Rossetto

24. r-Neighbourhood Impact on the Behaviour of 2D Cellular Automata Model of Complex Interactions
A. Porebska

25. Stability of CNN with Trapezoidal Activation Function
E. Bilgili, I. C. Göknar, O. N. Uçan, M. Albora

26. Applications of CNN with Trapezoidal Activation Function
E. Bilgili, I. C. Göknar, O. N. Uçan

27. A CNN-based Fingerprint Verification System
Q. Gao, G. S. Moschytz

28. Hardware Architectures for the Evolution of Cellular Automata Functionality
M. Glesner, O. Soffke, P. Zipf

29. Current Mode Double Threshold Neuron Activation Function
M. Yildiz, S. Minaei, I. C. Göknar

30. Gradient Networks for Clustering
H. Do?an, C. Güzeli?

31. On a matrix inequality and its application to the synchronization in coupled chaotic systems
C. W. Wu

32. Rigorous Study of Chua's Circuit in Terms of Periodic Orbits
Z. Galias

33. Complex Behavior and its Analysis in Chaotic Circuits Networks with Intermittency
Y. Uwate, Y. Nishio, A. Ushida

34. Bifurcations in Noisy Nonlinear Networks and Systems
W. Mathis

35. When is a Linear Complementarity System Controllable?
M. K. çamlibel

36. A Simple Artificial Neural Network Structure for Generating Chaos
N. S. ?engör

37. Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms for Wireless Communications
E. Panayirci, H. A. çirpan

38. A Clock-controlled Stream Cipher with Dual Mode
I. Ergüler, E. Anarim

39. Modeling Controller Area Networks Using Discrete Event Simulation Technique
C. Bayilmi?, I. Ertürk, C. çeken, I. özçelik

Part III. Degree Award Ceremonials

40. Laudation on Professor Leopold B. Felsen
L. Sevgi

41. Laudation on Professor Leon O. Chua
?. C. Göknar

42. Professor Felsen's Reply
L. B. Felsen

43. Photo Gallery

Keywords: Physics, Electromagnetism, Optics and Lasers, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Circuits and Systems

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
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423 pages
Natural Sciences

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