Fink, Michell P.

Intensive Care Medicine in 10 Years

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Table of contents

1. Setting The Scene
J. L. Vincent

2. Managing and Leading in Critical Care
W. J. Sibbald

3. Critical Care from 50,000 Feet
D. C. Angus

4. Expectations Around Intensive Care — 10 Years On
K. Hillman

5. The Safety and Quality Agenda in Critical Care Medicine
T. Dorman

6. The Challenge of Emerging Infections and Progressive Antibiotic Resistance
S. M. Opal

7. Technology Assessment
J. Bakker, P. Verboom

8. Trends in Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care in the Next 10 Years
R. C. Tasker

9. The Patient Process as the Basis for the Design of an ICU
B. Regli, J. Takala

10. Information Technology
G. D. Martich, D. C. Pelt, D. Lovasik

11. Diagnostic Technologies to Assess Tissue Perfusion and Cardiorespiratory Performance
M. R. Pinsky

12. Microcirculatory Distress in Critically Ill Patients: Meaning and Future
C. Ince

13. Managing Infection: From Agar Plate to Genome Scan
J. Cohen

14. Immunological Monitoring, Functional Genomics and Proteomics
E. Abraham

15. Improving Organ Function
M. Singer

16. The Profile and Management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
L. Gattinoni, P. Caironi, E. Carlesso

17. The Ventilator of Tomorrow
L. Brochard, M. Dojat, F. Lellouche

18. My NeuroICU 10 Years from Now
D. K. Menon

19. Disaster Medicine
P. E. Pepe, K. J. Rinnert, J. G. Wigginton

20. Hospital and Medical School Organization of Critical Care Services
M. P. Fink

21. Physician Staffing in the ICU 10 Years from Now
J. A. Russell, A. Sutherland

22. ICU Research— One Decade From Now
J. J. Marini, D. J. Dries

23. Organizing Clinical Critical Care Research and Implementing the Results
D. Cook, S. Finfer

24. Funding and Accounting Systems
P. M. Suter

25. Measuring Performance
G. D. Rubenfeld

26. Ethics and End-of-life Care
J. R. Curtis

27. Rationing in the ICU: Fear, Fiction and Fact
M. M. Levy

28. Training Pathways—Physician and Non—Physician
J. Bion, H. Barrett, T. Clutton-Brock

29. Simulation Training in Critical Care Medicine
P. B. Angood

30. The Agenda for the Intensivist
V. M. Ranieri, G. L. Rosboch

31. Transforming Adult Critical Care Service Delivery in Ontario
H. MacLeod


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