Belfort, Marlene

Homing Endonucleases and Inteins

Belfort, Marlene - Homing Endonucleases and Inteins, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Back to Basics: Structure, Function, Evolution and Application of Homing Endonucleases and Inteins
Marlene Belfort

2. Homing Endonucleases and the Yeast Mitochondrial ? Locus — A Historical Perspective
Bernard Dujon

3. The LAGLIDADG Homing Endonuclease Family
Brett Chevalier, Raymond J. Monnat, Barry L. Stoddard

4. HNH Endonucleases
Anthony H. Keeble, María J. Maté, Colin Kleanthous

5. GIY-YIG Homing Endonucleases — Beads on a String
Patrick Roey, Victoria Derbyshire

6. His-Cys Box Homing Endonucleases
Eric A. Galburt, Melissa S. Jurica

7. Group I Introns and Their Maturases: Uninvited, but Welcome Guests
Mark G. Caprara, Richard B. Waring

8. Group II Intron Homing Endonucleases: Ribonucleoprotein Complexes with Programmable Target Specificity
Alan M. Lambowitz, Georg Mohr, Steven Zimmerly

9. Free-Standing Homing Endonucleases of T-even Phage: Freeloaders or Functionaries?
David R. Edgell

10. Function and Evolution of HO and VDE Endonucleases in Fungi
James E. Haber, Kenneth H. Wolfe

11. Engineering Homing Endonucleases for Genomic Applications
Frederick S. Gimble

12. Inteins — A Historical Perspective
Francine B. Perler

13. Origin and Evolution of Inteins and Other Hint Domains
Bareket Dassa, Shmuel Pietrokovski

14. Biochemical Mechanisms of Intein-Mediated Protein Splicing
Kenneth V. Mills, Henry Paulus

15. The Structure and Function of Intein-Associated Homing Endonucleases
Carmen M. Moure, Florante A. Quiocho

16. Harnessing Inteins for Protein Purification and Characterization
Shaorong Chong, Ming-Qun Xu

17. Production of Cyclic Proteins and Peptides
Ali Tavassoli, Todd A. Naumann, Stephen J. Benkovic

18. Inteins for Split-Protein Reconstitutions and Their Applications
Takeaki Ozawa, Yoshio Umezawa

19. Intein Reporter and Selection Systems
David W. Wood, Georgios Skretas

20. Industrial Applications of Intein Technology
David W. Wood, Sarah W. Harcum, Georges Belfort


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