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Climbing and Walking Robots

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Table of contents

Part I.Plenary Sessions

1. Robot Vision: A Holistic View
Ming Xie

2. What Bipedal Human Locomotion Can Teach Us About Motor Control Synergies for Safe Robotic Locomotion
D.A. Winter

3. Problems of Scale for Walking and Climbing Animals
R. McNeill Alexander

4. Biologically Motivated Control of Walking Machines
R. Dillmann, J. Albiez, B. Gaßmann, T. Kerscher

Part II.Control

5. Integer vs. Fractional Order Control of a Hexapod Robot
Manuel F. Silva, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, António M. Lopes

6. Synchronous Landing Control of a Rotating 4-Legged Robot, PEOPLER, for Stable Direction Change
T. Okada, Y. Hirokawa, T. Sakai, K. Shibuya

7. Neuro-Controllers for Walking Machines — An Evolutionary Approach to Robust Behavior
Joern Fischer, Frank Pasemann, Poramate Manoonpong

8. Decentralized Dynamic Force Distribution for Multi-legged Locomotion
T. Odashima, Z.W. Luo

9. An Outdoor Vehicle Control Method Based Body Configuration Information
Daisuke Chugo, Kuniaki Kawabata, Hayato Kaetsu, Hajime Asama, Taketoshi Mishima

10. Physically Variable Compliance in Running
Jonathan W. Hurst, Alfred A. Rizzi

11. Implementation of a Driver Level with Odometry for the LAURON III Hexapod Robot
J.L. Albarral, E. Celaya

12. Local Positive Velocity Feedback (LPVF): Generating Compliant Motions in a Multi-Joint Limb
Axel Schneider, Holk Cruse, Josef Schmitz

13. Motion Calculation for Human Lower Extremities Based on EMG-Signal-Processing and Simple Biomechanical Model
Christian Fleischer, Konstantin Kondak, Christian Reinicke, Günter Hommel

14. Bifurcating Recursive Processing Elements in Neural Architectures for Applications in Multi-Dimensional Motor Control and Sensory Fusion in Noisy/Uncertain Environments
E. Moral, E. Akira

15. The Effectiveness of Energy Conversion Elements in the Control of Powered Orthoses
S.C. Gharooni, M.O. Tokhi, G.S. Virk

16. Kinematical Behavior Analysis and Walking Pattern Generation of a Five Degrees of Freedom Pneumatic Robotic Leg
G. Muscato, G. Spampinato

17. Artificial Potential Based Control for a Large Scale Formation of Mobile Robots
Wojciech Kowalczyk, Krzysztof Kozlowski

18. Mobile Mini Robots for MAS
M.W. Han, P. Kopacek, B. Putz, E. Sshierer, M. Würzl

19. Two Neural Approaches for Solving Reaching Tasks with Redundant Robots
J. Molina-Vilaplana, J.L. Pedreño-Molina, J. López-Coronado

20. Design and Implementation of Force Sensor for ROBOCLIMBER
H. Montes, S. Nabulsi, M. Armada

21. Detecting Zero-Moment Point in Legged Robot
H. Montes, S. Nabulsi, M. Armada

22. Vision Feedback in Control of a Group of Mobile Robots
Piotr Dutkiewicz, Marcin Kielczewski

Part III.Design

23. Kinematics of a New Staircase Climbing Wheelchair
R. Morales, V. Feliu, A. González, P. Pintado

24. Open Modular Design for Robotic Systems
I. Chochlidakis, Y. Gatsoulis, G.S. Virk

25. Mechanical Design Optimization of a Walking Robot Leg Using Genetic Algorithm
C. Reyes, F. Gonzalez

26. Design Toolset for Realising Robotic Systems
Yiannis Gatsoulis, Ioannis Chochlidakis, Gurvinder S. Virk

27. Design, Dynamic Simulation and Experimental Tests of Leg Mechanism and Driving System for a Hexapod Walking Robot
J. Roca, M. Nogués, S. Cardona

28. Limb-Mechanism Robot with Winch Mechanism
N. Fujiki, Y. Mae, T. Umetani, T. Arai, T. Takubo, K. Inoue

29. Embodiment in Two Dimensions
Christian R. Linder

30. Legged Robot with Articulated Body in Locomotion Over Complex Terrain
Palis, Rusin, Schumucker, Schneider, Zavgorodniy

31. WALKIE 6.4: A New Improved Version of a Rigid Frames Hexapod Rover
N. Amati, B. Bona, S. Carabelli, M. Chiaberge, G. Genta, M. Padovani, R. Volpe

32. Wall Walker: Proposal of Locomotion Mechanism Cleaning Even at the Corner
T. Miyake, H. Ishihara

33. Behaviour Networks for Walking Machines — A Design Method
Jan Albiez, Rudiger Dillmann

34. Biological Inspired Walking — How Much Nature Do We Need?
Jan Albiez, Karstan Berns

Part IV.Sensors, Teleoperation and Telepresence

35. Results of Applying Sensor Fusion to a Control System Using Optic Flow
G. Martinez, V.M. Becerra

36. Novel Method for Virtual Image Generation for Teleoperation
R. Chellali, C. Maaoui, J.G. Fontaine

37. Intelligent Technical Audition and Vision Sensors for Walking Robot Realizing Telepresence Functions
V.E. Pavlovsky, S.A. Polivtseev, T.S. Khashan

38. Learning About the Environment by Analyzing Acoustic Information. How to Achieve Predictability in Unknown Environments? (Part II)
M. Deutscher, M. Katz, S. Krüger, M. Bajbouj

39. Ultrasound Sensor System with Fuzzy Data Processing
J.A. Morgado Gois, M. Hiller

40. Finding Odours Across Large Search Spaces: A Particle Swarm-Based Approach
Lino Marques, A.T. Almeida

41. Vision Feedback in Control of a Group of Mobile Robots
Piotr Dutkiewicz, Marcin Kielczewski

42. Vehicle Teleoperation with a Multisensory Driving Interface
Mario Maza, Santiago Baselga, Jesús Ortiz

43. Approaches to the Generation of Whole Body Motion Sensation in Teleoperation
Mario Maza, Santiago Baselga, Jesús Ortiz

44. Virtual Platform for Land-Mine Detection Based on Walking Robots
A. Ramirez, E. Garcia, P. Gonzalez Santos

45. Vision Computer Tool to Improve the Dependability of Mobile Robots for Human Environments
C. Salinas, L. Pedraza, M. Armada

Part V.Efficiency and Actuation

46. Toward Springy Robot Walk Using Strand-Muscle Actuators
Masakazu Suzuki, Azumi Ichikawa

47. Actuator Sizes in Bio-Robotic Walking Orthoses
S.C. Gharooni, G.S. Virk, M.O. Tokhi

48. The Design and Simulated Performance of an Energy Efficient Hydraulic Legged Robot
Salim Al-Kharusi, David Howard

49. The Modularity of Super Embedded Robotic PC
A. Basile, N. Abbate, C. Guastella, M. Presti, G. Macina

50. Mass Distribution Influence on Power Consumption in Walking Robots
T.A. Guardabrazo, P. Gonzalez Santos

51. Design of Dual Actuator for Walking Robots
Teodor Akinfiev, Roemi Fernandez, Manuel Armada

Part VI.Hopping, Biped and Humanoid Robots

52. Control of a 3-D Hopping Apparatus
V.B. Larin

53. Learning of the Dynamic Walk of an Under-Actuated Bipedal Robot: Improvement of the Robustness by Using CMAC Neural Networks
Christophe Sabourin, Olivier Bruneau, Jean-Guy Fontaine

54. Dynamic Stabilization of an Under-Actuated Robot Using Inertia of the Transfer Leg
A. David, O. Bruneau, J.G. Fontaine

55. Kinematic and Dynamic Analyses of a Pantograph-Leg for a Biped Walking Machine
E. Ottaviano, M. Ceccarelli, C. Tavolieri

56. Humanoid Robot Kinematics Modeling Using Lie Groups
J.M. Pardos, C. Balaguer

57. GA Optimisation of the PD Coefficients for the LMBC of a Planar Biped
D. Harvey, G.S. Virk, D. Azzi

58. Three-Dimensional Running is Unstable but Easily Stabilized
Justin E. Seipel, Philip J. Holmes

59. A Biomimetic Approach for the Stability of Biped Robots
Javier Lope, Darío Maravall

60. Parallel Manipulator Hip Joint for a Bipedal Robot
J. Hofschulte, M. Seebode, W. Gerth

61. Gaits Stabilization for Planar Biped Robots Using Energetic Regulation
N.K. M’sirdi, N. Khraief, O. Licer

62. Force Feedback Control Implementation for SMART Non-Linear Actuator
H. Montes, L. Pedraza, M. Armada, T. Akinfiev

63. User Friendly Graphical Environment for Gait Optimization of the Humanoid Robot Rh-0
M. Arbulú, I. Prieto, D. Gutiérrez, L. Cabas, P. Staroverov, C. Balaguer

64. Development of the Light-Weight Human Size Humanoid Robot RH-0
L. Cabas, S. Torre, M. Arbulu, C. Balaguer

65. Human Machine Interface for Humanoid Robot RH-0
I. Prieto, C. Pérez, C. Balaguer

66. Trajectory Planning for the Walking Biped “Lucy”
Jimmy Vermeulen, Dirk Lefeber, Björn Verrelst, Bram Vanderborght

67. Height Control of a Resonance Hopping Robot
Roemi Fernández, Teodor Akinfiev, Manuel Armada

68. Zero Moment Point Modeling Using Harmonic Balance
R. Caballero, M. Armada

69. An Introductory Revision to Humanoid Robot Hands
D. Alba, M. Armada, R. Ponticelli

70. Control Architecture of LUCY, a Biped with Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
B. Vanderborght, B. Verrelst, R. Ham, J. Vermeulen, J. Naudet, D. Lefeber

Part VII.Passive Walking Locomotion Locomotion

71. Stable Walking and Running Robots Without Feedback
Katja D. Mombaur, H. Georg Bock, Johannes P. Schlöder, Richard W. Longman

72. From Passive to Active Dynamic 3D Bipedal Walking — An Evolutionary Approach
Steffen Wischmann, Frank Pasemann

73. First Steps in Passive Dynamic Walking
Martijn Wisse, Arend L. Schwab

74. Controlling Walking Period of a Pneumatic Muscle Walker
Takashi Takuma, Koh Hosoda, Masaki Ogino, Minoru Asada

75. Evolutionary Design of an Adaptive Dynamic Walker
Joachim Haß, J. Michael Herrmann, Theo Geisel

76. The Passivity Paradigm in the Control of Bipedal Robots
Mark W. Spong

77. Ankle Joints and Flat Feet in Dynamic Walking
Daan G.E. Hobbelen, Martijn Wisse

78. Robotic Walking Aids for Disabled Persons
G.S. Virk, S.K. Bag, S.C. Gharooni, M.O. Tokhi, R.I. Tylor, S. Bradshaw, F. Jamil, I.D. Swain, P.H. Chapple, R.A. Allen

79. The Tango of a Load Balancing Biped
Eric D. Vaughan, Ezequiel Paolo, Inman R. Harvey

80. Locomotion Modes of an Hybrid Wheel-Legged Robot
G. Besseron, Ch. Grand, F. Ben Amar, F. Plumet, Ph. Bidaud

81. Stabilizing Dynamic Walking with Physical Tricks
Norbert M. Mayer, Amir A. Forough-Nassiraei, Ziton Hsu, Ferenc Farkas, Thomas Christaller

82. Stability of a Spherical Pendulum Walker
J. Seipel

83. A CLAWAR That Benefits From Abstracted Cockroach Locomotion Principles
T.E. Wei, R.D. Quinn, R.E. Ritzmann

84. iSprawl: Autonomy, and the Effects of Power Transmission
Sangbae Kim, Jonathan E. Clark, Mark R. Cutkosky

85. Locomotion of a Modular Worm-like Robot Using a FPGA-based Embedded MicroBlaze Soft-processor
J. Gonzalez-Gomez, E. Aguayo, E. Boemo

86. Evolutionary Synthesis of Structure and Control for Locomotion Systems
O. Chocron, N. Brener, Ph. Bidaud, F. B. Amar

87. Kinematic Model and Absolute Gait Simulation of a Six-Legged Walking Robot
G. Figliolini, V. Ripa

Part VIII.Climbing and Navigation

88. Simulation of Climbing Robots Using Underpressure for Adhesion
C. Hillenbrand, J. Wettach, K. Berns

89. Technique for a Six-Legged Walker Climbing a High Shelf by Using a Vertical Column
Yu. F. Golubev, V.V. Korianov

90. Inverse Kinematic/Dynamic Analysis of a New 4-DOF Hybrid (Serial-Parallel) Pole Climbing Robot Manipulator
M.R. Zakerzadeh, M. Tavakoli, G.R. Vossoughi, S. Bagheri

91. Climbing Without a Vacuum Pump
Werner Brockmann, Florian Mösch

92. ROBOCLIMBER: Control System Architecture
S. Nabulsi, H. Montes, M. Armada

93. Navigation of Walking Robots: Localisation by Odometry
B. Gaßmann, J.M. Zöllner, R. Dillmann

94. Towards Penetration-based Clawed Climbing
William R. Provancher, Jonathan E. Clark, Bill Geisler, Mark R. Cutkosky

95. Motion Planning for a Legged Vehicle Based on Optical Sensor Information
Richard Bade, André Herms, Thomas Ihme

96. Developing Climbing Robots for Education
K. Berns, T. Braun, C. Hillenbrand, T. Luksch

97. Robust Localisation System for a Climbing Robot
André Martins, Lino Marques, A.T. Almeida

98. Roboclimber: Proposal for Online Gait Planning
M. Moronti, M. Sanguineti, M. Zoppi, R. Molfino

99. Adhesion Control for the Alicia3 Climbing Robot
D. Longo, G. Muscato

Part IX.Applications

100. In Service Inspection Robotized Tool for Tanks Filled with Hazardous Liquids — Robtank Inspec
A. Correia Cruz, M. Silva Ribeiro

101. SIRIUSc — Facade Cleaning Robot for a High-Rise Building in Munich, Germany
N. Elkmann, D. Kunst, T. Krueger, M. Lucke, T. Böhme, T. Felsch, T. Stürze

102. In-Pipe Microrobot with Inertial Mood of Motion
G. G. Rizzoto, M. Velkenko, P. Amato, V. Gradetsky, S. Babkirov, M. Knyazkov, V. Solovtov

103. The Layer-Crossing Strategy of Curved Wall Cleaning Robot
R. Liu, J. Heng, G. Zong

104. Pneumatic Climbing Robots for Glass Wall Cleaning
Houxiang Zhang, Jianwei Zhang, Rong Liu, Wei Wang, Guanghua Zong

105. Design and Prototyping of a Hybrid Pole Climbing and Manipulating Robot with Minimum DOFs for Construction and Service Applications
M. Tavakoli, M.R. Zakerzadeh, G.R. Vossoughi, S. Bagheri

Part X.Innovative Systems

106. Design and Control of a Manipulator for Landmine Detection
E. Garcia, P. Gonzalez Santos

107. Interactions Between Human and Robot — Case Study: WorkPartner-Robot in the ISR 2004 Exhibition
S. Ylönen, M. Heikkilä, P. Virekoski

108. Robust Platform for Humanitarian Demining
Lino Marques, Svetlana Larionova, A.T. Almeida

109. Co-Operative Smell-Based Navigation for Mobile Robots
C. Lytridis, G.S. Virk, E.E. Kadar

110. A Localization Algorithm for Outdoor Trajectory Tracking with Legged Robots
J.A. Cobano, J. Estremera, P. Gonzalez Santos

111. Sit to Stand Transfer Assisting by an Intelligent Walking-Aid
P. Médèric, V. Pasqui, F. Plumet, P. Bidaud

Part XI.CLAWAR Network Workpackages

112. CLAWAR Modularity — Design Tools
G.S. Virk

113. Interaction Space Analysis for CLAWAR WP5 Societal Needs
M. Armada, M. Prieto

114. CLAWAR WP3 Applications: Natural/Outdoor and Underwater Robots
D. Longo, G. Muscato

115. CLAWAR 2 Work Package 6 (WP6) — Assessment Year 2, May 2004. Economic Prospects for Mobile Robotic Systems — Exploitation and Risk
H.A. Warren, N.J. Heyes


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