Dashchenko, Anatoli I.

Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems and Transformable Factories

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Table of contents

I. State of the Art

1. Globalization and Decentralization of Manufacturing
E. Abele, J. Elzenheimer, T. Liebeck, T. Meyer

2. New Trends in Production
E. Westkämper

3. General RMS Characteristics. Comparison with Dedicated and Flexible Systems
Y. Koren

4. Progress in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
U. Heisel, M. Meitzner

5. Agile Manufacturing Systems – a Significant Quantum Leap for High Volume Production Approaches Flexibility Requirements as Well as Fastest Reaction to Market Demands
M. Berger

II. Machines and Controls Forms

6. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Equipment
R. G. Landers, J. Ruan, F. Liou

7. Reconfigurable Machine Tool Design
Y. M. Moon

8. Challenges in the Design of Reconfigurable Machine Tools
Z. J. Pasek

9. Reconfigurable Fixtures for Automotive Engine Machining and Assembly Applications
C.-H. Shen, Y.-T. Lin, J. S. Agapiou, P. Bandyopadhyay

10. Control Systems for RMS and Methods of their Reconfiguration
G. Pritschow, C. Kircher, M. Kremer, M. Seyfarth

11. Closed-loop, Fieldbus-based Clock Synchronisation for Decentralised Control Systems
Robert Koninckx, Hendrik Van Brussel

III. System-Level Issues In RMS

12. Production System Modelling for the Evaluation of the Degree of Reconfigurability
A. Urbani, S. P. Negri

13. The Robot Cell as a Re-configurable Machining System
S. Sakakibara

14. Development of a Standard Reconfigurable Assembly Cell for Agile Manufacturing
M. F. Molnar, R. Fernandez, B. Huff

15. Computer Supported Decision Making System that Generates and Optimizes Layouts of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Equipment at the Early Stage of Design
O. A. Dashchenko

16. Reconfigurable Machining System (RMS) for Machining of Case and Similar Parts in Machine Building
E. Abele, A. Versace, A. Wörn

17. Cellular Manufacturing System Capable of Responding to Changes in Demand
H. Ebara, D. Hirotani, K. Takahashi, K. Morikawa

18. Example of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System in Mold Design and Manufacturing
M. Nakao

IV. Transformable Factory Structures

19. Factory Transformability: Adapting the Structures of Manufacturing
E. Westkämper

20. The Transformable Factory – Strategies, Methods and Examples
H.-P. Wiendahl, R. Hernández

21. Analysis of Modern Factory Structures and Their Transformability
O. Dashchenko

22. Innovative Logistics is a Vital Part of Transformable Factories in the Automotive Industry
H. Graf

V. Product and Process Optimization for Reconfigurable Manufacturing

23. Products Design and Analysis for Transformable Production and Reconfigurable Manufacturing
M. Abdi, A. Labib

24. Optimal Design of the Vehicle
S. V. Bakhmutov, A. L. Karunin

25. New Generation of Engines with Controlled Pistons Movement for Reconfigurable Manufactures
G. G. Ter-Mkrtichjan

26. Experience of Rapid Prototyping Technologies Usage for Moulding Case Parts
A. A. Ipatov, M. A. Zlenko

27. Theory and Practice of Technology for Machining Non-Rigid Smooth Shafts in Reconfigurable Production
Yu. V. Maksimov, A. V. Ankin

28. Application of Non-Traditional Assembly Methods in Reconfigurable Manufacturing
O. A. Dashchenko, P. E. Elchov, A. I. Dashchenko

29. Laser Technologies
K.V. Frolov, A.K. Skvorchevsky

30. Selecting an Optimal Production Order and Its Corresponding Configuration in a Reconfigurable Manufacturing System with Multiple Product Groups
K. Takahashi, K. Morikawa, T. Myreshka, T. Ohiro, A. Takubo

VI. Economics of RMS

31. Economical Models for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
M. Bruccoleri, G. Perrone

32. Life Cycle Cost Calculation for Manufacturing Systems by Means of Reconfigurability Analysis
A. Urbani

33. An Analytical Comparison on Cost and Performance among DMS, AMS, FMS and RMS
G. Zhang, R. Liu, L. Gong, Q. Huang

34. Real Options: an Application to RMS Investment Evaluation
M. Amico, F. Asl, Z. Pasek, G. Perrone


35. Future Scenarios, Describing Consistent Networks of Influences from Markets, Technologies and Business Environment with a Time Horizon of 2020
J. Gausemeier, G. Stollt, C. Wenzelmann

36. Intelligent Systems, Self-optimizing Concepts and Structures
J. Gausemeier, U. Frank, D. Steffen

37. Virtual Production – Computer Model-Based Planning and Analyzing of Manufacturing Systems
J. Gausemeier, P. Ebbesmeyer, R. Eckes

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Automation and Robotics

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