Compans, R. W.

Malaria: Drugs, Disease and Post-genomic Biology

Compans, R. W. - Malaria: Drugs, Disease and Post-genomic Biology, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Drugs and Drug Resistance

1. Quinolines and Artemisinin: Chemistry, Biology and History
P. G. Bray, S. A. Ward, P. M. O’Neill

2. Antimalarial Multi-Drug Resistance in Asia: Mechanisms and Assessment
A.-C. Uhlemann, S. Krishna

3. Antimalarial Drug Resistance in Africa: Strategies for Monitoring and Deterrence
C. V. Plowe

Part II. Malaria the Disease

4. Uncomplicated Malaria
M. P. Grobusch, P. G. Kremsner

5. Metabolic Complications of Severe Malaria
T. Planche, A. Dzeing, E. Ngou-Milama, M. Kombila, P. W. Stacpoole

6. The Clinical and Pathophysiological Features of Malarial Anaemia
D. J. Roberts, C. Casals-Pascual, D. J. Weatherall

7. Malaria in the Pregnant Woman
P. E. Duffy, M. Fried

Part III. Biology

8. Host Receptors in Malaria Merozoite Invasion
S. S. Oh, A. H. Chishti

9. A Post-genomic View of the Mitochondrion in Malaria Parasites
A. B. Vaidya, M.W. Mather

10. The Plastid of Plasmodium spp.: A Target for Inhibitors
S. Sato, R. J. M. Wilson

11. Hemoglobin Degradation
D. E. Goldberg

12. Bioavailable Iron and Heme Metabolism in Plasmodium falciparum
P. F. Scholl, A. K. Tripathi, D. J. Sullivan

13. Plasmodium Permeomics: Membrane Transport Proteins in the Malaria Parasite
K. Kirk, R. E. Martin, S. Bröer, S. M. Howitt, K. J. Saliba

14. Plasmodium Ookinete Invasion of the Mosquito Midgut
J. M. Vinetz

15. Molecular Genetics of Mosquito Resistance to Malaria Parasites
K. D. Vernick, F. Oduol, B. P. Lazzaro, J. Glazebrook, J. Xu, M. Riehle, J. Li

16. Functional Proteome and Expression Analysis of Sporozoites and Hepatic Stages of Malaria Development
P. L. Blair, D. J. Carucci


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