Gershwin, Stanley B.

Stochastic Modeling of Manufacturing Systems

Gershwin, Stanley B. - Stochastic Modeling of Manufacturing Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

Section I:.Factory Design

1. Dilemmas in factory design: paradox and paradigm
J. MacGregor Smith

Section II:.Unreliable Production Lines

2. Lean buffering in serial production lines with non-exponential machines
Emre Enginarlar, Jingshan Li, Semyon M. Meerkov

3. Analysis of flow lines with Cox-2-distributed processing times and limited buffer capacity
Stefan Helber

4. Performance evaluation of production lines with finite buffer capacity producing two different products
M. Colledani, A. Matta, T. Tolio

5. Automated flow lines with shared buffer
A. Matta, M. Runchina, T. Tolio

6. Integrated quality and quantity modeling of a production line
Jongyoon Kim, Stanley B. Gershwin

7. Stochastic cyclic flow lines with blocking: Markovian models
Young-Doo Lee, Tae-Eog Lee

Section III:.Queueing Network Models of Manufacturing Systems

8. Performance analysis of multi-server tandem queues with finite buffers and blocking
Marcel Vuuren, Ivo J.B.F. Adan, Simone A.E. Resing-Sassen

9. An analytical method for the performance evaluation of echelon kanban control systems
Stelios Koukoumialos, George Liberopoulos

10. Closed loop two-echelon repairable item systems
L. Spanjers, J.C.W. Ommeren, W.H.M. Zijm

11. A heuristic to control integrated multi-product multi-machine production-inventory systems with job shop routings and stochastic arrival, set-up and processing times
P.L.M. Nyen, J.W.M. Bertrand, H.P.G. Ooijen, N.J. Vandaele

12. Performance analysis of parallel identical machines with a generalized shortest queue arrival mechanism
G.J. Houtum, I.J.B.F. Adan, J. Wessels, W.H.M. Zijm

13. A review and comparison of hybrid and pull-type production control strategies
John Geraghty, Cathal Heavey

Section IV:.Stochastic Production Planning and Assembly

14. Planning order releases for an assembly system with random operation times
Sven Axsäter

15. A multiperiod stochastic production planning and sourcing problem with service level constraints
Isil Yildirim, Baris Tan, Fikri Karaesmen


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