Wittrock, Ulrich

Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Micromachined Membrane Deformable Mirrors
G. Vdovin

2. The Development and Optimisation of High Bandwidth Bimorph Deformable Mirrors
D. Rowe, L. Laycock, M. Griffith, N. Archer

3. Deformable Mirrors with Thermal Actuators
G. Vdovin, M. Loktev

4. Technology and Operation of a Liquid Crystal Modal Wavefront Corrector
M. Loktev, G. Vdovin

5. Aberration Compensation Using Nematic Liquid Crystals
S. Somalingam, M. Hain, T. Tschudi, J. Knittel, H. Richter

6. Wireless Control of an LC Adaptive Lens
G. Vdovin, M. Loktev, X. Zhang

7. Summary of Adaptive Optics at Stanford
P. Lu, Y.-A. Peter, E. Carr, U. Krishnamoorty, I.-W. Jung, O. Solgaard, R. Byer

8. Control of a Thermal Deformable Mirror: Correction of a Static Disturbance with Limited Sensor Information
M. Boer, K. Hinnen, M. Verhaegen, R. Fraanje, G. Vdovin, N. Doelman

9. A Novel Microprocessor-Controlled High-Voltage Driver for Deformable Mirrors
H.-M. Heuck, I. Buske, U. Buschmann, H. Krause, U. Wittrock

10. Preliminary Investigation of an Electrostatically Actuated Liquid-Based Deformable Mirror
E.M. Vuelban, N. Bhattacharya, J.M. Braat

11. Interferometer-Based Adaptive Optical System
O. Soloviev, G. Vdovin

12. Extended Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Sensor
B. Schäfer, K. Mann, M. Dyba

13. High Resolution Wavefront Sensing
J.E. Oti, V.F. Canales, M.P. Cagigal

14. Distorted Grating Wavefront Sensing in the Midwave Infrared
D.M. Cuevas, L.J. Otten, P. Harrison, P. Fournier

15. Comparative Results from Shack-Hartmann and Distorted Grating Wavefront Sensors in Ophthalmic Applications
P. Harrison, G.R.G. Erry, P. Fournier, D.M. Cuevas, L.J. Otten, A. Larichev

16. Shack-Hartmann Sensors for Industrial Quality Assurance
J. Pfund, M. Beyerlein, R. Dorn

17. Single-Chip Neural Network Modal Wavefront Reconstruction for Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Sensors
T. Nirmaier, G. Pudasaini, C. Alvarez Diez, J. Bille, D.W. Lima Monteiro

18. CMOS Technology in Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Sensing
D.W. Lima Monteiro, T. Nirmaier

19. Generalised Phase Diversity Wavefront Sensor
A.H. Greenaway, H.I. Campbell, S. Restaino

20. Generalised Phase Diversity: Initial Tests
S. Zhang, H.I. Campbell, A.H. Greenaway

21. Prime Microlens Arrays for Hartmann-Shack Sensors: An Economical Fabrication Technology
D.W. Lima Monteiro, O. Akhzar-Mehr, G. Vdovin

22. A Proposal for Wavefront Retrieval from Hartmann Test Data
V.M. Duran-Ramirez, D. Malacara-Doblado, D. Malacara-Hernandez, D.P. Salas-Peimbert, G. Trujillo-Shiaffino

23. Use of Intracavity Adaptive Optics in Solid-State Lasers Operation at 1 µm
W. Lubeigt, P. Grol, G. Valentine, D. Burns

24. Intracavity Use of Membrane Mirrors in a Nd:YVO4 Laser
P. Welp, I. Buske, U. Wittrock

25. Adaptive Optics for High-Power Laser Beam Control
A. Kudryashov, V. Samarkin, A. Alexandrov, A. Rukosuev, V. Zavalova

26. Aberrations of a Master-Oscillator-Power-Amplifier Laser with Adaptive Optics Correction
I. Buske, H.-M. Heuck, P. Welp, U. Wittrock

27. Dynamic Aberrations Correction in an ICF Laser System
Y. Zhang, Z. Yang, C. Guan, H. Wang, P. Jiang, B. Xu, W. Jiang

28. Adaptive Shaping of High-Power Broadband Femtosecond Laser Pulses
T. Witting, G. Tsilimis, J. Kutzner, H. Zacharias, M. Köller, H. Maurer

29. Wavefront Measurement and Adaptive Optics at the PHELIX Laser
H.-M. Heuck, U. Wittrock, C. Häfner, S. Borneis, E. Gaul, T. Kühl, P. Wiewior

30. ISTC Projects from RFNC-VNIIEF Devoted to Improving Laser Beam Quality
F. Starikov, G. Kochemasov

31. Adaptive Optical System for Retina Imaging Approaches Clinic Applications
N. Ling, Y. Zhang, X. Rao, C. Wang, Y. Hu, W. Jiang, C. Jiang

32. Adaptive Optics to Simulate Vision with a Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
S. Manzanera, P.M. Prieto, J. Salort, E.J. Fernández, P. Artal

33. Confocal Scanning Retinal Imaging with Adaptive Optics
I. Iglesias, B. Vohnsen, P. Artal

34. A High-Resolution Adaptive Optics Fundus Imager
G.R.G. Erry, L.J. Otten, A. Larichev, N. Irochnikov

35. Perceived Image Quality Improvements from the Application of Image Deconvolution to Retinal Images from an Adaptive Optics Fundus Imager
P. Soliz, S.C. Nemeth, G.R.G. Erry, L.J. Otten, S.Y. Yang

36. Adaptive Aberrometer for Acuity Measurements and Testing
A. Larichev, N. Irochnikov, S. Gorbunov

37. Adaptive optics with strong scintillation and optical vortices for optical communication
C. Paterson, C.R. Walker

38. Wavefront Measurement over an Extended Horizontal Path Using a Wavefront Curvature Sensor
J. Burnett, S. Woods, A. Turner, A. Scott

39. The Detection of Atmospheric Tip-Tilt and its Program Construction in Lunar Laser Ranging
G. Rui, X. Yaoheng


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