Bertollini, Roberto

Extreme Weather Events and Public Health Responses

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Table of contents

1. The Climate Dilemma
Antonio Navarra

2. Projected Changes in Extreme Weather and Climate Events in Europe
Glenn R. McGregor, Christopher A. T. Ferro, David B. Stephenson

3. Is the Frequency and Intensity of Flooding Changing in Europe?
Z. W. Kundzewicz

4. Bio-climatological Aspects of Summer 2003 Over France
Jean-Claude Cohen, Jean-Michel Veysseire, Pierre Bessemoulin

5. Improving Public Health Responses to Extreme Weather Events
Kristie L. Ebi

6. Cold Extremes and Impacts on Health
J. Hassi

7. Temperature Regulation, Heat Balance and Climatic Stress
George Havenith

8. Health Impact of the 2003 Heat-Wave in France
Stéphanie Vandentorren, Pascal Empereur-Bissonnet

9. Portugal, Summer 2003 Mortality: the Heat Waves Influence
Rui Manuel D. Calado, Jaime Silveira Botelho, Judite Catarino, Mário Carreira

10. The Effect of Temperature and Heat Waves on Daily Mortality in Budapest, Hungary, 1970 – 2000
A. Páldy, J. Bobvos, A. Vámos, R. S. Kovats, S. Hajat

11. Epidemiologic Study of Mortality During Summer 2003 in Italian Regional Capitals: Results of a Rapid Survey
Susanna Conti, Paola Meli, Giada Minelli, Renata Solimini, Virgilia Toccaceli, Monica Vichi, M. Carmen Beltrano, Luigi Perini

12. Heat Waves in Italy: Cause Specific Mortality and the Role of Educational Level and Socio-Economic Conditions
P. Michelozzi, F. ’Donato, L. Bisanti, A. Russo, E. Cadum, M. DeMaria, M. D’Ovidio, G. Costa, C. A. Perucci

13. Lessons of the 2003 Heat-Wave in France and Action Taken to Limit the Effects of Future Heat-Waves
T. Michelon, P. Magne, F. Simon-Delavelle

14. Examples of Heat Health Warning Systems: Lisbon’s ÍCARO’s Surveillance System, Summer of 2003
Paulo Jorge Nogueira

15. Lessons from the Heat-Wave Epidemic in France (Summer 2003)
L. Abenhaim

16. How Toronto and Montreal (Canada) Respond to Heat
T. Kosatsky, N. King, B. Henry

17. Lessons to be Learned from the 2002 Floods in Dresden, Germany
D. Meusel, W. Kirch

18. The Human Health Consequences of Flooding in Europe: a Review
S. Hajat, K. L. Ebi, R. S. Kovats, B. Menne, S. Edwards, A. Haines

19. Mortality in Flood Disasters
Z. W. Kundzewicz, W. J. Kundzewicz

20. Key Policy Implications of the Health Effects of Floods
Edmund Penning-Rowsell, Sue Tapsell, Theresa Wilson

21. Learning From Experience: Evolving Responses to Flooding Events in the United Kingdom
Merylyn McKenzie Hedger

22. Extreme Weather Events in Bulgaria for the Period 2001 – 03 and Responses to Address Them
R. Chakurova, L. Ivanov

23. 2002 — A Year of Calamities. The Romanian Experience
A. Cristea

24. A System of Medical Service to Assist the Population of Uzbekistan in the Case of Natural Catastrophes
Abdukhakim A. Khadjibayev, Elena M. Borisova

25. Moscow Smog of Summer 2002. Evaluation of Adverse Health Effects
Victor Kislitsin, Sergey Novikov, Natalia Skvortsova

26. Extreme Weather Events: What can We do to Prevent Health Impacts?
B. Menne

27. Public Health Response to Extreme Weather and Climate Events
28. Follow-up Programme on the Influence of Meteorological Changes Upon Cardiac Patients
Inge Heim


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