Bode, Arndt

High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering, Garching 2004

Bode, Arndt - High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering, Garching 2004, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.Fluid Dynamics

1. BESTWIHR: Testing of a Closure Assumption for Fully Developed Turbulent Channel Flow with the Aid of a Lattice Boltzmann Simulation
Peter Lammers, Kamen N. Beronov, Thomas Zeiser, Franz Durst

2. DiSiVGT: Validation of a novel turbulence model using direct numerical simulation
J. Kreuzinger, J. Jovanovic, R. Friedrich

3. FlowNoise: Flow Induced Noise Computation on Hitachi SR8000-F1
M. Escobar, I. Ali, M. Kaltenbacher, S. Becker, F. Hülsemann

4. FLUSIB: Fully Three-Dimensional Coupling of Fluid and Thin-Walled Structures
Dominik Scholz, Ernst Rank, Markus Glück, Michael Breuer, Franz Durst

5. ParChem: Efficient Numerical Methods for Chemical Problems related to MOVPE
E. Mesic, M. Mukinovic, L. Kadinski, G. Brenner

6. RexSim: Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiative Heat Transfer in Parallel Computer Architectures
G. Brenner, L. Kadinski, J.G. Marakis

7. SkvG: Cache-Optimal Parallel Solution of PDEs on High Performance Computers Using Space-Trees and Space-Filling Curves
Markus Langlotz, Miriam Mehl, Tobias Weinzierl, Christoph Zenger

8. VISimLab: Optimizing an Interactive CFD Simulation on a Supercomputer for Computational Steering in a Virtual Reality Environment
Petra Wenisch, Oliver Wenisch, Ernst Rank

Part II.Computer Science and Mathematics

9. cxHPC: Setting up ByGRID — First Steps Towards an e-Science Infrastructure in Bavaria
Georg Hager, Thomas Zeiser, Helmut Heller

10. FPGA: Exploration of the possibilities for the direct synthesis of concurrent C programs on high-performance computers in FPGAs
Peter Urbanek, Stefan May

11. gridlib: A Parallel, Object-oriented Framework for Hierarchical-hybrid Grid Structures in Technical Simulation and Scientific Visualization
Frank Hülsemann, Stefan Meinlschmidt, Ben Bergen, Günther Greiner, Ulrich Rüde

12. LRZ: The Suitability of Contemporary Processors for Quantum Chemical Computations
Ludger Palm

13. MethWerk: Scalable Mesh-based Simulation on Clusters of SMPs
Amitava Gupta, Peter Luksch, Andreas C. Schmidt

14. OPTILAS: Numerical Optimization as a Key Tool for the Improvement of Advanced Multi-Beam Laser Welding Techniques
Verena Petzet, Christof Büskens, Hans Josef Pesch, Victor Karkhin, Maksym Makhutin, Andrey Prikhodovsky, Vasily Ploshikhin

15. ParEXPDE: Expression Templates and Advanced PDE Software Design on the Hitachi SR8000
Christoph Preundl, Ben Bergen, Frank Hülsemann, Ulrich Rüde

16. ParRichy: Parallel Simulation of Bioreactive Multicomponent Transport Processes in Porous Media
S. Kräutle, M. Bause, A. Prechtel, F. Radu, P. Knabner

17. Peridot: Towards Automated Runtime Detection of Performance Bottlenecks
Karl Fürlinger, Michael Gerndt

Part III.Natural Sciences

18. CUHE: Electron-Spin Interaction in High-Tc Superconductors
Zhongbing Huang, Werner Hanke, Enrico Arrigoni

19. ENZYMECH: Computer Simulations of Enzyme Reaction Mechanisms: Application of a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Superimposition of Three-Dimensional Chemical Structures
Alexander Homeyer, Johann Gasteiger

20. FreeWIHR: Lattice Boltzmann Methods with Free Surfaces and their Application in Material Technology
Carolin Körner, Thomas Pohl, Ulrich Rüde, Nils Thürey, Torsten Hofmann

21. HQS@HPC: Comparative numerical study of Anderson localisation in disordered electron systems
Gerald Schubert, Alexander Weiße, Gerhard Wellein, Holger Fehske

22. NBW: Computational Seismology: Narrowing the Gap Between Theory and Observations
Bernhard Schuberth, Michael Ewald, Heiner Igel, Markus Treml, Haijiang Wang, Gilbert Brietzke

23. OOPCV: Phasediagram and Scaling Properties of the Projected SO(5) Model in Three Dimensions
Martin Jöstingmeier, Ansgar Dorneich, Enrico Arrigoni, Werner Hanke, S.C. Zhang

24. ParBaum: A Fast Program for Phylogenetic Tree Inference with Maximum Likelihood
Alexandros P. Stamatakis, Thomas Ludwig, Harald Meier

25. ParaGauss: The Density Functional Program ParaGauss for Complex Systems in Chemistry
Notker Rösch, Sven Krüger, Vladimir A. Nasluzov, Alexei V. Matveev


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