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Model-Driven Software Development

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Models, Modeling, and Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)
Alan W. Brown, Jim Conallen, Dave Tropeano

Part I.Conceptual Foundations of Model-Driven Development

2. A Systematic Look at Model Transformations
Andreas Metzger

3. Tool Support for Model-Driven Development of Security-Critical Systems with UML
Jan Jürjens, Pasha Shabalin

4. Caste-centric Modelling of Multi-agent Systems: The CAMLE Modelling Language and Automated Tools
Hong Zhu, Lijun Shan

5. Using Graph Transformation for Practical Model-Driven Software Engineering
Lars Grunske, Leif Geiger, Albert Zündorf, Niels Eetvelde, Pieter Gorp, Dániel Varró

6. A Generalized Notion of Platforms for Model-Driven Development
Colin Atkinson, Thomas Kühne

Part II.Technical Infrastructure of Model-Driven Development

7. A Tool Infrastructure for Model-Driven Development Using Aspectual Patterns
Imed Hammouda

8. Automatically Discovering Transitive Relationships in Class Diagrams
Alexander Egyed

9. Generic and Domain-Specific Model Refactoring Using a Model Transformation Engine
Jing Zhang, Yuehua Lin, Jeff Gray

10. A Testing Framework for Model Transformations
Yuehua Lin, Jing Zhang, Jeff Gray

11. Parallax — An Aspect-Enabled Framework for Plug-in-Based MDA Refinements Towards Middleware
Raul Silaghi, Alfred Strohmeier

12. Evolution and Maintenance of MDA Applications
Tilman Seifert, Gerd Beneken

Part III.Case Studies

13. Intents and Upgrades in Component-Based High-Assurance Systems
Jonas Elmqvist, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani

14. On Modeling Techniques for Supporting Model-Driven Development of Protocol Processing Applications
Marcus Alanen, Johan Lilius, Ivan Porres, Dragos Truscan

15. An Integrated Model-Driven Development Environment for Composing and Validating Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Gabriele Trombetti, Aniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt, Jesse Greenwald, John Hatcliff, Georg Jung, Gurdip Singh

16. A Model-Driven Technique for Development of Embedded Systems Based on the DEVS Formalism
Gabriel A. Wainer, Ezequiel Glinsky, Peter MacSween

17. Model-Driven Service Engineering
Rolv Bræk, Geir Melby

18. Practical Insights into Model-Driven Architecture: Lessons from the Design and Use of an MDA Toolkit
Alan W. Brown, Jim Conallen, Dave Tropeano


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