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Communication in Plants

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Table of contents

1. The Green Plant as an Intelligent Organism
Anthony Trewavas

2. Neurobiological View of Plants and Their Body Plan
František Baluška, Dieter Volkmann, Andrej Hlavacka, Stefano Mancuso, Peter W. Barlow

3. Charles Darwin and the Plant Root Apex: Closing a Gap in Living Systems Theory as Applied to Plants
Peter W. Barlow

4. How Can Plants Choose the Most Promising Organs?
T. Sachs

5. The Role of Root Apices in Shoot Growth Regulation: Support for Neurobiology at the Whole Plant Level?
Peter M. Neumann

6. Signals and Targets Triggered by Self-Incompatibility in Plants: Recognition of “Self” Can Be Deadly
S. G. Thomas, S. Huang, C. J. Staiger, V. E. Franklin-Tong

7. Signal Perception and Transduction in Plant Innate Immunity
Thorsten Nürnberger, Birgit Kemmerling

8. Nitric Oxide Involvement in Incompatible Plant-Pathogen Interactions
Matteo Stefano, Alberto Ferrarini, Massimo Delledonne

9. From Cell Division to Organ Shape: Nitric Oxide Is Involved in Auxin-Mediated Root Development
María Luciana Lanteri, Magdalena Graziano, Natalia Correa-Aragunde, Lorenzo Lamattina

10. Neurotransmitters, Neuroregulators and Neurotoxins in Plants
Susan J. Murch

11. Amino Acid Transport in Plants and Transport of Neurotransmitters in Animals: a Common Mechanism?
Tobias Müller, Wolfgang Koch, Daniel Wipf

12. GABA and GHB Neurotransmitters in Plants and Animals
Aaron Fait, Ayelet Yellin, Hillel Fromm

13. The Arabidopsis thaliana Glutamate-like Receptor Family (AtGLR)
Matthew Gilliham, Malcolm Campbell, Christian Dubos, Dirk Becker, Romola Davenport

14. Similarities Between Endocannabinoid Signaling in Animal Systems and N-Acylethanolamine Metabolism in Plants
Elison B. Blancaflor, Kent D. Chapman

15. Regulation of Plant Growth and Development by Extracellular Nucleotides
Stanley J. Roux, Charlotte Song, Collene Jeter

16. Physiological Roles of Nonselective Cation Channels in the Plasma Membrane of Higher Plants
Vadim Demidchik

17. Touch-Responsive Behaviors and Gene Expression in Plants
Elizabeth McCormack, Luis Velasquez, Nikkí A. Delk, Janet Braam

18. Oscillations in Plants
Sergey Shabala

19. Electrical Signals in Long-Distance Communication in Plants
Kazimierz Trebacz, Halina Dziubinska, Elzbieta Krol

20. Slow Wave Potentials — a Propagating Electrical Signal Unique to Higher Plants
Rainer Stahlberg, Robert E. Cleland, Elizabeth Volkenburgh

21. Electrical Signals, the Cytoskeleton, and Gene Expression: a Hypothesis on the Coherence of the Cellular Responses to Environmental Insult
Eric Davies, Bratislav Stankovic

22. Characteristics and Functions of Phloem-Transmitted Electrical Signals in Higher Plants
Jörg Fromm, Silke Lautner

23. Long-Distance Signal Transmission in Trees
Stefano Mancuso, Sergio Mugnai

24. Electrophysiology and Phototropism
Alexander G. Volkov

25. Hydro-Electrochemical Integration of the Higher Plant — Basis for Electrogenic Flower Induction
Edgar Wagner, Lars Lehner, Johannes Normann, Justyna Veit, Jolana Albrechtová

26. Signals and Signalling Pathways in Plant Wound Responses
Jeremy D. Rhodes, John F. Thain, David C. Wildon

27. Root Exudation and Rhizosphere Biology: Multiple Functions of a Plant Secondary Metabolite
Laura G. Perry, Tiffany L. Weir, Balakrishnan Prithiviraj, Mark W. Paschke, Jorge M. Vivanco

28. Communication Between Undamaged Plants by Volatiles: the Role of Allelobiosis
Velemir Ninkovic, Robert Glinwood, Jan Pettersson


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