Das, Haripada P.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Events in Agriculture

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Table of contents

1. Impacts of Natural Disasters in Agriculture, Rangeland and Forestry: an Overview
Mannava V.K. Sivakumar

2. The Role of Disaster Preparedness in National Planning with Specific Reference to Droughts
Donald A. Wilhite

3. The Occurrence and Predictability of Extreme Events over the Southwest Pacific with Particular Reference to ENSO
M. James Salinger, Penehuro Lefale

4. Accessibility of Database Information to Facilitate Early Detection of Extreme Events to Help Mitigate Their Impacts on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
R.P.R. Guerreiro

5. Tools for Forecasting or Warning as well as Hazard Assessment to Reduce Impact of Natural Disasters on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Liliana Nuñez

6. Agrometeorological Impact Assessment of Natural Disasters and Extreme Events and Agricultural Strategies Adopted in Areas with High Weather Risks
Haripada P. Das

7. Damage Assessment of Agrometeorological Relevance from Natural Disasters: Economic and Social Consequences
Allen R. Riebau, Douglas G. Fox

8. Impacts of Tropical Cyclones on Chinese Lowland Agriculture and Coastal Fisheries
Ming Xu, Qiuzhen Yang, Ming Ying

9. Frost and High Temperature Injury in China
Du Yaodong

10. Impacts of Sand Storms/Dust Storms on Agriculture
Mannava V.K. Sivakumar

11. Disaster Reduction Planning and Response: The Example of National Drought Policy in USA
Raymond P. Motha

12. Agricultural Drought Policy and Practices in Australia
William J. Wright

13. Significance of Training, Education and Communication for Awareness of Potential Hazards in Managing Natural Disaster in Australia
William J. Wright

14. Agrometeorological Disaster Risk Management in China
Wang Shili, Huo Zhiguo, Guo Jianping, Wang Chunyi

15. Degradation of Vegetation and Agricultural Productivity due to Natural Disasters and Land Use Strategies to Mitigate Their Impacts on Agriculture, Rangelands and Forestry
Bernard Gomez

16. Agricultural Drought Mitigation and Management of Sustained Agricultural Development in India
Haripada P. Das

17. Early Detection and Monitoring of Drought and Flood in China Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Yanxia Zhao, Sanmei Li, Yeping Zhang

18. The Decision of the Center of a Tropical Cyclone over China Coastal Waters Using a Doppler Radar
Yinglong Xu, Meiyan Jiao, Baogui Bi, Tao Chang

19. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Analysis of Forest Fire Risk and Assessment of Forest Degradation
Allen R. Riebau, John Jianhe Qu

20. Conclusions and Recommendations


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