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Recent Advances in Optimization

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Table of contents

Part I. Optimization Theory and Algorithms

1. On the Asymptotic Behavior of a System of Steepest Descent Equations Coupled by a Vanishing Mutual Repulsion
Felipe Alvarez, Alexandre Cabot

2. Inverse Linear Programming
Stephan Dempe, Sebastian Lohse

3. Second-Order Conditions in C1,1 Vector Optimization with Inequality and Equality Constraints
Ivan Ginchev, Angelo Guerraggio, Matteo Rocca

4. Benson Proper Efficiency in Set-Valued Optimization on Real Linear Spaces
Elvira Hernández, Bienvenido Jiménez, Vicente Novo

5. Some Results About Proximal-Like Methods
Alexander Kaplan, Rainer Tichatschke

6. Application of the Proximal Point Method to a System of Extended Primal-Dual Equilibrium Problems
Igor V. Konnov

7. On Stability of Multistage Stochastic Decision Problems
Alexander Mänz, Silvia Voge1

8. Nonholonomic Optimization
Constantin Udriste, Oltin Dogarul, Massimiliano Ferrara, Ionel Tevy

9. A Note on Error Estimates for some Interior Penalty Methods
Alexey F. Izmailov, Mikhail V. Solodov

Part II. Optimal Control and Calculus of Variations

10. L1—Optimal Boundary Control of a String to Rest in Finite Time
Martin Gugat

11. An Application of PL Continuation Methods to Singular Arcs Problems
Pierre Martinon, Joseph Gergaud

12. On an Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with Pointwise Mixed Control-State Constraints
Christian Meyer, Fredi Tröltzsch

13. On Abstract Control Problems with Non-Smooth Data
Zsolt Páles

14. Sufficiency Conditions for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
Sabine Pickenhain, Valeriya Lykina

15. On Nonconvex Relaxation Properties of Multidimensional Control Problems
Marcus Wagner

16. Existence and Structure of Solutions of Autonomous Discrete Time Optimal Control Problems
Alexander J. Zaslavski

17. Numerical Methods for Optimal Control with Binary Control Functions Applied to a Lotka-Volterra Type Fishing Problem
Sebastian Sager, Hans Georg Bock, Moritz Diehl, Gerhard Reinelt, Johannes P. Schloder

Part III. Game Theory

18. Some Characterizations of Convex Games
Juan Enrique Martínez-Legaz

19. The Bird Core for Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Problems Revisited: Monotonicity and Additivity Aspects
Stef Tijs, Stefano Moretti, Rodica Branzei, Henk Norde

20. A Parametric Family of Mixed Coalitional Values
Francesc Carreras, María Albina Puente

Part IV. Industrial Applications and Numerical Testing

21. Complementarity Problems in Restructured Natural Gas Markets
Steven Gabriel, Yves Smeers

22. Reconciling Franchisor and Franchisee: A Planar Biobjective Competitive Location and Design Model
José Fernández, Boglárka Tóth, Frank Plastria, Blas Pelegrín

23. Tools for Robotic Trajectory Planning Using Cubic Splines and Semi-Infinite Programming
A. Ismael F. Vaz, Edite M. G. P. Fernandes

24. Solving Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints with Nonlinear Solvers
Helena Sofia Rodrigues, M. Teresa T. Monteiro

25. A Filter Algorithm and Other NLP Solvers: Performance Comparative Analysis
António Sanches Antunes, M. Teresa T. Monteiro

26. How Wastewater Processes can be Optimized Using LOQO
I. A. C. P. Espírito-Santo, Edite M. G. P. Fernandes, M. M. Araújo, E. C. Ferreira


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