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Computational Methods in Transport

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Table of contents

1. Radiation Hydrodynamics in Astrophysics
Chris L. Fryer

2. Radiative Transfer in Astrophysical Applications
I. Hubeny

3. Neutrino Transport in Core Collapse Supernovae
Anthony Mezzacappa, Matthias Liebendörfer, Christian Y. Cardall, O.E. Bronson Messer, Stephen W. Bruenn

4. Discrete-Ordinates Methods for Radiative Transfer in the Non-Relativistic Stellar Regime
Jim E. Morel

II. Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, and Plant Canopies

5. Effective Propagation Kernels in Structured Media with Broad Spatial Correlations, Illustration with Large-Scale Transport of Solar Photons Through Cloudy Atmospheres
Anthony B. Davis

6. Mathematical Simulation of the Radiative Transfer in Statistically Inhomogeneous Clouds
Evgueni I. Kassianov

7. Transport Theory for Optical Oceanography
N.J. McCormick

8. Perturbation Technique in 3D Cloud Optics: Theory and Results
Igor N. Polonsky, Anthony B. Davis, Michael A. Box

9. Vegetation Canopy Reflectance Modeling with Turbid Medium Radiative Transfer
Barry D. Ganapol

10. Rayspread: A Virtual Laboratory for Rapid BRF Simulations Over 3-D Plant Canopies
Jean-Luc Widlowski, Thomas Lavergne, Bernard Pinty, Michel Verstraete, Nadine Gobron

III. High Energy Density Physics

11. Use of the Space Adaptive Algorithm to Solve 2D Problems of Photon Transport and Interaction with Medium
A. V. Alekseyev, R. M. Shagaliev, I. M. Belyakov, A. V. Gichuk, V. V. Evdokimov, A. N. Moskvin, A. A. Nuzhdin, N. P. Pleteneva, T. V. Shemyakina

12. Accurate and Efficient Radiation Transport in Optically Thick Media – by Means of the Symbolic Implicit Monte Carlo Method in the Difference Formulation
Abraham Sz?ke, Eugene D. Brooks III, Michael Scott McKinley, Frank C. Daffin

13. An Evaluation of the Difference Formulation for Photon Transport in a Two Level System
Frank Daffin, Michael Scott McKinley, Eugene D. Brooks III, Abraham Sz?ke

14. Non-LTE Radiation Transport in High Radiation Plasmas
Howard A. Scott

15. Finite-Difference Methods Implemented in SATURN Complex to Solve Multidimensional Time-Dependent Transport Problems
R.M. Shagaliev, A.V. Alekseyev, A.V. Gichuk, A.A. Nuzhdin, N.P. Pleteneva, L.P. Fedotova

16. Implicit Solution of Non-Equilibrium Radiation Diffusion Including Reactive Heating Source in Material Energy Equation
Dana E. Shumaker, Carol S. Woodward

IV. Mathematics and Computer Science

17. Transport Approximations in Partially Diffusive Media
Guillaume Bal

18. High Order Finite Volume Nonlinear Schemes for the Boltzmann Transport Equation
Barna L. Bihari, Peter N. Brown

19. Obtaining Identical Results on Varying Numbers of Processors in Domain Decomposed Particle Monte Carlo Simulations
N.A. Gentile, Malvin Kalos, Thomas A. Brunner

20. KM-Method of Iteration Convergence Acceleration for Solving a 2D Time-Dependent Multiple-Group Transport Equation and its Modifications
A.V. Gichuk, L.P. Fedotova, R.M. Shagaliev

21. A Regularized Boltzmann Scattering Operator for Highly Forward Peaked Scattering
Anil K. Prinja, Brian C. Franke

22. Implicit Riemann Solvers for the Pn Equations
Ryan McClarren, James Paul Holloway, Thomas Brunner, Thomas Mehlhorn

23. The Solution of the Time–Dependent SN Equations on Parallel Architectures
F. Douglas Swesty

24. Different Algorithms of 2D Transport Equation Parallelization on Random Non-Orthogonal Grids
R.M. Shagaliev, A.V. Alekseev, I.M. Beliakov, A.V. Gichuk, A.A. Nuzhdin, V.Yu. Rezchikov

V. Neutron Transport

25. Parallel Deterministic Neutron Transport with AMR
C.J. Clouse

26. An Overview of Neutron Transport Problems and Simulation Techniques
Edward W. Larsen

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Astrophysics

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Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering
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Natural Sciences

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