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Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2004

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Table of contents

Part I. Theme: Aerospace

1. The MEGAFLOW Project — Numerical Flow Simulation for Aircraft
C.-C. Rossow, N. Kroll, D. Schwamborn

2. Gradient Computations for Optimal Design of Turbine Blades
K. Arens, P. Rentrop, S.O. Stoll

3. Fast Numerical Computing for a Family of Smooth Trajectories in Fluids Flow
G. Argentini

4. Optimal Control of an ISS-Based Robotic Manipulator with Path Constraints
S. Breun, R. Callies

5. Rigorous Analysis of Extremely Large Spherical Reflector Antennas: EM Case
E.D. Vinogradova, S.S. Vinogradov, P.D. Smith

Part II. Theme: Electronic Industry

6. Simulation and Measurement of Interconnects and On-Chip Passives: Gauge Fields and Ghosts as Numerical Tools
Wim Schoenmaker, Peter Meuris, Erik Janssens, Michael Verschaeve, Ehrenfried Seebacher, Walter Pflanzl, Michele Stucchi, Bamal Mandeep, Karen Maex, Wil Schilders

7. Eigenvalue Problems in Surface Acoustic Wave Filter Simulations
S. Zaglmayr, J. Schöberl, U. Langer

8. Diffraction Grating Theory with RCWA or the C Method
N.P. Aa

9. Relocation of Electric Field Domains and Switching Scenarios in Superlattices
L.L. Bonilla, G. Dell’Acqua, R. Escobedo

10. Quantum Kinetic and Drift-Diffusion Equations for Semiconductor Superlattices
L.L. Bonilla, R. Escobedo

11. Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
C. Brennan, M. Condon, R. Ivanov

12. Electrolyte Flow and Temperature Calculations in Finite Cylinder Caused by Alternating Current
A. Buikis, H. Kalis

13. Numerical Simulation of the Problem Arising in the Gyrotron Theory
J. Cepitis, O. Dumbrajs, H. Kalis, A. Reinfelds

14. A Deterministic Multicell Solution to the Coupled Boltzmann-Poisson System Simulating the Transients of a 2D-Silicon MESFET
C. Ertler, F. Schürrer, O. Muscato

15. Some Remarks on the Vector Fitting Iteration
W. Hendrickx, D. Deschrijver, T. Dhaene

16. Krylov Subspace Methods in the Electronic Industry
P. Heres, W. Schilders

17. On Nonlinear Iteration Methods for DC Analysis of Industrial Circuits
M. Honkala, J. Roos, V. Karanko

18. Implementing Efficient Array Traversing for FDTD-lumped Element Cosimulation
L. R. Jussilainen Costa

19. Thermal Modeling of Bottle Glass Pressing
P. Kagan, R.M.M. Mattheij

20. Simulation of Pulsed Signals in MPDAE-Modelled SC-Circuits
S. Knorr, U. Feldmann

21. A More Efficient Rigorous Coupled-Wave Analysis Algorithm
M.G.M.M. Kraaij, J.M.L. Maubach

22. Iterative Solution Approaches for the Piezoelectric Forward Problem
M. Mohr

23. Hydrodynamic Modeling of an Ultra-Thin Base Silicon Bipolar Transistor
O. Muscato

24. Warped MPDAE Models with Continuous Phase Conditions
R. Pulch

25. Exact Closure Relations for the Maximum Entropy Moment System in Semiconductor Using Kane’s Dispersion Relation
M. Junk, V. Romano

26. Reduced Order Models for Eigenvalue Problems
J. Rommes

27. DRK Methods for Time-Domain Oscillator Simulation
M.F. Sevat, S.H.M.J. Houben, E.J.W. Maten

28. Digital Linear Control Theory Applied To Automatic Stepsize Control In Electrical Circuit Simulation
A. Verhoeven, T.G.J. Beelen, M.L.J. Hautus, E.J.W. Maten

Part III. Theme: Chemical Technology

29. On the Dynamics of a Bunsen Flame
M.L. Bondar, J.H.M. Thije Boonkkamp

30. Index Analysis for Singular PDE Models of Fuel Cells
K. Chudej

31. On the Modeling of the Phase Separation of a Gelling Polymeric Mixture
F.A. Coutelieris, G.A.A.V. Haagh, W.G.M. Agterof, J.J.M. Janssen

32. Iso-Surface Analysis of a Turbulent Diffusion Flame
B.J. Geurts

33. A Simplified Model for Non-Isothermal Crystallization of Polymers
T. Götz, J. Struckmeier

34. Numerical Simulation of Cylindrical Induction Heating Furnaces
A. Bermúdez, D. Gómez, M. C. Muñiz, P. Salgado

35. Thermal Radiation Effect on Thermal Explosion in a Gas Containing Evaporating Fuel Droplets.
I. Goldfarb, V. Gol’dshtein, D. Katz, S. Sazhin

36. Local Defect Correction for Laminar Flame Simulation
M. Graziadei, J.H.M. Thije Boonkkamp

37. Development of a Hierarchical Model Family for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells with Direct Internal Reforming (DIR-MCFC)
P. Heidebrecht, K. Sundmacher

38. Modelling of Filtration and Regeneration Processes in Diesel Particulate Traps
U. Janoske, T. Deuschle, M. Piesche

39. Modelling the Shelf Life of Packaged Olive Oil Stored at Various Conditions
F.A. Coutelieris, A. Kanavouras

40. Nonlinear Model Reduction of a Dynamic Two-dimensional Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Model
M. Mangold, Min Sheng

41. Liquid/Solid Phase Change with Convection and Deformations: 2D Case
D. Mansutti, R. Raffo, R. Santi

42. Mathematical Modelling of Mass Transport Equations in Fixed-Bed Absorbers
A. Pérez-Foguet, A. Huerta

43. Injection Vapour Model in a Porous Medium Accounting for a Weak Condensation
J. Pousin, E. Zeltz

44. Multigrid Solution of Three-Dimensional Radiative Heat Transfer in Glass Manufacturing
M. Seaïd, A. Klar

45. DEM Simulations of the DI Toner Assembly
I.E.M. Severens, A.A.F. Ven

46. Modeling of Drying Processes in Pore Networks
A.G. Yiotis, A.K. Stubos, A.G. Boudouvis, I.N. Tsimpanogiannis, Y.C. Yortsos

47. Mathematical Modelling of Flow through Pleated Cartridge Filters
V. Nassehi, A.N. Waghode, N.S. Hanspal, R.J. Wakeman

48. Comparison of Some Mixed Integer Non-linear Solution Approaches Applied to Process Plant Layout Problems
J. Westerlund, L.G. Papageorgiou

49. A Mathematical Model of Three-Dimensional Flow in a Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger
S.K. Wilson, B.R. Duffy, M.E.M. Lee

Part IV. Theme: Life Sciences

50. Transmission Line Matrix Modeling of Sound Wave Propagation in Stationary and Moving Media
M. Bezdek, Hao Zhu, A. Rieder, W. Drahm

51. Viscous Drops Spreading With Evaporation And Applications To DNA Biochips
M. Cabrera, T. Clopeau, A. Mikelic, J. Pousin

52. Similarity-Based Object Recognition of Airborne Fungi in Digital Images
P. Perner

53. Rivalling Optimal Control in Robot-Assisted Surgery
G.F. Schanzer, R. Callies

Part V. Theme: Materials

54. A Multiphase Model for Concrete: Numerical Solutions and Industrial Applications
B.A. Schrefler, D. Gawin, F. Pesavento

55. Modelling the Glass Press-Blow Process
S.M.A. Allaart-Bruin, B.J. Linden, R.M.M. Mattheij

56. Real-Time Control of Surface Remelting
M.J.H. Anthonissen, D. Hömberg, W. Weiss

57. Fast Shape Design for Industrial Components
G. Haase, E. Lindner, C. Rathberger

58. Modeling of Turbulence Effects on Fiber Motion
N. Marheineke

59. Design Optimisation of Wind-Loaded Cylindrical Silos Made from Composite Materials
E.V. Morozov

60. Two-Dimensional Short Wave Stability Analysis of the Floating Process
S. R. Pop

61. Optimization in high-precision glass forming
M. Sellier

62. A Mathematical Model for the Mechanical Etching of Glass
J.H.M. Thije Boonkkamp

63. FPM + Radiation = Mesh-Free Approach in Radiation Problems
A. Wawrenczuk

Part VI. Theme: Geophysics

64. Multiscale Methods and Streamline Simulation for Rapid Reservoir Performance Prediction
J.E. Aarnes, V. Kippe, K.-A. Lie

Part VII. Theme: Financial Mathematics

65. ONE FOR ALL The Potential Approach to Pricing and Hedging
L.C.G. Rogers

66. The Largest Claims Treaty ECOMOR
S.A. Ladoucette, J.L. Teugels

67. American Options With Discrete Dividends Solved by Highly Accurate Discretizations
C.C.W. Leentvaar, C.W. Oosterlee

68. Semi-Lagrange Time Integration for PDE Models of Asian Options
A.K. Parrott, S. Rout

69. Fuzzy Binary Tree Model for European Options
S. Muzzioli, H. Reynaerts

70. Effective Estimation of Banking Liquidity Risk
P. Tobin, A. Brown

Part VIII. Theme: Water Flow

71. Multiphase Flow and Transport Modeling in Heterogeneous Porous Media
R. Helmig, C.T. Miller, H. Jakobs, H. Class, M. Hilpert, C. E. Kees, J. Niessner

72. The Unsteady Expansion and Contraction of a Two-Dimensional Vapour Bubble Confined Between Superheated or Subcooled Plates
K.S. Das, S.K. Wilson

73. Animating Water Waves Using Semi-Lagrangian Techniques
M. Amrani, M. Seaïd

74. A Filtered Renewal Process as a Model for a River Flow
M. Lefebvre

75. A Parallel Finite Element Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems
J.M.L. Maubach

76. Modelling The Flow And Solidification of a Thin Liquid Film on a Three-Dimensional Surface
T.G. Myers, J.P.F. Charpin, S.J. Chapman

77. Numerical Schemes for Degenerate Parabolic Problems
I.S. Pop

78. Finite Element Modified Method of Characteristics for Shallow Water Flows: Application to the Strait of Gibraltar
M. González, M. Seaïd

79. LDC with compact FD schemes for convection-diffusion equations
M. Sizov, M.J.H. Anthonissen, R.M.M. Mattheij

80. A Finite-Dimensional Modal Modelling of Nonlinear Fluid Sloshing
A. Timokha, M. Hermann

Part IX. Other Contributions

81. On the Reliability of Repairable Systems: Methods and Applications
F. Ruggeri

82. New Schemes for Differential-Algebraic Stiff Systems
E. Alshina, N. Kalitkin, A. Koryagina

83. Wavelet and Cepstrum Analyses of Leaks in Pipe Networks
S.B.M. Beck, J. Foong, W.J. Staszewski

84. Robust Design Using Computer Experiments
R.A. Bates, R.S. Kenett, D.M. Steinberg, H.P. Wynn

85. Non-Classical Shocks for Buckley-Leverett: Degenerate Pseudo-Parabolic Regularisation
C. M. Cuesta, C. J. Duijn, I. S. Pop

86. A Multi-scale Approach to Functional Signature Analysis for Product End-of-Life Management
T. Figarella, A. Bucchianico

87. Aspects of Multirate Time Integration Methods in Circuit Simulation Problems
A. Guennouni, A. Verhoeven, E.J.W. Maten, T.G.J. Beelen

88. Exploiting Features for Finite Element Model Generation
O. Hamri, J.-C. Léon, F. Giannini, B. Falcidieno

89. Implicit Subgrid-Scale Models in Space-Time VMS Discretisations
S. J. Hulshoff

90. Multiscale Change-Point Analysis of Inhomogeneous Poisson Processes Using Unbalanced Wavelet Decompositions
M. Jansen

91. Robust Soft Sensors Based on Ensemble of Symbolic Regression-Based Predictors
E. Jordaan, A. Kordon, L. Chiang

92. Two-Dimensional Patterns in High Frequency Plasma Discharges
D. Mackey, M.M. Turner

93. A Mathematical Model for the Motion of a Towed Pipeline Bundle
N.W. Manson, S.K. Wilson, B.R. Duffy

94. Operators and Criteria for Integrating FEA in the Design Workflow: Toward a Multi-Resolution Mechanical Model
J.-C. Léon, P.M. Marin, G. Foucault

95. Wavelet Analysis of Sound Signal in Fluid-filled Viscoelastic Pipes
M. Prek

96. Coarse-Grained Simulation and Bifurcation Analysis Using Microscopic Time-Steppers
P. Leemput, G. Samaey, K. Lust, D. Roose, I.G. Kevrekidis

97. Optimal Prediction in Molecular Dynamics
B. Seibold

98. From CAD to CFD Meshes for Ship Geometries
V. Skytt

99. Integration of Strongly Damped Mechanical Systems by Runge-Kutta Methods
T. Stumpp

100. Numerical Simulation of SMA Actuators
G. Teichelmann, B. Simeon


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