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Mineral Deposit Research: Meeting the Global Challenge

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Table of contents

Session 1. Tectonics, lithospheric, and deep mantle controls on global metallogenic provinces and giant ore deposits

1. Global tectonic settings and deep mantle control on Hg and Au-Hg deposits
A. S. Borisenko, A. A. Obolenskiy, E. A. Naumov

2. Upper mantle composition: Tools for smarter diamond exploration
William L. Griffin, Suzanne Y. Reilly

3. Tectonic and lithospheric controls on the heterogeneous temporal distribution of mineral deposits
D. I. Groves, R. M. Vielreicher, R. J. Goldfarb, J. M. A. Hronsky, K. C. Condie

4. Tectonic controls on the endowment of Archean cratons in VHMS deposits: Evidence from PB and Nd isotopes
David L. Huston, David C. Champion, Kevin F. Cassidy

5. Neoproterozoic and Early Palaeozoic metallogenies in the Dinarides, South Tisia, Pelagonides and Serbo-Macedonian Mass
Ivan Jurkovic

6. Mantle control for a giant Neoproterozoic epithermal silver deposit: Imiter (Morocco)
Gilles Levresse, Alain Cheilletz, Dominique Gasquet, Moulay Rachid Azizi-Samir

7. Formation of giant Ni-Cu sulfide deposits in dynamic magma conduits
C. Li, E. M. Ripley

8. Synchronous vertical and horizontal tectonism during the late stage of Archean cratonization: An important process in gold mineralization?
Shoufa Lin, Andrew Parmenter, Jen Parks

9. Characteristics of isotope geochemistry of deep mantle constraints on metallization in alkali-enriched porphyry systems
Liu Xianfan, Lu Qiuxia, Long Xunrong, Tao Zhuan, Song Xiangfeng

10. The formation of a mantle-branch structure in western Shandong and its constraints on gold mineralization
Shuyin Niu, Aiqun Sun, Huabin Hu, Baode Wang, Chuanshi Xu, Jingwen Mao

11. The evolution of lithospheric domains: A new framework to enhance mineral exploration targeting
Suzanne Y. O’Reilly, Jon Hronsky, William L. Griffin, Graham Begg

12. Geodynamic considerations of Uralian metallogeny
Victor N. Puchkov

13. Magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization at a convergent plate boundary: Preliminary mineralogic and isotopic studies of the Duke Island Complex, Alaska
E. M. Ripley, C. Li, J. Thakurta

14. The tectonics and metallogeny of the Precambrian of the Aldan-Stanovoy Shield
A. P. Smelov, V. F. Timofeev

15. New classification of magmatic sulphide deposits in China and metallogenesis related to small intrusions
Tang Zhongli, Yan Haiqing, Jiao Jiangang, Li Xiaohu

16. Geodynamic controls on giant metallogenic provinces: Insights from gold provinces in southeast Australia
I. M. A. Vos, F. P. Bierlein, P. S. Heithersay, G. S. Lister

17. Mineral systems, hydridic fluids, the Earth’s core, mass extinction events and related phenomena
John L. Walshe, Bruce Hobbs, Alison Ord, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Andy Barmicoat

18. Lead isotopic composition of rutiles from the Chinese continental scientific drill (CCSD) hole and its genetic significance for the superlarge rutile deposit in Maobei, Jiangsu Province
Wang Denghong, Li Hua-qin, Chen Yuchuan, Xu Jue, Yu Jinjie, Chen Zhenyu, Wang Ping’an

19. Modes of occurrence of H2 in mantle-derived rocks
M. J. Zhang, P. Q. Hu, P. Zheng, X. B. Wang, L. W. Li

20. Controls of magmatism and hydrothermal activities on mineralization in the Emeishan flood basalt Province, SW China
Zhu Bing-Quan, Zhang Zheng-wei, Hu Yao-Guo

Session 2. Basin evolution: base and precious metal mineralization in sediments

21. Iron transport in redbeds during the genesis of sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits
A. C. Brown

22. Application of scanned digital imagery to ore texture interpretation at the Century zinc deposit, NW Queensland
Lucy H. Chapman, Patrick J. Williams, Rod S. Hill, Kevin L. Blake

23. Diagenetic origin of the Luzhou copper deposit, Yunnan Province, China
Wengen Chen, Bin Xia

24. An overpressured fluid system associated with the giant sandstone-hosted Jinding Zn-Pb deposit, western Yunnan, China
Guoxiang Chi, Hairuo Qing, Chunji Xue, Rong Zeng

25. Stratiform Sb and Au mineralizations in the Hercynian Dúrico-Beirã area (North Portugal)
Helena Couto, Frederico Sondré Borges

26. Origins of Au-Pt-Pd-bearing Ni-Mo-As-(Zn) deposits hosted by Chinese black shales
Raymond Coveney, Jan Pasava

27. A scale-integrated structural analysis of the Mount Isa Zn-Pb-Ag deposit and implications for genesis
Taby P. Davis

28. Fluid system and ore-forming dynamics of the Yuebei Basin, China
Jun Deng, Liqing Yang, Xueming Chen, Qingfei Wang, Yan Liu

29. Synthesis and structure of single-crystal marcasite
Milan Drabek, Milan Rieder

30. Lower cambrian metallogenesis of south China: Interplay between diverse basinal hydrothermal fluids and marine chemistry
Poul Emsbo, Albert H. Hofstra, Craig A. Johnson, Alan Koenig, Richard Grauch, Xing-chun Zhang, Rui-zhong Hu, Wen-chao Su, Dao-hui Pi

31. Early-diagenetic sulphides in sediment-hosted deposits: A textural and geochemical study from an unmetamorphosed QPC gold placer, Belle-Brook, New Zealand
D. M. Falconer, D. Craw, K. Faure, L. Lawrance

32. Geochemistry and provenance of clastic metasedimentary host rocks of the Rosh Pinah Zn-Pb-Ag(-Cu-Au) deposit, Southern Namibia
Christoph D. K. Gauert

33. Wernecke breccia, Canada: A large-scale Proterozoic IOCG system related to basin evolution
Julie A. Hunt, Timothy Baker, David Gillen, Derek J. Thorkelson

34. Use of petrophysical characterisation techniques in receptivity definition for carbonate-hosted MVT deposits
Kip Jeffrey

35. Geological and economic conditions of the Gar iron ore deposit development (Amur region, Russia)
V. V. Kichanova, V. D. Kichanov

36. Palaeofluid flow in siliciclastic Lower Carboniferous rocks: Evidence from stable isotopes and fluid inclusions, Rhenohercynian Zone, Czech Republic
Jan Kucera, Klàra Kucerovà-Charvàtovà, Phillipe Muchez, Walter Prochaska

37. Origin and significance of calcite-marcasite-pyrite mineralisation in siliciclastic Lower Carboniferous rocks, eastern mrrgin of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
Klàra Kucerovà-Charvàtovà, Jan Kucera, Zdenek Dolnícek

38. The distribution of SEDEX Pb-Zn deposits through Earth history
D. Leach, E. Marsh, D. Bradley, S. Gardoll, D. Huston

39. Epigenetic hydrothermal features of the Emeishan basalt copper mineralization in NE Yunnan, SW China
Houmin Li, Jingwen Mao, Yuchuan Chen, Denghong Wang, Changqing Zhang, Hong Xu

40. Geologic characteristics and ore-controls of the Fenghuoshan copper ore deposit, Qinghai province, China
Li Wenming, Song Zhongbao, Liou Zhiyong, Li Changan, Li Zhucang, Li Hongpu

41. Geological and geochemical characteristis of the Changba and Dengjiashan Pb-Zn deposits in the Qinling orogenic belt, China
Guoliang MA, Georges Beaudoin

42. Pyrite trace element halos to northern Australian sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits
Rodney C. Maier

43. Darhand copper occurrence:An example of Michigan-type native copper deposits in central Iran
Nima Nezafati, Morteza Momenzadeh, Ernst Pernicka

44. Rare metal sequestration and mobility in mineralized black shales from the Zunyi region, South China
B. Orberger, C. Wagner, A. Vymazalová, J. Pašava, B. Kříbek, J. -P. Gallien

45. Origin of the Nchanga copper-cobalt deposits of the Zambian Copperbelt
Stephen Roberts, Ross McGowan, Adrian Boyce

46. Alpine type Pb-Zn-deposits (APT) hosted by Triassic carbonates
Erich Schroll

47. Generation of hydrocarbons: Mechanism of reaction, geologic and experimental evidence
N. G. Stenina, A. K. Gutakovskii, L. M. Plyasova

48. N2-Ar-He tracing systematics of ore-forming fluids: A case study from the Songxi large-scale Ag(Sb) deposit, eastern Guangdong Province, China
Sun Xiaoming, Xu Li, Xue Ting, Chen Binghui, Sun Kai, David I. Norman

49. Geochemistry and gold content of the Triassic cabonaceous cherts of the Sikhote-Alin, Russia
Yu.G. Volokhin, A. I. Khanchuk, V. V. Ivanov, V. T. Kazachenko, V. V. Sattarova

50. Genesis of PGE-polymetallic deposits in lower Cambrian black rock series, southern China: Evidence from fluid inclusion and inert gas isotopic studies
Wang Min, Sun Xiaoming, Ma Mingyang

51. Preliminary study of the source of base metals in MVT deposits of the Canning Basin, Western Australia
Andy R. Wilde, D. C. McPhail, J. Brugger, S. McKnight, D. Garnett

52. Geochemical process model for the Mt Isa Cu-Co-Ag deposits
Andy Wilde, Melissa Gregory, Robert Duncan, Klaus Gessner, Michael Kühn, Peter Jones

53. Mineralization stages and fluid processes in the giant jinding deposit, western Yunnan, China
C. -J. Xue, R. Zeng, S. W. Liu, G. Chi, H. Qing

54. Geochemistry of PGE and Au in ferromanganese crusts from seamounts in the west Pacific Ocean
Xue Ting, Sun Xiaoming, He Gaowen, Wang Shengwei, Lu Hongfeng, Zhang Mei

55. Mirror-image coupling between sedimentary depression and the upper mantle uplifting in the Shengli oil/gas region, China: Implications for tectonics and exploratory practice
Liqiang Yang, Zhongjie Zhang, José Badal

56. An ore-forming model for Pb-Zn deposits in the Qinling orogenic belt, China
Yao Shuzhen, Ding Zhenju, Zhou Zonggui, Lü Xinbiao

57. Platinum-group elements in Cambrian black shale in southern China: Differential enrichment of platinum and palladium
Guangdi Zhang, Jiuling Li, Qunyao Xiong, Fangyuan Chen

Session 3. Uranium deposits: metallogeny and exploration

58. Geochemistry, geothermometry, and K-Ar dating of episyenitic rocks associated with the Guarda uraniferous granites, Portugal
I. Bobos, L. Jaques, F. Noronha, N. Clauer, N. Liewig

59. Petroleum-related origin for sandstone-hosted uranium deposits in the Dongsheng area, Ordos Basin (China)
Chunfang Cai, Hongtao Li, Xiaorong Luo

60. Mesozoic — Neozoic structural evolution and its relationship to the formation of sandstone-type uranium deposits in the Yili Basin
Yuqi Cai, Shengxiang Li, Xiaozhong Han, Enjiu Zheng, Xigen Li

61. Geodynamic setting of Mesozoic magmatism and its relationship to uranium metallogenesis in southeastern China
Chen Pei-rong, Zhang Min, Chen Wei-feng

62. Cenozoic tectonic movement and its control on sandstone-type uranium deposits in the northern Junggar Basin
Z. -L. Chen, J. Liu, H. -L. Gong, E. -J. Zheng, X. -H. Wang

63. The evolution of prototype basin and its relation to sandstone-hosted uranium ore-formation in northwestern China
Chen Zu-yi, Guo Qing-yin, Liu Hong-xu

64. World-class unconformity-related uranium deposits: Key factors for their genesis
M. L. Cuney

65. Alteration characteristics of the sandstone-type uranium deposit in Qianjiadian, Inner Mongolia
Wenming Dong, Jinrong Lin, Yuliang Xia, Daneng Qi

66. Simple deposition versus replacement and re-equilibration at the Crescencia Ni-(Co-U) deposit (Central Pyrenees, Spain)
I. Fanlo, I. Subías, J. Manuel, A. Paniagua, S. Morales

67. Evolution of Mezozoic to Cenozoic basins in the Beishan-Gansu Corridor region with respect to uranium ore formation
Qingyin Guo, Zuyi Chen, Hongxu Liu

68. Study of methods and techniques of aeroradiometric weak information extraction for sandstone-hosted uranium deposits based on GIS
Han Shao-yang, Hou Hui-qun, Ke Dan

69. A new sandstone type uranium metallogenetic type-— “Structure — Oil, Gas Type”
Huang Xian-fang, Liu De-chang, Du Le-tian, Zhao Ying-jun

70. Mantle-derived fluid and uranium mineralization: Evidence from the world-class Xiangshan uranium deposit, SE China
Yaohui Jiang, Hongfei Ling, Shaoyong Jiang

71. Forecasting the occurrence of sandstone-type uranium deposits by spatial analysis: An example from the northeastern Ordos Basin, China
Yangquan Jiao, Liqun Wu, Minfang Wang, Zhicheng Xu

72. Hydrothermal alteration of the graphitized organic matter at the Kansanshi Cu (Au-,U-) deposit, Zambia
B. Kríbek, I. Kneésl, J. Pasava, K. Malý, H. Caruthers, I. Sykorová, J. Jehlicka

73. Australia’s uranium endowment: Metallogeny, exploration and potential
Ian Lambert, Subhash Jaireth, Aden McKay, Yanis Miezitis

74. Features of mylonite and its relationship to uranium ore-formation in the Xiazhuang uranium ore field
Jianhong Li, Liang Liang

75. Mineralization characteristics and origin of the Qianjiadian uranium deposit
Shengxiang Li, Yuqi Cai, Yuliang Xia, Guangxi Ou, Jinrong Lin, Wenming Dong

76. Metallogenetic conditions and exploration criteria of the Dongsheng sandstone type uranium deposit in Inner Mongolia, China
Ziying Li, Xiheng Fang, Yuliang Xia, Xinjian Xiao, Ye Sun, Anping Chen, Yangquan Jiao, Ke Zhang

77. New discovery in the study of remote sensing image characteristics in sandstone-type uranium districts in China and its significance
Dechang Liu, Xiangfang Huang, Fawang Ye

78. Controls on Precambrian uranium ore formation: The role of ancient oil (and evaporates?)
I. G. Mineeva

79. Uranium deposits in the Arlit area (niger)
Maurice Pagel, Sabine Cavellec, Pierre Forbes, Olivier Gerbaud, Pierre Vergely, Ibrahim Wagani, Régis Mathieu

80. Metallogeny of the uranium-bearing sedimentary basins
I. G. Pechenkin, I. F. Volfson, A. N. Sysoev, V. G. Pechenkin, G. V. Grushevoy

81. Reduction of fluids in the Bashbulak sandstone type uranium deposit in the Tarim Basin, China
Mingkuan Qin, Wenming Dong, Guangxi Ou

82. Study on the relationship between coal-derived hydrocarbon and formation of sandstone-type uranium deposits in the basins of North China
Sun Ye, Li Zi-ying

83. Analysis of pegmatitic granite-uranium deposit formation conditions and exploitation prospects in the Shaanxi Shang-Dan triangular region, China
Jianguo Wang, Changwei Mu, Zhongduo Wang

84. Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectono-sedimentary evolution and sandstone-hosted uranium mineralization of the Erlian basin
Sanyuan Wei, Mingkuan Qiu, Yuexiang Li, Zhongbo He, Anping Chen, Kefeng Shen

85. Geologic features and mineralization of the uranium-bearing Vonsenite deposit in the LiaoDong rift
Xuehui Xia, Fei Yan, Yuhai Zhao, Wenzong Chang

86. Geology and origin of the Dongsheng uranium deposit in the Ordos basin, North China
Weidong Xiang, Xiheng Fang, Tiangang Li, Xiaolin Chen, Yaqing Pang, Huahan Cheng

87. On the “complex three member fluids genesis” sandstone type uranium deposit in Dongsheng district, Inner Mongolia, NW China
Xinjian Xiao, Ziying Li, Xiheng Fang, Guangxi Ou, Ye Sun, Anping Chen

88. Establishment of a virtual geological environment: A case study from the Dongsheng U-mineralized area, China
Fawang Ye, Yingjun Zhao, Dechang Liu

89. Correlation between shoshonitic rocks and uranium mineralization in the Xiangshan uranium ore field
Shuming Zhang, Dagan Yu, T. S. Brewer

90. Metallogenic time-spece evolution of the Xiangshan Uranium ore field in China
Wanliang Zhang, Ziying Li

91. Alkali-metasomatism and uranium mineralization
Fengmin Zhao

92. Evidence of early oxidation related to sandstone-type uranium mineralization within the Zhiluo Formation (J2z), Ordos Basin, China
Minqiang Zhu, Rengui Wu, Dagan Yu

Session 4. Magmas and base-metal ore deposits

93. Factors controlling palladium and gold contents in the Aksug porphyry Cu-Mo deposit (Russia)
A. N. Berzina, V. I. Sotnikov, M. Economou-Eliopoulos, D. G. Eliopoulos

94. The Boyongan porphyry Cu-Au deposit: Repeated hydrothermal cycles tied to discrete intrusive events
D. P. Braxton, D. R. Cooke

95. Endoskarn and Cu-Zn mineralization at the Empire mine, Idaho, USA
Zhaoshan Chang, Lawrence D. Meinert

96. The Rosario porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, northern Chile: Hypogene upgrading during gravitational collapse of the Domeyko Cordillera
David R. Cooke, Glenton J. Masterman, Ron F. Berry, John L. Walshe

97. Copper mineralization in the western Longbohe area, SE Yunnan, China — a comparison with the Shengquan copper deposit, Vietnam
Yinliang Cui, Dexian Qin, Yaoguang Chen

98. Sulfur isotope zonation at the Mt Polley alkalic porphyry Cu-Au deposit, British Columbia, Canada
C. L. Deyell

99. Genesis of regionally metamorphosed skarns from the Bohemian Massif: Contact metasomatic versus sedimentary-exhalative
P. Drahota, Z. Pertold, M. Pudilová

100. Sm-Nd isotope dating of fluorites from the Xiangquan thallium deposit, Anhui Province, East China
Y. Fan, T. F. Zhou, F. Yuan, M. A. Wu, M. J. Hou, G. Voicu, Q. H. Hu, Q. M. Zhang

101. Geochemical characteristics and genesis of Na-rich rocks in the Bayan Obo REE-Nb-Fe deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Hongcai Fei, Rongge Xiao, Lan Cheng, Cuizhi Wang

102. Tsav: A shoshonite-hosted intermediate sulfidation epithermal Ag-Pb-Zn deposit, eastern Mongolia
H. Gantumur, D. Batulzii, Wang Lijuan, Zhu Heping

103. Timing of volatile and magma ascent in the formation of the Bajo de la Alumbrera porphyry Cu-Au deposit
A. C. Harris, D. R. Cooke, N. C. White, W. J. Dunlap, C. M. Allen, I. Campbell, P. W. Reiners

104. Trace element content of quartz from the Ehrenfriedersdorf Sn-W deposit, Germany: Results of an acid-wash procedure
S. Haßler, U. Kempe, T. Monecke, J. Götze

105. Three large-scale metallogenic events related to the Yanshanian Period in Southern China
Renmin Hua, Periong Chen, Wenlan Zhang, Jianjun Lu

106. Intercummulus massive Ni-Cu-Co and PGE-bearing sulphides in pyroxenite: a new mineralization type in the layered gabbroic sequence of the Beja Igneous Complex (Portugal)
Ana P. Jesus, António Mateus, José Munhá, Álvaro Pinto

107. Geochemical characteristics of ores from the Tangziwa deposit, Gejiu district, Yunnan province, China
Run-Xing Jia, Wei-Xuan Fang, Zhen-Min Gao, Hong-Yang Li, Ying He

108. Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization in the Upper Proterozoic loko-Dovyren mafic-ultramafic massif, Russia
E. V. Kislov

109. Pb-Zn-Cu mineralization in the Filfila Massif, northeastern Algeria
O. Kolli

110. Mass-balance analysis of mineralized skarn systems: Implications for replacement processes, carbonate mobility, and permeability evolution
D. R. Lentz

111. Numerical simulations of heat and mass transfer for the Tongchang porphyry copper deposit, Dexing, Jiangxi province, China
Jiankang Li, Dehui Zhang, Denghong Wang

112. Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE deposits in the Qilian-Longshou mountains, Northwest China — part of a Proterozoic large igneous province
Li Wenyuan, Wang Wei, Guo Zhouping

113. A study of clay mineralogy and illite Kübler index with respect to hydrothermal alteration in the Yinsan polymetallic deposit, South China
Li Xiaofeng, Mao Jingwen, Hua Renmin

114. Structural controls on copper skarn mineralization in the Fenghuangshan copper deposit, Tongling, China
Liangming Liu, Shenglin Peng, Yanhua Zhang, Chongbin Zhao

115. Rutile — the tin-tungsten host in the intrusive tourmaline breccia at Wheal Remfry, SW England
A. Müller, C. Halls

116. Intrusion-related gold occurrences in the Astaneh-Sarband area, west central Iran
N. Nezafati, P. M. Herzig, E. Pernicka, M. Momenzadeh

117. The La Fortuna Cu-Au porphyry deposit, Chile
Piotr Paleczek, Waldo Cuadra, Michael Donnelly, Robert Page

118. Fe-Ti-V oxide mineralization in the Permian Panzhihua Gabbro, Emeishan large igneous province, SW China
Kwan-Nang Pang, Mei-Fu Zhou, Yuxiao Ma

119. Nodular chromite deposits in some Tethyan opthiolites
M. Rahgoshay, H. Shafaii Moghadam, V. Forouzesh

120. Sulfosalt mineral compositions from the No 10 vein, Zletovo lead-zinc deposit, Macedonia
T. Serafimovski, P. Lazarov, G. Tasev

121. Magmetic sulfide deposits in the Permian Emeishan large igneous province, SW China
Xie-Yan Song, Hong Zhong, Yan Tao, Mei-Fu Zhou

122. Composition and mineralisation potential of A-type granites of the Kolyma tectonic block (northeast Yakutia)
Vera A. Trunilina, Sergey P. Roev

123. New porphyry — Cu±Mo occurrences in the north-eastern Aegean, Greece: Ore mineralogy and epithermal relationships
Panagiotis Voudouris, Dimitrios Alfieris

124. Five questions for fun and profit: A mineral system perspective on metallogenic epochs, provinces and magmatic hydrothermal Cu and Au deposits
John L. Walshe, David R. Cooke, Peter Neumayr

125. Mineral chemistry of Fe-Ti oxides from the Xinjie PGE-bearing layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion in Sichuan, SW China
Christina Yan Wang, Mei-Fu Zhou

126. Volcanism and mineralization in the North Qilian Orogenic Belt, Northwestern China
Xue-Yi Xu, Lin-Qi Xia, Zu-Chun Xia

127. The Shaxi porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Anhui Province, eastern China
Xiao-Yong Yang, Yong-Fei Zheng

128. Evidence for evolution of fluorine-chlorine activity in intrusion-related gold systems, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada
X. M. Yang, D. R. Lentz

129. Geochemistry of the Kalatongke layered intrusion, Xinjiang NW China: Implications for the genesis of a magmatic Cu-Ni sulfide deposit
Zhaochong Zhang, Jingwen Mao, Zhou Gang, Fengmei Chai, Shenghao Yan, Bailin Chen

130. A preliminary investigation of autometasomatic phenomena in the host rocks to the Bayan Obo Fe-Nb-REE deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Yuan Zhongxin, Bai Ge, Zhang Zongqing

131. REE-Nb (Fe, U, Th)-bearing alkaline skarns of China
Zhao Yiming, Bai Ge, Li Daxin

132. Origin of giant Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits in layered gabbroic intrusions, Pan-Xi district, Sichuan Province, SW China
Mei-Fu Zhou, Christina Yan Wang, Kwan-Nang Pang, Gregory J. Shellnutt, Yuxiao Ma

133. Xiangquan: The World’s first reported sediment-hosted thallium-only deposit, northeastern margin of the Yangtze Block, eastern China
T. F. Zhou, Y. Fan, F. Yuan, M. A. Wu, M. J. Hou, G. Voicu, Q. H. Hu, Q. M. Zhang

Session 5. Epigenetic gold systems

134. Geochemical and isotopic constraints on Palaeozoic orogenic gold endowment and crustal evolution of the south central Andes, NW Argentina
Frank P. Bierlein, Beatriz Coira, Holly Stein

135. Models for epigenetic gold exploration in the northern Cordilleran Orogen, Yukon, Canada
Mike Burke, Craig J. R. Hart, Lara L. Lewis

136. Characteristics and evolution of hydrothermal fluids from the Archean orogenic New Celebration gold deposits, Western Australia
J. L. Hodge, S. G. Hagemann, P. Neumayr

137. Source of ore fluids in Carlin-type gold deposits, China: Implications for genetic models
A. H. Hofstra, P. Emsbo, W. D. Christiansen, P. Theodorakos, X. -C. Zhang, R. -Z. Hu, W. -C. Su, S. -H. Fu

138. Geology and ore genesis of the Nanjinshan gold deposit in Beishan Mountain area, northwestern China
Si-hong Jiang, Feng-jun Nie

139. Age and origin of advanced argillic alteration at the Bor Cu-Au deposit, Serbia
C. Lerouge, L. Bailly, E. Béchu, C. Fléhoc, A. Genna, J. L. Lescuyer, G. Stein, P. Y. Gillot, D. Kozelj

140. Turbidite-hosted gold deposits of SE Guizhou, China: Their regional setting, mineralizing styles, and some genetic constrains
Huan-Zhang Lu, Zhonggan Wang, Wenyi Chen, Wueyi Wu, Ruizhong Hu, Moussa Keita

141. Carlin-like gold mineralization in the Gaspé Peninsula, Canadian Appalachians
M. Malo, B. Dubé, V. Garnier, A. Chagnon

142. Fluid inclusion study of quartz veins from the orogenic Klecza gold deposit in the Kaczawa Mountains (SW Poland)
S. Z. Mikulski, S. Speczik, A. Kozlowski

143. Deformation history and multiple gold mineralisation events within the Bardoc Tectonic Zone, Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia
Anthony A. Morey, Roberto F. Weinberg, Frank P. Bierlein

144. Structural control of mineralization in metamorphic core complexes
F. Neubauer

145. Using remote sensing technology for the determination of mineralization in the Kal-e-Kafi porphyritic deposit, Anarak, Iran
M. H. Nezampour, I. Rassa

146. New observations on W-Sb-Au mineralization at Woxi, western Hunan, China
B. Peng, A. Piestrzynski, J. Pieczonka

147. Paleohydrologic evolution of the St. Ives gold camp
Klaus J. Petersen, Peter Neumayr, Steffen G. Hagemann, John L. Walshe

148. Tectonic setting of epithermal deposits in mainland China
Jinqing Qi, Yanjing Chen, Franco Pirajno

149. Gold deposits rich in bismuth minerals: An important type of gold deposits
Ren Yunsheng, Liu Liandeng, Zhang Huihuang

150. Analysis of Au content in sedimentary rocks around the Hishikari gold deposit, Japan
Kenzo Sanamatsu, Akira Imai, Koichiro Watanabe, Tetsuya Nakanishi

151. A case study of structure-controlled mineralization— the Huangtuliang gold deposit, northwestern Hebei, China
A. Q. Sun, J. Z. Zhang, S. Y. Niu, H. B. Hu, F. J. Fu, Y. C. Han, F. Li

152. Gold systems in northeastern Queensland: A key to tectonic evolution of the northern Tasman Fold Belt System, Australia
I. M. A. Vos, F. P. Bierlein

Session 6. Submarine ore systems and ancient analogues: Global comparisons of VMS (IGCP 502)

153. Polymetallic VMS deposits of the Andes Fueguinos (southernmost Argentina): Preliminary report
R. D. Acevedo, I. Fanlo, I. Subías, A. Paniagua, D. E. Buffone

154. Mineralogical and geochemical hydrothermal evidences on sediments from the serpentinite-hosted Saldanha hydrothermal field
Ágata S. C. M. A. Dias, Fernando J. A. S. Barriga

155. Geological features and sulphur isotope study of the Meixian-style Pb-Zn-(Ag) deposits in Fujian Province, South China
Feng Chengyou, Zhang Dequan, She Hongquan, Li Daxin, Wu Jianshe

156. Formation mechanisms of oreshoots in massive sulphide orebodies at Hongtoushan, NE China
Gu Lianxing, Tang Xiaoqian, Zheng Yuanchuan, Wu Changzhi, Lu Jianjun, Ni Pei, Xiao Xinjian, Tian Zeman

157. The Khandiza Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag VMS deposit: Part of a new ‘Bathurst District’ in southern Uzbekistan?
R. J. Herrington, N. A. Achmedov, W. J. Charter

158. Massive sulfide deposits in continental volcanic basins at the lower Yangtze Valley, Southeast China
Wenxuan Hu, Wenlan Zhang, Lianxing Gu, Yucai Song

159. Siting of gold and characteristics of gold-bearing massive sulfides from the interior of the felsic-hosted PACMANUS massive sulfide deposit, eastern Manus basin (PNG)
T. Ihle, S. Petersen, P. M. Herzig, M. D. Hannington

160. Volcanic stratigraphy, chemical stratigraphy and alteration system of the Storliden massive sulphide deposit, Skellefte district, northern Sweden
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183. Anhydrite-pyrite-magnetite-pyroxene-type deposits in volcanic basins of a Mesozoic continent, Yangtze River Valley, China
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Session 7. Understanding ore systems though precise geochronology, isotope tracing and microgeochemistry

184. Origin of titanomagnetite-ilmenite mineralization, Arsentyev gabbro-syenite massif, Transbaikalia, Russia
Roza Badmatsyrenova, Dmitriy Orsoev

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198. Precise Re-Os dating of molybdenite from the east Qinling molybdenum belt in central China and its geodynamic implications
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199. Studies on the genesis of adjacent Changkeng gold- and Fuwang silver-deposits, Guangdong Province, China
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201. The Re-Os age for molybdenite from the Variscan Strzegom-Sobótka massif, SW Poland
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202. Re-Os ages for auriferous sulfides from the gold deposits in the Kaczawa Mountains (SW Poland)
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206. U-Pb SHRIMP dating of zircon from quartz veins at the Yangshan gold deposit: Evidence for multiple magmatic-hydrothermal events
Qi Jinzhong, Li Li, Yuan Shisong, Liu Zhijie

87Sr/86Sr, 3He/4He, REE and stable isotope (δ34S, δ18O) constraints on the hydrothermal fluid evolution of the PACMANUS system, Manus Basin
Stephen Roberts, Wolfgang Bach, Adrian Boyce, Ray Burgess

208. U-Pb dating of micro-inclusions: The age of the Ehrenfriedersdorf tin deposit (Erzgebirge, Germany)
R. L. Romer, R. Thomas

209. U-Pb data of Au-Pd-Pt-bearing quartz-hematite veins, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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210. Constraints on the source and evolution of mineralising fluids in the Norrbotten Fe oxide-Cu-Au province, Sweden
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211. LA-ICPMS U-Pb dating of titanite: New constraints on multistage geological evolution of the Norrbotten mining district, Sweden
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212. Metamorphic to magmatic transition captured at the Myszków Mo-W deposit, southern Poland
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213. New K-Ar, 87Sr/86Sr, REE, and XRF data for Tertiary volcanic rocks in the Sasa-Toranica ore district, Macedonia
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214. Sources of rhenium and osmium enrichment in fumaroles, sulphide sublimates and volcanic rocks from the Kudriavy volcano
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216. Stable isotope composition of the Dalucao rare earth deposit in western Sichuan
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217. Preliminary study on the Chinese continental mineralization system
Wang Denghong, Chen Yuchuan

218. Origin and evolution of Sn-and Cu-rich fluids in the Dajing tin-polymetal deposit—evidence from LA-ICP-MS analysis of individual fluid inclusions
Wang Lijuan, Wang Yuwang, Wang Jingbin, Zhu Heping, Günther Detlef

219. Lead and zinc-rich fluid inclusions in Broken Hill-type deposits: Fractionates from sulphide-rich melts or consequences of exotic fluid infiltration?
Patrick J. Williams, Dong Guoyi, Bruce Yardley, Thomas Ullrich, Chris Ryan, Terry Mernagh

220. Isotopic composition and source of lead in the Jinding Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China
Zeng Rong, Zhao Shihua, Gao Yongbao, Li Yongqiang

221. Geology and geochemistry of the Furong Tin Deposit, Hunan Province, P.R. China
Zhao Kuidong, Jiang Shaoyong, Jiang Yaohui

Keywords: Geosciences, Economic Geology, Hydrogeology, Mineral Resources, Mineralogy

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