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Dimension Reduction of Large-Scale Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Papers

1. Model Reduction Based on Spectral Projection Methods
Peter Benner, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

2. Smith-Type Methods for Balanced Truncation of Large Sparse Systems
Serkan Gugercin, Jing-Rebecca Li

3. Balanced Truncation Model Reduction for Large-Scale Systems in Descriptor Form
Volker Mehrmann, Tatjana Stykel

4. On Model Reduction of Structured Systems
Danny C. Sorensen, Athanasios C. Antoulas

5. Model Reduction of Time-Varying Systems
Younes Chahlaoui, Paul Dooren

6. Model Reduction of Second-Order Systems
Younes Chahlaoui, Kyle A. Gallivan, Antoine Vandendorpe, Paul Dooren

7. Arnoldi Methods for Structure-Preserving Dimension Reduction of Second-Order Dynamical Systems
Zhaojun Bai, Karl Meerbergen, Yangfeng Su

8. Padé-Type Model Reduction of Second-Order and Higher-Order Linear Dynamical Systems
Roland W. Freund

9. Controller Reduction Using Accuracy-Enhancing Methods
Andras Varga

10. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Surrogate Models for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Error Estimates and Suboptimal Control
Michael Hinze, Stefan Volkwein

Part II. Benchmarks

11. Oberwolfach Benchmark Collection
Jan G. Korvink, Evgenii B. Rudnyi

12. A File Format for the Exchange of Nonlinear Dynamical ODE Systems
Jan Lienemann, Behnam Salimbahrami, Boris Lohmann, Jan G. Korvink

13. Nonlinear Heat Transfer Modeling
Jan Lienemann, Amirhossein Yousefi, Jan G. Korvink

14. Microhotplate Gas Sensor
Jürgen Hildenbrand, Tamara Bechtold, Jürgen Wöllenstein

15. Tunable Optical Filter
Dennis Hohlfeld, Tamara Bechtold, Hans Zappe

16. Convective Thermal Flow Problems
Christian Moosmann, Andreas Greiner

17. Boundary Condition Independent Thermal Model
Evgenii B. Rudnyi, Jan G. Korvink

18. The Butterfly Gyro
Dag Billger

19. A Semi-Discretized Heat Transfer Model for Optimal Cooling of Steel Profiles
Peter Benner, Jens Saak

20. Model Reduction of an Actively Controlled Supersonic Diffuser
Karen Willcox, Guillaume Lassaux

21. Second Order Models: Linear-Drive Multi-Mode Resonator and Axi Symmetric Model of a Circular Piston
Zhaojun Bai, Karl Meerbergen, Yangfeng Su

22. RCL Circuit Equations
Roland W. Freund

23. PEEC Model of a Spiral Inductor Generated by Fasthenry
Jing-Rebecca Li, Mattan Kamon

24. Benchmark Examples for Model Reduction of Linear Time-Invariant Dynamical Systems
Younes Chahlaoui, Paul Dooren


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