Warnecke, Gerald

Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws

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Table of contents

1. Wave Processes at Interfaces
Sigrid Andreae, Josef Ballmann, Siegfried Müller

2. Numerics for Magnetoplasmadynamic Propulsion
Jörg Heiermann, Monika Auweter-Kurtz, Christian Sleziona

3. Hexagonal Kinetic Models and the Numerical Simulation of Kinetic Boundary Layers
Hans Babovsky

4. High-resolution Simulation of Detonations with Detailed Chemistry
Ralf Deiterding, Georg Bader

5. Numerical Linear Stability Analysis for Compressible Fluids
Andreas S. Bormann

6. Simulation of Solar Radiative Magneto-Convection
M. Schüssler, J.H.M.J. Bruls, A. Vögler, P. Vollmöller

7. Riemann Problem for the Euler Equation with Non-Convex Equation of State including Phase Transitions
Wolfgang Dahmen, Siegfried Müller, Alexander Voß

8. Radiation Magnetohydrodynamics: Analysis for Model Problems and Efficient 3d-Simulations for the Full System
A. Dedner, D. Kröner, C. Rohde, M. Wesenberg

9. Kinetic Schemes for Selected Initial and Boundary Value Problems
Wolfgang Dreyer, Michael Herrmann, Matthias Kunik, Shamsul Qamar

10. A Local Level-Set Method under Involvement of Topological Aspects
F. Völker, R. Vilsmeier, D. Hänel

11. Hyperbolic Systems and Transport Equations in Mathematical Biology
T. Hillen, K.P. Hadeler

12. Travelling Waves in Systems of Hyperbolic Balance Laws
Jörg Härterich, Stefan Liebscher

13. The Role of the Jacobian in the Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Compressible Euler Equations
Ralf Hartmann

14. The Multi-Scale Dust Formation in Substellar Atmospheres
Christiane Helling, Rupert Klein, Erwin Sedlmayr

15. Meshless Methods for Conservation Laws
D. Hietel, M. Junk, J. Kuhnert, S. Tiwari

16. Simulations of Turbulent Thermonuclear Burning in Type Ia Supernovae
W. Hillebrandt, M. Reinecke, W. Schmidt, F.K. Röpke, C. Travaglio, J.C. Niemeyer

17. Hyperbolic GLM Scheme for Elliptic Constraints in Computational Electromagnetics and MHD
Y.J. Lee, R. Schneider, C.-D. Munz, F. Kemm

18. Flexible Flame Structure Modelling in a Flame Front Tracking Scheme
Heiko Schmidt, Rupert Klein

19. Riemann-Solver Free Schemes
Tim Kröger, Sebastian Noelle

20. Relaxation Dynamics, Scaling Limits and Convergence of Relaxation Schemes
Hailiang Liu

21. Multidimensional Adaptive Staggered Grids
S. Noelle, W. Rosenbaum, M. Rumpf

22. On Hyperbolic Relaxation Problems
Wen-An Yong, Willi Jäger

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Astrophysics

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Natural Sciences

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