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Table of contents

1. Koordination von Abruf- und Lieferpolitiken in Supply Chains
Eric Sucky

2. Ein Entscheidungsunterstützungssystem zur Verschnittoptimierung von Rollenstahl
Ingmar Steinzen

3. Conflict-free Real-time AGV Routing
Rolf H. Möhring, Ekkehard Köhler, Ewgenij Gawrilow, Björn Stenzel

4. Dynamical Configuration of Transparent Optical Telecommunication Networks
Andreas Tuchscherer

5. The value of information in a container collection system for end-of-life vehicles
Ieke Blanc, Rene Schreurs, Hein Fleuren, Harold Krikke

6. Approximate Policies for Hybrid Production and Rework Systems with Stochastic Demand and Yield
Christian Gotzel, Karl Inderfurth

7. Life cycle considerations in remanufacturing strategies — a framework for decision support
Wiebke Stölting, Thomas Spengler

8. Stochastic Models of Customer Portfolio Management in Call Centers
Oualid Jouini, Yves Dallery, Rabie Nait-Abdallah

9. An Milp Modelling Approach for Shelf Life Integrated Planning in Yoghurt Production
M. Lütke Entrup, M. Grunow, H.O. Günther, T. Seiler, P. Beek

10. Dynamic optimization of routing in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant
Hermann Gold

11. Blood Platelet Production: a multi-type perishable inventory problem
René Haijema, Jan Wal, Nico M. Dijk

12. Zeitdiskrete Modellierung der Wechselwirkungen der Plan-Vorgaben bei Verwendung der Liefertreue als Leistungsgröße für die interne Supply Chain in der Halbleiterindustrie
Kirsten Hilsenbeck, Alexander Schömig, Walter Hansch

13. Sequencing and lot-size optimisation of a production-and-inventory-system with multiple items using simulation and parallel genetic algorithm
Michael Kämpf, Peter Köchel

14. Ein Dekompositionsverfahren zur Bestimmung der Produktionsrate einer Fließproduktionslinie mit Montagestationen und stochastischen Bearbeitungszeiten
Michael Manitz

15. A dynamic model for strategic supplier selection
Eric Sucky

16. Functional Analysis of Process-Oriented Systems
Peter Buchholz, Carsten Tepper

17. Finding Delay-Tolerant Train Routings through Stations
Gabrio Caimi, Dan Burkolter, Thomas Herrmann

18. Router: A Fast and Flexible Local Search Algorithm for a Class of Rich Vehicle Routing Problems
Ulrich Derigs, Thomas Döhmer

19. Integrated Optimization of School Starting Times and Public Bus Services
Armin Fügenschuh, Alexander Martin, Peter Stöveken

20. A Decision Support Framework for the Airline Crew Schedule Disruption Management with Strategy Mapping
Yufeng Guo

21. Tail Assignment in Practice
Mattias Grönkvist, Jens Kjerrström

22. Ein praxistauglicher Ansatz zur Lösung eines spezifischen D-VRSP-TW-UC
Oliver Kunze

23. Freight Flow Consolidation in Presence of Time Windows
Jörn Schönberger, Herbert Kopfer

24. Minimizing Total Delay in Fixed-Time Controlled Traffic Networks
Ekkehard Köhler, Rolf H. Möhring, Gregor Wünsch

25. On Asymptotic Optimality of Permutation Schedules in Stochastic Flow Shops and Assembly Lines
Roman Koryakin

26. An Exact Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Workforce Scheduling
Christoph Stark, Jürgen Zimmermann

27. A Single Processor Scheduling Problem with a Common Due Window Assignment
Adam Janiak, Marcin Winczaszek

28. Modeling SMEs’ Choice of Foreign Market Entry: Joint Venture vs. Wholly Owned Venture
Xuemin Zhao, Reinhold Decker

29. Pattern Detection with Growing Neural Networks — An Application to Marketing and Library Data
Reinhold Decker, Antonia Hermelbracht

30. The Quality of Prior Information Structure in Business Planning - An Experiment in Environmental Scanning
Sören W. Scholz, Ralf Wagner

31. Product Line Optimization as a Two Stage Problem
Bernd Stauß, Wolfgang Gaul

32. Optimising energy models for hydrothermal generation systems to derive electricity prices
Dominik Möst, Ingela Tietze-Stöckinger, Wolf Fichtner, Otto Rentz

33. Simulation of the epidemiology of Salmonella in the pork supply chain
M.A. Gaag, H.W. Saatkamp, F. Vos, M. Boven, P. Beek, R.B.M. Huirne

34. Modeling Signal Transduction of Neural System by Hybrid Petri Net Representation
Shih Chi Peng, Hsu-Ming Chang, D. Frank Hsu, Chuan Yi Tang

35. Mathematical Modeling and Approximation of Gene Expression Patterns
F.B. Y?lmaz, H. Öktem, G.-W. Weber

36. On the Empirical Linkages between Stock Prices and Trading Activity on the German Stock Market
Roland Mestel, Henryk Gurgul, Pawe? Majdosz

37. Numerical Transform Inversion for Autocorrelations of Waiting Times
Hans Blanc

38. A Note on the Relationship between Strongly Convex Functions and Multiobjective Stochastic Programming Problems
Vlasta Ka?ková

39. Two-Step Drawing from Urns
Stephan Kolassa, Stefan Schwarz

40. Total Reward Variance in Discrete and Continuous Time Markov Chains
Karel Sladký, Nico M. Dijk

41. An Efficient Conjugate Directions Method Without Linear Searches
Edouard Boudinov, Arkadiy I. Manevich

42. The Robust Shortest Path Problem by Means of Robust Linear Optimization
D. Chaerani, C. Roos, A. Aman

43. Approximation Algorithms for Finding a Maximum-Weight Spanning Connected Subgraph with given Vertex Degrees
Alexey E. Baburin, Edward Kh. Gimadi

44. Multiprocessor Scheduling Problem with Stepwise Model of Job Value Change
Adam Janiak, Tomasz Krysiak

45. The Prize Collecting Connected Subgraph Problem - A New NP-Hard Problem arising in Snow Removal Routing
P. O. Lindberg, Gholamreza Razmara

46. A Less Flexibility First Based Algorithm for the Container Loading Problem
Yuen-Ting Wu, Yu-Liang Wu

47. Scheduling with Fuzzy Methods
Wolfgang Anthony Eiden

48. Generalized DEA-Range Adjusted Measurement
Andreas Kleine, Dennis Sebastian

49. A fuzzy DEA approach
Elmar Reucher, Wilhelm Rödder

50. Verknüpfung von Standortdaten und Vegetationsmodellen über die Zeigerwerte nach Ellenberg
Eike Rommelfanger, Wolfgang Köhler

51. Extracting Rules from Support Vector Machines
Klaus B. Schebesch, Ralf Stecking

52. A square law for power of positions in a network
Herman Monsuur

53. Automated business diagnosis in the OLAP context
Emiel Caron, Hennie Daniels

54. User-Oriented Filtering of Qualitative Data
Carsten Felden, Peter Chamoni

55. Vorstellung einer erweiterbaren Selbstlernumgebung „Operations Research“ als Beispiel für exploratives, Web-basiertes E-Learning im Hochschulumfeld
Michael Lutz, Johannes Kern

56. Partially Integrated Airline Crew Scheduling for Team-oriented Rostering
Markus P. Thiel, Taïeb Mellouli, Yufeng Guo

57. Multi Objective Pinch Analysis (MOPA) for Integrated Process Design
J. Geldermann, H. Schollenberger, M. Treitz, O. Rentz

58. Revenue Management in a Make-to-Order Environment
Stefan Rehkopf, Thomas Spengler

59. Hierarchical Multilevel Approaches of Forecast Combination
Silvia Riedel, Bogdan Gabrys

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Optimization

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Operations Research Proceedings
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