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Cold-Water Corals and Ecosystems

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Table of contents

I. The paleoenvironmental context

1. Azooxanthellate corals in the Late Maastrichtian - Early Paleocene of the Danish basin: bryozoan and coral mounds in a boreal shelf setting
Michaela Bernecker, Oliver Weidlich

2. Corals from deep-water methane-seep deposits in Paleogene strata of Western Oregon and Washington, U.S.A.
James L. Goedert, Jörn Peckmann

3. Growth, deposition, and facies of Pleistocene bathyal coral communities from Rhodes, Greece
Jürgen Titschack, André Freiwald

4. Enhanced biodiversity in the deep: Early Pleistocene coral communities from southern Italy
Italo Geronimo, Carlo Messina, Antonietta Rosso, Rossana Sanfilippo, Francesco Sciuto, Agostina Vertino

5. Sedimentary patterns in the vicinity of a carbonate mound in the Hovland Mound Province, northern Porcupine Seabight
Andres Rüggeberg, Boris Dorschel, Wolf-Christian Dullo, Dierk Hebbeln

6. Deep-water corals of the northeastern Atlantic margin: carbonate mound evolution and upper intermediate water ventilation during the Holocene
Norbert Frank, Audrey Lutringer, Martine Paterne, Dominique Blamart, Jean-Pierre Henriet, David Rooij, Tjeerd C. E. Weering

II. Distribution

7. Deep coral growth in the Mediterranean Sea: an overview
Marco Taviani, André Freiwald, Helmut Zibrowius

8. U/Th-dating of deep-water corals from the eastern North Atlantic and the western Mediterranean Sea
Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, André Freiwald, Augusto Mangini

9. Distribution and habitats of Acesta excavata (Bivalvia: Limidae) with new data on its shell ultrastructure
Matthias López Correa, André Freiwald, Jason Hall-Spencer, Marco Taviani

10. Deep-water coral occurrences in the Strait of Gibraltar
German Álvarez-Pérez, Pere Busquets, Ben Mol, Nicolás G. Sandoval, Miquel Canals, José Luis Casamor

11. An assessment of the distribution of deep-sea corals in Atlantic Canada by using both scientific and local forms of knowledge
Susan E. Gass, J.H. Martin Willison

12. Deep-water corals and their habitats in The Gully, a submarine canyon off Atlantic Canada
Pål B. Mortensen, Lene Buhl-Mortensen

13. Distribution of deep-water Alcyonacea off the Northeast Coast of the United States
Les Watling, Peter J. Auster

14. Occurrence of deep-water Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata in the Gulf of Mexico
William W. Schroeder, Sandra D. Brooke, Julie B. Olson, Brett Phaneuf, John J. McDonough, Peter Etnoyer

15. Southern Caribbean azooxanthellate coral communities off Colombia
Javier Reyes, Nadiezhda Santodomingo, Adriana Gracia, Giomar Borrero-Pérez, Gabriel Navas, Luz Marina Mejía-Ladino, Adriana Bermúdez, Milena Benavides

16. Habitat-forming deep-sea corals in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Peter Etnoyer, Lance E. Morgan

17. Recent observations on the distribution of deep-sea coral communities on the Shiribeshi Seamount, Sea of Japan
Asako K. Matsumoto

III. Mapping

18. Mapping of Lophelia reefs in Norway: experiences and survey methods
Jan Helge Fosså, Björn Lindberg, Ole Christensen, Tomas Lundälv, Ingvald Svellingen, Pål B. Mortensen, John Alvsvåg

19. Deep-water coral mounds on the Porcupine Bank, Irish Margin: preliminary results from the Polarstern ARK-XIX/3a ROV cruise
Andrew J. Wheeler, Tim Beck, Jörn Thiede, Michael Klages, Anthony Grehan, F. Xavier Monteys

20. New view of the Belgica Mounds, Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic: preliminary results from the Polarstern ARK-XIX/3a ROV cruise
Anneleen Foubert, Tim Beck, Andrew J. Wheeler, Jan Opderbecke, Anthony Grehan, Michael Klages, Jörn Thiede, Jean-Pierre Henriet

21. Carbonate mounds off Mauritania, Northwest Africa: status of deep-water corals and implications for management of fishing and oil exploration activities
Jeremy G. Colman, David M. Gordon, Andy P. Lane, Mike J. Forde, Jeremy J. Fitzpatrick

22. Mapping, habitat characterization, and fish surveys of the deep-water Oculina coral reef Marine Protected Area: a review of historical and current research
John K. Reed, Andrew N. Shepard, Christopher C. Koenig, Kathryn M. Scanlon, R. Grant Gilmore

23. Predicting habitat for two species of deep-water coral on the Canadian Atlantic continental shelf and slope
Tanya L. Leverette, Anna Metaxas

IV. Exogenic and endogenic controls

24. Monitoring environmental variability around cold-water coral reefs: the use of a benthic photolander and the potential of seafloor observatories
J. Murray Roberts, Oliver C. Peppe, Lyndsey A. Dodds, Duncan J. Mercer, William T. Thomson, John D. Gage, David T. Meldrum

25. Deep-water coral development as a function of hydrodynamics and surface productivity around the submarine banks of the Rockall Trough, NE Atlantic
Martin White, Christian Mohn, Henko Stigter, Gareth Mottram

26. Development of coral banks in Porcupine Seabight: do they have Mediterranean ancestors?
Ben Mol, Jean-Pierre Henriet, Miquel Canals

27. The seabed appearance of different coral bank provinces in the Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic: results from sidescan sonar and ROV seabed mapping
Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Andreas Beyer, Henk Haas, Karine Dekindt, Jean-Pierre Henriet, Maxim Kozachenko, Karine Olu-Le Roy, Andrew J. Wheeler

28. Sedimentary processes and carbonate mounds in the Belgica Mound province, Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic
Andrew J. Wheeler, Maxim Kozachenko, Andreas Beyer, Anneleen Foubert, Veerle A. I. Huvenne, Michael Klages, Douglas G. Masson, Karine Olu-Le Roy, Jörn Thiede

29. Sponge reefs in the Queen Charlotte Basin, Canada: controls on distribution, growth and development
Kim W. Conway, Manfred Krautter, J. Vaughn Barrie, Frank Whitney, Richard E. Thomson, Henry Reiswig, Helmut Lehnert, George Mungov, Miriam Bertram

30. Pockmark-associated coral reefs at the Kristin field off Mid-Norway
Martin Hovland

31. Sedimentological and geochemical environment of the Fugløy Reef off northern Norway
Björn Lindberg, Jürgen Mienert

V. Coral Biology

32. Molecular ecology of Lophelia pertusa in the NE Atlantic
Marie C. Goff-Vitry, Alex D. Rogers

33. Population genetic structure of the Hawaiian precious coral Corallium lauuense (Octocorallia: Coralliidae) using microsatellites
Amy R. Baco, Timothy M. Shank

34. Genetic circumscription of deep-water coral species in Canada using 18S rRNA
Kevin B. Strychar, Lorraine C. Hamilton, Ellen L. Kenchington, David B. Scott

35. Deep-water Scleractinia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa): current knowledge of reproductive processes
Rhian G. Waller

36. Reproductive ecology of three reef-forming, deep-sea corals in the New Zealand region
Samantha N. Burgess, Russ C. Babcock

37. Lipids and nitrogen isotopes of two deep-water corals from the North-East Atlantic: initial results and implications for their nutrition
Kostas Kiriakoulakis, Elizabeth Fisher, George A. Wolff, André Freiwald, Anthony Grehan, J. Murray Roberts

38. Calcifying extracellular mucus substances (EMS) of Madrepora oculata — a first geobiological approach
Joachim Reitner

VI. Diversity

39. Are deep-water corals important habitats for fishes?
Peter J. Auster

40. A habitat classification scheme for seamount landscapes: assessing the functional role of deep-water corals as fish habitat
Peter J. Auster, Jon Moore, Kari B. Heinonen, Les Watling

41. Role of cold-water Lophelia pertusa coral reefs as fish habitat in the NE Atlantic
Mark J. Costello, Mona McCrea, André Freiwald, Tomas Lundälv, Lisbeth Jonsson, Brian J. Bett, Tjeerd C. E. Weering, Henk Haas, J. Murray Roberts, Damian Allen

42. Remarkable sessile fauna associated with deep coral and other calcareous substrates in the Strait of Sicily, Mediterranean Sea
Helmut Zibrowius, Marco Taviani

43. The metazoan meiofauna associated with a cold-water coral degradation zone in the Porcupine Seabight (NE Atlantic)
Maarten Raes, Ann Vanreusel

44. Distribution and diversity of species associated with deep-sea gorgonian corals off Atlantic Canada
Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Pål B. Mortensen

45. Attached benthic Foraminifera as indicators of past and present distribution of the coral Primnoa resedaeformis on the Scotian Margin
Andrea D. Hawkes, David B. Scott

46. Preliminary study of bioerosion in the deep-water coral Lophelia, Pleistocene, Rhodes, Greece
Richard G. Bromley

47. Bioerosion patterns in a deep-water Lophelia pertusa (Scleractinia) thicket (Propeller Mound, northern Porcupine Seabight)
Lydia Beuck, André Freiwald

48. Shallow-water Desmophyllum dianthus (Scleractinia) from Chile: characteristics of the biocoenoses, the bioeroding community, heterotrophic interactions and (paleo)-bathymetric implications
Günter Försterra, Lydia Beuck, Vreni Häussermann, André Freiwald

49. The physical niche of the bathyal Lophelia pertusa in a non-bathyal setting: environmental controls and palaeoecological implications
Max Wisshak, André Freiwald, Tomas Lundälv, Marcos Gektidis

VII. Environmental archive

50. C and O isotopes in a deep-sea coral ( Lophelia pertusa) related to skeletal microstructure
Dominique Blamart, Claire Rollion-Bard, Jean-Pierre Cuif, Anne Juillet-Leclerc, Audrey Lutringer, Tjeerd C. E. Weering, Jean-Pierre Henriet

51. Investigations of age and growth for three deep-sea corals from the Davidson Seamount off central California
Allen H. Andrews, Gregor M. Cailliet, Lisa A. Kerr, Kenneth H. Coale, Craig Lundstrom, Andrew P. DeVogelaere

52. Testing the reproducibility of Mg/Ca profiles in the deep-water coral Primnoa resedaeformis: putting the proxy through its paces
Daniel J. Sinclair, Owen A. Sherwood, Michael J. Risk, Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Mike Tubrett, Paul Sylvester, Malcolm McCulloch, Les Kinsley

53. Skeletal Mg/Ca in Primnoa resedaeformis: relationship to temperature?
Owen A. Sherwood, Jeffrey M. Heikoop, Daniel J. Sinclair, David B. Scott, Michael J. Risk, Chip Shearer, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott

54. Paleotemperatures from deep-sea corals: scale effects
Audrey Lutringer, Dominique Blamart, Norbert Frank, Laurent Labeyrie

55. Climate records from the Faroe-Shetland Channel using Lophelia pertusa (Linnaeus, 1758)
Michael J. Risk, Jason Hall-Spencer, Branwen Williams

56. High-resolution trace and minor element compositions in deep-water scleractinian corals (Desmophyllum dianthus) from the Mediterranean Sea and the Great Australian Bight
Paolo Montagna, Malcolm McCulloch, Marco Taviani, Alessandro Remia, Greg Rouse

VIII. Conservation

57. Identifying critical information needs and developing institutional partnerships to further the understanding of Atlantic deep-sea coral ecosystems
Kimberly A. Puglise, Robert J. Brock, John J. McDonough

58. Oceana’s efforts to protect deep-sea coral in the United States
Michael F. Hirshfield, Santi Roberts, David L. Allison

59. A cost effective approach to protecting deep-sea coral and sponge ecosystems with an application to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands region
Geoff Shester, Jim Ayers

60. Conservation and management implications of deep-sea coral and fishing effort distributions in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Lance E. Morgan, Peter Etnoyer, Astrid J. Scholz, Mike Mertens, Mark Powell

61. Deep-sea corals and resource protection at the Davidson Seamount, California, U.S.A.
Andrew P. DeVogelaere, Erica J. Burton, Tonatiuh Trejo, Chad E. King, David A. Clague, Mario N. Tamburri, Gregor M. Cailliet, Randall E. Kochevar, William J. Douros

62. Conserving corals in Atlantic Canada: a historical perspective
Mark Butler

Keywords: Geosciences, Oceanography, Biogeosciences, Paleontology, Sedimentology, Ecosystems

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Erlangen Earth Conference Series
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1275 pages
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