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Impact Tectonics

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Table of contents

1. “Pseudotachylites” in Large Impact Structures
Wolf U. Reimold, Roger L. Gibson

2. The Mechanics of Pseudotachylite Formation in Impact Events
H. Jay Melosh

3. Silicified Cone-in-Cone Structures from Erfoud (Morocco): A Comparison with Impact-Generated Shatter Cones
Stefano Lugli, Wolf U. Reimold, Christian Koeberl

4. Redistribution of Lithologies in Impact-induced Dikes of Impact Structures
Victor L. Masaitis

5. The Preliminary Analysis of Polygonal Impact Craters within Greater Hellas Region, Mars
Teemu Öhman, Marko Aittola, Veli-Petri Kostama, Jouko Raitala

6. BP and Oasis Impact Structures, Libya: Remote Sensing and Field Studies
Christian Koeberl, Wolf Uwe Reimold, Jeff Plescia

7. Late Modification-Stage Tectonic Deformation of the Popigai Impact Structure, Russia
Mikhail S. Mashchak, Mikhail V. Naumov

8. Settings of Meteorite Impact Structures in the Svecofennian Crustal Domain
Väino Puura, Jüri Plado

9. Geophysical Investigations of the Siljan Impact Structure — A Short Review
Herbert Henkel, Sven Aaro

10. Mjølnir Crater as a Result of Oblique Impact: Asymmetry Evidence Constrains Impact Direction and Angle
Filippos Tsikalas

11. The Duobblon Structure - A Small Segment of a Large Precambrian Impact Structure?
Robert Lilljequist, Ulla Preeden

12. Åvike Bay — a 10 km Diameter Possible Impact Structure at the Bothnian Sea Coast of Central Sweden.
Herbert Henkel, Väino Puura, Tom Flodén, Juho Kirs, Mare Konsa, Ulla Preeden, Robert Lilljequist, Joanne Fernlund

13. The Structure and Age of the Kaali Main Crater, Island of Saaremaa, Estonia
Anto Raukas, J.-M. Punning, T. Moora, Ü. Kestlane, A. Kraut

14. The Lockne Crater: Revision and Reassessment of Structure and Impact Stratigraphy
Maurits Lindström, Jens Ormö, Erik Sturkell, Ilka Dalwigk

15. A Study of Impact Fracturing and Electric Resistivity Related to the Lockne Impact Structure, Sweden
Ann Bäckström

16. Hydrocode Simulation of the Lockne Marine Target Impact Event
Valery Shuvalov, Jens Ormö, Maurits Lindström

17. Numerical Simulation of Shock Propagation in Heterogeneous Solids
Jan-Martin Hertzsch, Boris A. Ivanov, Thomas Kenkmann

18. The Kentland Impact Crater, Indiana (USA): An Apatite Fission-Track Age Determination Attempt
John C. Weber, Christina Poulos, Raymond A. Donelick, Michael C. Pope, Nicole Heller

19. The Combined Petrographic and Chemical Analysis of end-Permian Kerogens
M.A. Sephton, C.V. Looy, H. Visscher, H. Brinkhuis, J.W. Leeuw

20. Economic Mineral Deposits in Impact Structures: A Review
Wolf Uwe Reimold, Christian Koeberl, Roger L. Gibson, Burkhard O. Dressler

Keywords: Geosciences, Geology, Geophysics/Geodesy, Meteorology/Climatology

Publication year
Impact Studies
Page amount
19 pages
Natural Sciences

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