Gessner, Wolfgang

Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2005

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Table of contents

1. Biological Aspects in Technical Sensor Systems
G. Färber

2. The International Market for Automotive Microsystems, Regional Characteristics and Challenges
F. Solzbacher, S. Krüger

3. Status of the Inertial MEMS-based Sensors in the Automotive
J.C. Eloy, E. Mounier, P. Roussel

4. The Assessment of the Socio-economic Impact of the Introduction of Intelligent Safety Systems in Road Vehicles — Findings of the EU Funded Project SEiSS
S. Krüger, J. Abele, C. Kerlen, H. Baum, T. Geißler, W. H. Schulz

5. Special Cases of Lane Detection in Construction Areas
C. Rotaru, Th. Graf, J. Zhang

6. Development of a Camera-Based Blind Spot Information System
L.-P. Becker, A. Debski, D. Degenhardt, M. Hillenkamp, I. Hoffmann

7. Predictive Safety Systems — Steps Towards Collision Avoidance and Collision Mitigation
P.M. Knoll, B.-J. Schäefer

8. Datafusion of Two Driver Assistance System Sensors
J. Thiem, M. Mühlenberg

9. Reducing Uncertainties in Precrash-Sensing with Range Sensor Measurements
J. Sans Sangorrin, T. Sohnke, J. Hoetzel

10. SEE — Sight Effectiveness Enhancement
H. Vogel, H. Schlemmer

11. System Monitoring for Lifetime Prediction in Automotive Industry
A. Bodensohn, M. Haueis, R. Mäckel, M. Pulvermüller, T. Schreiber

12. Replacing Radar by an Optical Sensor in Automotive Applications
I. Hoffmann

13. System Design of a Situation Adaptive Lane Keeping Support System, the SAFELANE System
A. Polychronopoulos, N. Möhler, S. Ghosh, A. Beutner

14. Intelligent Braking: The Seeing Car Improves Safety on the Road
R. Adomat, G. Geduld, M. Schamberger, Jürgen Diebold, M. Klug

15. Roadway Detection and Lane Detection using Multilayer Laserscanner
K. Dietmayer, N. Kämpchen, K. Fürstenberg, J. Kibbel, W. Justus, R. Schulz

16. Pedestrian Safety Based on Laserscanner Data
K. Fürstenberg

17. Model-Based Digital Implementation of Automotive Grade Gyro for High Stability
T. Kvisterøy, N. Hedenstierna, G. Andersson, P. Pelin

18. Next Generation Thermal Infrared Night Vision Systems
A. Kormos, C. Hanson, C. Buettner

19. Development of Millimeter-wave Radar for Latest Vehicle Systems
K. Nakagawa, M. Mitsumoto, K. Kai

20. New Inertial Sensor Cluster for Vehicle Dynamic Systems
J. Schier, R. Willig

21. Multiparameteric Oil Condition Sensor Based on the Tuning Fork Technology for Automotive Applications
A. Buhrdorf, H. Dobrinski, O. Lüdtke, J. Bennett, L. Matsiev, M. Uhrich, O. Koslosov

22. Automotive Pressure Sensors Based on New Piezoresistive Sense Mechanism
C. Ernsberger

23. Multilayer Ceramic Amperometric (MCA) NOx-Sensors Using Titration Principle
B. Cramer, B. Schumann, H. Schichlein, S. Thiemann-Handler, T. Ochs

24. Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor and its Applications in Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems
M. Arndt, M. Sauer

25. The role of Speech Recognition in Multimodal HMIs for Automotive Applications
S. Goronzy, R. Holve, R. Kompe

26. Developments in Vehicle-to-vehicle Communications
D D. Ward, D. A. Topham, C. C. Constantinou, T. N. Arvanitis

27. Generic Remote Software Update for Vehicle ECUs Using a Telematics Device as a Gateway
G. Boer, P. Engel, W. Praefcke

28. High Performance Fiber Optic Transceivers for Infotainment Networks in Automobiles
T. Wipiejewski, F. Ho, B. Lui, W. Hung, F.-W. Tong, T. Choi, S.-K. Yau, G. Egnisaban, T. Mangente, A. Ng, E. Cheung, S. Cheng

29. Automotive CMOS Image Sensors
S. Maddalena, A. Darmon, R. Diels

30. A Modular CMOS Foundry Process for Integrated Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors
G. Dahlmann, G. Hölzer, S. Hering, U. Schwarz

31. High Dynamic Range CMOS Camera for Automotive Applications
W. Brockherde, C. Nitta, B.J. Hosticka, I. Krisch, A. Bußmann, R. Wertheimer

32. Performance of GMR-Elements in Sensors for Automotive Application
B. Vogelgesang, C. Bauer, R. Rettig

33. 360-degree Rotation Angle Sensor Consisting of MRE Sensors with a Membrane Coil
T. Ina, K. Takeda, T. Nakamura, O. Shimomura, T. Ban, T. Kawashima

34. Low g Inertial Sensor based on High Aspect Ratio MEMS
Matthieu Reze, Jonathan Hammond

35. Realisation of Fail-safe, Cost Competitive Sensor Systems with Advanced 3D-MEMS Elements
J. Thurau

36. eSafety for Road Transport: Investing in Preventive Safety and Co-operative Systems, the EU Approach
F. Minarini

37. A New European Approach for Intersection Safety — The EC-Project INTERSAFE
K. Fürstenberg, B. Rössler

38. Feature-Level Map Building and Object Recognition for Intersection Safety Applications
A. Heenan, C. Shooter, M. Tucker, K. Fürstenberg, T. Kluge

39. Development of Advanced Assistance Systems for Intersection Safety
M. Hopstock, D. Ehmanns, H. Spannheimer


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