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Progress in Turbulence

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Table of contents

Part I. Mathematical Methods

1. Passive Scalar Diffusion as a Damped Wave
Axel Brandenburg, Petri J. Käpylä, Amjed Mohammed

2. Extremalizing Vector Fields as Guides Toward Understanding Properties of Turbulence
F.H. Busse

3. Low-Wavenumber Forcing and Turbulent Energy Dissipation
Charles R. Doering, Nikola P. Petrov

4. New Potential Symmetries for a Generalised Inhomogeneus Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
M.L. Gandarias, S. Saez

5. DNS and New Scaling Laws of ZPG Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow
G. Khujadze, M. Oberlack

6. Linear Instability of a Slowly Divergent Planar Jet
Polina Landa1, Vadim Ushakov, Jürgen Kurths

7. On How Different Are Genuine and ‘Passive’ Turbulence
Arkady Tsinober

8. Upper Bound on the Heat Transport in a Heated From Below Fluid Layer
Nikolay K. Vitanov

Part II. Scaling Laws and Intermittency

9. Symmetries and Boundary Layer Profiles for Scalar Fields
Jahanshah Davoudi, Bruno Eckhardt

10. Energy and Dissipation Balances in Rotating Flows
Bruno Eckhardt, Siegfried Grossmann, Detlef Lohse

11. Turbulent Cascade with Intermittency in View of Fragmentation Universalities
Mikhael Gorokhovski, Vladimir Saveliev

12. Observational Impact of Surrogacy on the Turbulent Energy Cascade
Martin Greiner, Jochen Cleve, Jörg Schumacher, Katepalli R. Sreenivasan

13. Conditional Statistics of Velocity Increments in Fully Developped Turbulence
Antoine Naert

14. A Simple Relation Between Longitudinal and Transverse Increments
Malte Siefert, Joachim Peinke, Rudolf Friedrich

15. Intermittency Exponent in High-Reynolds Number Turbulence
Yoshiyuki Tsuji

Part III. Modelling

16. An Alternative Model for Turbulent Flow and Forced Convection
Stuart W. Churchill

17. Langevin Models of Turbulence
B. Dubrulle, J-P. Laval, S. Nazarenko

18. Renormalized Perturbation Theory for Lagrangian Turbulence
Rudolf Friedrich, Rafaela C. Hillerbrand

19. Modelling of the Pressure-Strain- and Diffusion-Term in Rotating Flows
S. Guenther, M. Oberlack

20. Predicting Probability for Stochastic Processes with Local Markov Property
Holger Kantz, Detlef Holstein, Mario Ragwitz, Nikolay K. Vitanov

21. Stability of Turbulent Kolmogorov Flow
Bernard Legras, Barbara Villone

22. Conditional Moment Closure Based on Two Conditioning Variables
Jorge R. Lozada Ramirez, W. Kendal Bushe, Andrea Frisque

23. Stochastic Partial Differential Equations as a Tool for Solving PDF Equations
Vladimir Sabel'nikov, Olivier Soulard

24. Non-unique Self-similar Turbulent Boundary Layers in the Limit of Large Reynolds Number
B Scheichl, A Kluwick

Part IV. Experiments

25. Two-Point-Correlations in a Zero Pressure Gradient Boundary Layer at Re? = 54600
R. Abstiens, W.A. El-Askary, W. Schröder

26. Measurements Over a Flat Plate With and Without Suction
Amit Agrawal, Lyazid Djenidi, R.A. Antonia

27. MHD Taylor-Couette Flow for Small Magnetic Prandtl Number and With Hall Effect
Rainer Arlt, Günther Rüdiger

28. Laser-Cantilever-Anemometer
S. Barth, H. Koch, J. Peinke, J. Burgold, H. Wurmus

29. Heteroclinic Cycles of Type II in the (2,3) Interaction in the GEOFLOW-Experiment
P. Beltrame, C. Egbers

30. Experimental Visualization of Streamwise Streaks in the Boundary Layers of Rayleigh—Bénard Convection
Tomi Haramina, Andreas Tilgner

31. Spatial Correlations in Turbulent Shear Flows
A. Jachens, B. Eckhardt, K. Knobloch, H.-H. Fernholz

32. Hot-Wire and PIV Measurements in a High-Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer
K. Knobloch, H.-H. Fernholz

33. Dynamics of Baroclinic Instabilities Using Methods of Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
Th. Larcher, C. Egbers

34. Fabrication and Characterization of Miniaturized Thermocouples for Measurements in Flows
M. Munzel, A. Kittel

35. Temperature and Velocity Measurements in a Large-Scale Rayleigh-Bénard Experiment
C. Resagk, R. Puits, F.H. Busse, A. Thess, A. Tilgner

36. Statistics and Scaling of the Velocity Field in Turbulent Thermal Convection
Ke-Qing Xia, Sheng-Qi Zhou, Chao Sun

Part V. Simulation (DNS and LES)

37. Nonlinear Stochastic Estimation: A Tool for Deriving Appropriate Wall Models for LES
M. Abel, D. Stojkovic, M. Breuer

38. Generation of Mean Flows in Turbulent Convection
T. Hartlep, A. Tilgner

39. Control of a Turbulent Separation Bubble by Periodic Excitation
Astrid H. Herbst, Dan S. Henningson

40. Stretching Rate of Passive Lines in Turbulence
Shigeo Kida

41. Numerical Study of Particle Motion in a Turbulent Ribbed Channel Flow
G. Iacono, P.G. Tucker

42. A Fresh Approach to Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulence
R.D. Moser, P. Zandonade, P. Vedula

43. Statistical Analysis of Turbulent Natural Convection in Low Prandtl Number Fluids
I. Otic, G. Grötzbach

44. Computational Simulation of Transitional and Turbulent Shear Flows
P. Schlatter, S. Stolz, L. Kleiser

45. Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard Convection in Wide Cylinders
O. Shishkina, C. Wagner

46. A Projective Similarity/Eddy-Viscosity Model for Large-Eddy Simulation
Roel Verstappen

47. Passive Scalar Transport in Turbulent Supersonic Channel Flow
Holger Foysi, Rainer Friedrich


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