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Learning Design

Learning Design


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Table of contents

Part I.The Specification, Architectures and Tools

1. An Introduction to Learning Design
Rob Koper

2. The Learning Design Specification
Bill Olivier, Colin Tattersall

3. Architectures to Support Authoring and Content Management with Learning Design
Scott Wilson

4. An Architecture for the Delivery of E-learning Courses
Colin Tattersall, Hubert Vogten, Rob Koper

5. An Architecture for Learning Design Engines
Hubert Vogten, Rob Koper, Harrie Martens, Colin Tattersall

6. A Reference Implementation of a Learning Design Engine
Harrie Martens, Hubert Vogten

7. Learning Design Tools
David Griffiths, Josep Blat, Rocío Garcia, Hubert Vogten, K L Kwong

Part II.Designing E-Learning Courses

8. Basic Design Procedures for E-learning Courses
Peter Sloep, Hans Hummel, Jocelyn Manderveld

9. An Instructional Engineering Method and Tool for the Design of Units of Learning
Gilbert Paquette, Ileana Teja, Michel Léonard, Karin Lundgren-Cayrol, Olga Marino

10. Integrating Assessment into E-learning Courses
Desirée Joosten-ten Brinke, Pierre Gorissen, Ignace Latour

11. Collaboration in Learning Design Using Peer-to-Peer Technologies
Michael J. Halm, Bill Olivier, Umer Farooq, Christopher Hoadley

12. Designing Adaptive Learning Environments with Learning Design
Brendon Towle, Michael Halm

13. Designing Educational Games
Griff Richards

14. Designing Learning Networks for Lifelong Learners
Rob Koper

15. How to Integrate Learning Design into Existing Practice
José Janssen, Henry Hermans

Part III.Experience

16. Applying Learning Design to Self-Directed Learning
Martin Morrey, Charles Duncan, Peter Douglas

17. Applying Learning Design to Supported Open Learning
Patrick McAndrew, Martin Weller

18. Using Learning Design to Support Design and Runtime Adaptation
Peter Rosmalen, Jesús Boticario

19. The Edubox Learning Design Player
Colin Tattersall, Hubert Vogten, Henry Hermans

20. Delivery of Learning Design: the Explor@ System’s Case
Gilbert Paquette, Olga Marino, Ileana Teja, Michel Léonard, Karin Lundgren-Cayrol

21. Challenges in the Wider Adoption of Learning Design: Two Exploratory Case Studies
David Griffiths, Josep Blat, Francisco Casado, Rocio Garcia, Juanjo Martinez, Sergio Sayago

22. A Learning Design Worked Example
Pierre Gorissen, Colin Tattersall


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