Anzueto, Antonio

Evidence-Based Management of Patients with Respiratory Failure

Anzueto, Antonio - Evidence-Based Management of Patients with Respiratory Failure, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Evidence-based Management of Patients with Respiratory Failure: An Introduction
A. Esteban, A. Anzueto, D. Cook

2. Mechanical Ventilation: Epidemiology and Outcomes
A. Esteban, N. D. Ferguson, F. Frutos-Vivar

3. Ventilator Modes: Which do we use and how should we use them?
F. Frutos-Vivar, N. D. Ferguson, A. Esteban

4. Management of Patients with Respiratory Failure: An Evidence-based Approach
L. Gattinoni, D. Chiumello, F. Vagginelli

5. What is the Utility of Monitoring Pulmonary Mechanics in the Treatment of Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure?
S. Benito, M. Subirana, J. M. García

6. What are the Best Methods for Weaning Patients from Mechanical Ventilation?
S. K. Epstein

7. Venous Thromboembolism in the ICU: What is the Epidemiology and What are the Consequences?
D. Cook, M. Crowther, M. Meade

8. Non-invasive Ventilation: How, when, for whom, and what outcome?
L. Brochard

9. Pulmonary Recruitment in Acute Lung Injury
L. Blanch, A. Villagra, J. Lopez-Aguilar

10. Lung-Protective Ventilation Trial: A Comparison of Physiologic Effects and Patient-important Outcomes
M. O. Meade, N. Adhikari, K. E. Burns

11. Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: What is the impact of bronchodilators, corticosteroids and antibiotics?
A. Anzueto

12. Ventilator-associated Pneumonia: What are the Accuracies and the Consequences of Different Diagnostic Methods
A. Torres, S. Ewig

13. Are the Most Simple Methods Still Useful in Preventing Respiratory Infections?
E. Girou

14. Tracheostomy in Patients with Respiratory Failure Receiving Mechanical Ventilation: How, when, and for whom?
C. Apezteguia, F. Ríos, D. Pezzola

15. The Use of Sedation and Neuromuscular Blockade: The Effect on Clinical Outcome
B. Jonghe, B. Plaud, H. Outin

16. Current Clinical Trials in Acute Lung Injury
M. O. Meade, K. E. Burns, N. Adhikari

17. Novel Advancements in the Management and Diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Failure
C. C. Santos, A. S. Slutsky


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