Narlikar, Anant V.

Frontiers in Magnetic Materials

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Table of contents

1. Modern Methods for Investigating Magnetism
William D. Brewer

2. Probing Magnetic Phases in Different Systems using Linear and Non Linear Susceptibility
A. Banerjee, A. Bajpai, Sunil Nair

3. Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on Manganese Oxides
T. Asaka, T. Nagai, K. Kimoto, Y. Matsui

4. Single Crystals of Bilayer Manganites
D. Prabhakaran, A.T. Boothroyd

5. Gutzwiller-Correlated Wave Functions: Application to Ferromagnetic Nickel
Jörg Bünemann, Florian Gebhard, Torsten Ohm, Stefan Weiser, Werner Weber

6. Chemistry of Halfmetallic and Related Cation-Ordered Double Perovskites
M. Karppinen, H. Yamauchi

7. Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
Jairo Sinova, Tomas Jungwirth

8. Unconventional Magnetism in Carbon Based Materials
Tatiana Makarova

9. Orbital and Spin Order in the Triangular S=1/2 Layered Compound (LI,NA)NIO2
S. Brion, M.D. Núñez-Regueiro, G. Chouteau

10. Structures and Electromagnetic Properties of the A-site Ordered Perovskite Manganite
Y. Ueda, T. Nakajima

11. The Limits to Spin-Polarization in Finite-Temperature Half-Metallic Ferromagnets
P.A. Dowben, S.J. Jenkins

12. Layered Cobalt Oxides as a Thermoelecric Material
Ichiro Terasaki

13. Commensurate and Incommensurate Magnetism in Layered Antiferromagnets
J. Chovan, N. Papanicolaou

14. Magnetism in Highly Anisotropic Borates: Experiment and Theory
M.A. Continentino, J.C. Fernandes, R.B. Guimarães, B. Boechat, A. Saguia

15. Metal-Insulator Transition and Magnetoresistance in Manganite Thin Films: Lattice Strain and Disorder Effects
V. Moshnyaga

16. Magnetism of Interacting Two-Dimensional Nanostructures
P. J. Jensen, K. H. Bennemann

17. Surface and Interface Magnetism on the Atomic Scale
H.H. Bertschat

18. Magneto-Superconductivity of Rutheno-Cuprates
V.P.S. Awana

19. Superconductivity and Magnetism in Ladder and Chain Compounds
M. Uehara, N. Motoyama, M. Matsuda, H. Eisaki, J. Akimitsu

20. An Experimental Realization of the Shastry-Sutherland Model
Hiroshi Kageyama

21. Collective Spin and Charge Excitations in (Sr,La)13-xCaxCu23O31 Quantum Spin Ladders
A. Go ar, G. Blumberg

22. Electronic Properties of a-NaV2O2
A. Gozar, G. Blumberg

23. Collective Magnetic Excitations in SrCu2(BO3)2
A. Gozar, G. Blumberg

24. Magnetic and Charge Correlations in La2-x-yNdySrxCuO3: Raman Scattering Study
A. Gozar, Seizi Koomiya, Yoichi Ando, G. Blumberg


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