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RNA Towards Medicine

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Table of contents

1. Why RNA and DNA Have Different Structures
A. Rich

2. Regulatory RNAs as Mediators of Virulence Gene Expression in Bacteria
T. Geissmann, M. Possedko, E. Huntzinger, P. Fechter, C. Ehresmann, P. Romby

3. Regulatory RNAs in Mammals
M. Szymanski, J. Barciszewski

4. Aminoglycoside Interactions with RNAs and Nucleases
L.A. Kirsebom, A. Virtanen, N.E. Mikkelsen

5. High-Throughput RNA Interference in Functional Genomics
M. Janitz, D. Vanhecke, H. Lehrach

6. Antiviral Applications of RNAi
K.V. Morris, J.J. Rossi

7. RNA Interference: Its Use as Antiviral Therapy
J. Haasnoot, B. Berkhout

8. Gene Silencing of Virus Replication by RNA Interference
N. Miyano-Kurosaki, H. Takaku

9. Progress in the Development of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
A. Kalota, V.R. Dondeti, A.M. Gewirtz

10. Screening and Determination of Gene Function Using Randomized Ribozyme and siRNA Libraries
S. Matsumoto, H. Akashi, K. Taira

11. Ribozymes and siRNAs: From Structure to Preclinical Applications
M. Sioud

12. Strategies to Identify Potential Therapeutic Target Sites in RNA
M. Lützelberger, J. Kjems

13. Oligonucleotide-Based Antiviral Strategies
S. Schubert, J. Kurreck

14. Gene-Expressed RNA as a Therapeutic: Issues to Consider, Using Ribozymes and Small Hairpin RNA as Specific Examples
G.C. Fanning, G. Symonds

15. RNA Aptamers: From Basic Science Towards Therapy
H. Ulrich

16. RNA Aptamers Directed Against Oligosaccharides
M. Sprinzl, M. Milovnikova, C.S. Voertler

17. Aptamer-Based Biosensors: Biomedical Applications
A.K. Deisingh

18. Application of Aptamers in Therapeutics and for Small-Molecule Detection
M. Menger, J. Glökler, M. Rimmele

19. RNA Aptamers as Potential Pharmaceuticals Against Infections with African Trypanosomes
H.U. Göringer, M. Homann, M. Zacharias, A. Adler

20. RNA Targeting Using Peptide Nucleic Acid
E. Nielsen

21. Locked Nucleic Acid: High-Affinity Targeting of Complementary RNA for RNomics
S. Kauppinen, B. Vester, J. Wengel

22. Engineering RNA-Based Circuits
R. Narayanaswamy, A.D. Ellington

23. Selection of RNase-Resistant RNAs
S. Kainz, R. Czaja, T. Greiner-Stöffele, U. Hahn


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