Bock, Hans Georg

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes

Bock, Hans Georg - Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Constraint Retraction for Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems over Disjoint Real Intervals
Duong Tuan Anh

2. Computational Methods for Large Distributed Parameter Estimation Problems in 3D
Uri M. Ascher, Eldad Haber

3. Robust Parameter Estimation for Identifying Satellite Injection Orbits
Hans Georg Bock, Ekaterina Kostina, Johannes P. Schlöder, Gottlob Gienger, Siegmar Pallaschke, Gerald Ziegler

4. On the Numerical Simulation of the Free Fall Problem
Sebastian Bönisch, Vincent Heuveline, Rolf Rannacher

5. Searching the Web: a Semantics-Based Approach
Tru H. Cao, Ta H. D. Nguyen, Tran C. T. Qui

6. Adaptive Computation with Perfectly Matched Layers for the Wave Scattering by Periodic Structures
Zhiming Chen, Haijun Wu

7. Simulation and Optimization of Crawling Robots
Felix L. Chernousko

8. Modelling of Snake-Like Locomotions
Felix L. Chernousko

9. Simulation and Visualization of Plant Growth Using Lindenmayer Systems
Somporn Chuai-Aree, Willi Jäger, Hans Georg Bock, Suchada Siripant

10. Modelling of Time-dependent 3D Weld Pool Due to a Moving Arc
Minh -Quang, Gustav Amberg

11. Nonlinear Optimization in Gas Networks
Klaus Ehrhardt, Marc C. Steinbach

12. Analysis and Exploitation of Jacobian Scarcity
Andreas Griewank, Olaf Vogel

13. Exact Numerical Treatment of Finite Quantum Systems Using Leading-Edge Supercomputers
Georg Hager, Eric Jeckelmann, Holger Fehske, Gerhard Wellein

14. Numerical Simulation of Solidification Processes in Continuous Casting Processing
Nguyen Hong Hai, Nguyen Thai, Pham Duc Thang

15. Fast Closed Loop Control of the Navier-Stokes System
Michael Hinze, Daniel Wachsmuth

16. Advanced Column Generation Techniques for Crew Pairing Problems
Tran Hoai, Gerhard Reinelt, Hans Georg Bock

17. The Study of Pores and Free Volume in Amorphous Models
Pham Khac Hung, Vo Hoang, Hoang Hue, Le Vinh, Ngyuen Hong

18. A Two-Stage, High-Accuracy, Finite Element Technique of the Two Dimensional Horizontal Flow Model
Nguyen The Hung

19. Solenoidal Discrete Initialization for Magnetohydrodynamics
Rolf Jeltsch, Manuel Torrilhon

20. Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Experimental Design
Stefan Körkel, Ekaterina Kostina

21. Controlling the Continuos Positive Airway Pressure-Device Using Partial Observable Markov Decision Processes
Clemens Kreutz, Josef Honerkamp

22. Implementing Hydrodynamic N-Body Codes on Reconfigurable Computing Platforms
Gerhard Lienhart

23. Design of a Noncausal FIR Model Inverse as a Compensator in Repetitive Control
Richard W. Longman, Benjamas Panomruttanarug

24. Cutting Planes for the Optimisation of Gas Networks
Alexander Martin, Markus Möller

25. Clustering Algorithms for Parallel Car-Crash Simulation Analysis
Liquan Meil, Clemens A. Thole

26. A General-Purpose Finite Element Method for 3D Line Transfer Problems with Application on Galaxies in the Early Universe
Erik Meinköhn

27. Design and control of MEMS for microfluidic applications
Bijan Mohammadi

28. Open-loop Stable Control of Periodic Multibody Systems
Katja D. Mombaur, Hans Georg Bock, Johannes P. Schlöder, Richard W. Longman

29. Stability of Higher Order Repetitive Control
Sang June Oh, Richard W. Longman

30. An Approach to Parameter Estimation and Model Selection in Differential Equations
Michael R. Osborne

31. Comparison of Parallel Programming Models on Clusters of SMP Nodes
Rolf Rabenseifner, Gerhard Wellein

32. An Object-Oriented Approach to Specification and Composition of Web Services
Thanh Sach, Tru H. Cao, Nam Thang, Thanh Son

33. Applied Stochastic Integer Programming: Scheduling in the Processing Industries
Guido Sand, Sebastian Engell, A. Märkert, Rüdiger Schultz

34. Newton-Type Methods for Nonlinear Least Squares Using Restricted Second Order Information
Hubert Schwetlick

35. Balance Algorithm — a New Approach to Solving the Mapping Problem on Heterogeneous Systems
Nguyen Thanh Son, Tran Nguyen Hoang Huy, Nguyen Anh Kiet

36. SMBOpt: A Software Package for Optimal Operation of Chromatographic Simulated Moving Bed Processes
Abdelaziz Toumi, Sebastian Engell

37. Partly Convex and Convex-Monotonic Optimization Problems
Hoang Tuy

38. Efficient 1-Bit-Communication Cellular Algorithms
Hiroshi Umeo, Koshi Michisaka, Naoki Kamikawa, Yuichi Kinugasa

39. Adaptive Finite Elements for Output-Oriented Model Calibration
Boris Vexler

40. Simulation Study of Vehicle Platooning Maneuvers with Full-State Tracking Control
Danwei Wang, Minhtuan Pham, Cat T. Phampt

41. The Modeling of Spectral Lines
Rainer Wehrse

42. Divergence Free High Order Filter Methods for the Compressible MHD Equations
H. C. Yee, Björn Sjögreen


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