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Managing European Coasts

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Table of contents

1. ELOISE research and the implementation of EU policy in the coastal zone
Laure Ledoux, Jan E. Vermaat, Laurens M. Bouwer, Wim Salomons, R. Kerry Turner

2. Land-ocean fluxes and coastal ecosystems — a guided tour of ELOISE results
Peter M.J. Herman, Tom Ysebaert, Carlo H.R. Heip

3. Defining a good ecological status of coastal waters — a case study for the Elbe plume
Wilhelm Windhorst, Franciscus Colijn, Saa Kabuta, Remi P.W.M. Laane, Hermann-Josef Lenhart

4. Bathing water quality
Stavros Georgiou

5. Establishing coastal and marine reserves — with the emphasis on fisheries
Han Lindeboom, Saara Bäck

6. Valuing Coastal Systems
Mihalis S. Skourtos, Areti D. Kontogianni, Stavros Georgiou, R. Kerry Turner

7. Group report: Methodologies to support implementation of the water framework directive
Paula S. Moschella, Remi P.W.M. Laane, Saara Bäck, Horst Behrendt, Giuseppe Bendoricchio, Stavros Georgiou, Peter M.J. Herman, Han Lindeboom, Mihalis S. Skourtous, Paul Tett, Maren Voss, Wilhelm Windhorst

8. The EU Water Framework Directive: Challenges for institutional implementation
Erwin F.L.M. Bruin, Frank G.W. Jaspers, Joyeeta Gupta

9. Inclusive and community participation in the coastal zone: Opportunities and dangers
Tim O'Riordan

10. Group report: Institutional and capacity requirements for implementation of the Water Framework Directory
Wietze Lise, Jos Timmerman, Jan E. Vermaat, Tim O'Riordan, Tony Edwards, Erwin F.L.M. Bruin, Areti D. Kontogianni, Kevin Barrett, Ton H.M. Bresser, Emma Rochelle-Newall

11. Climate change and coastal management on Europe's coast
Robert J. Nicholls, Richard J.T. Klein

12. Assessment and monitoring requirements for the adaptive management of Europe's regional seas
Laurence D. Mee

13. Group report: Global change and the European coast — climate change and economic development
Emma Rochelle-Newall, Richard J.T. Klein, Robert J. Nicholls, Kevin Barrett, Horst Behrendt, Ton H.M. Bresser, Andrzej Cieslak, Erwin F.L.M. Bruin, Tony Edwards, Peter M.J. Herman, Remi P.W.M. Laane, Laure Ledoux, Han Lindeboom, Wietze Lise, Snejana Moncheva, Paula S. Moschella, Marcel J.F. Stive, Jan E. Vermaat

14. Integrated environmental assessment and coastal futures
R. Kerry Turner

15. Group report: Integrated assessment and future scenarios for the coast
Corinna Nunneri, R. Kerry Turner, Andrzej Cieslak, Andreas Kannen, Richard J. T. Klein, Laure Ledoux, Joop M. Marquenie, Laurence D. Mee, Snejana Moncheva, Robert J. Nicholls, Wim Salomons, Rafael Sardá, Marcel J.F. Stive, Tiedo Vellinga

16. Tourism development in the Costa Brava (Girona, Spain) — how integrated coastal zone management may rejuvenate its lifecycle
Rafael Sardá, Joan Mora, Conxita Avila

17. Management of contaminated dredged material in the port of Rotterdam
Tiedo Vellinga, Marc Eisma

18. Integrated assessment for catchment and coastal zone management: The case of the Humber
Julian Andrews, Nicola Beaumont, Roy Brouwer, Rachel Cave, Tim Jickells, Laure Ledoux, R. Kerry Turner

19. The impact of subsidence and sea level rise in the Wadden Sea: Prediction and field verification
Joop M. Marquenie, Jaap Vlas

20. The need for integrated assessment of large-scale offshore wind farm development
Andreas Kannen

21. Group report: Reflections on the application of integrated assessment
Laurens M. Bouwer, Saara Bäck, Guiseppe Bendoricchio, Stavros Georgiou, Andreas Kannen, Areti D. Kontogianni, Joop M. Marquenie, Laurence D. Mee, Corinna Nunneri, Tim O'Riordan, Wim Salomons, Raphael Sardá, Mihalis S. Skourtos, Paul Tett, Jos Timmerman, R. Kerry Turner, Tiedo Vellinga, Jan E. Vermaat, Maren Voss, Wilhelm Windhorst


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