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Ambient Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
W. Weber, J. Rabaey, E. Aarts

Part I.Applications

2. Social, Economic, and Ethical Implications of Ambient Intelligence and Ubiquitous Computing
J. Bohn, V. Coroama, M. Langheinrich, F. Mattern, M. Rohs

3. Integrated Microelectronics for Smart Textiles
C. Lauterbach, S. Jung

4. Ambient Intelligence Research in HomeLab: Engineering the User Experience
B. Ruyter, E. Aarts, P. Markopoulos, W. Ijsselsteijn

5. How Ambient Intelligence will Improve Habitability and Energy Efficiency in Buildings
E. Arens, C.C. Federspiel, D. Wang, C. Huizenga

Part II.System Design and Architecture

6. Networked Infomechanical Systems (NIMS) for Ambient Intelligence
W.J. Kaiser, G.J. Pottie, M. Srivastava, G.S. Sukhatme, J. Villasenor, D. Estrin

7. TinyOS: An Operating System for Sensor Networks
P. Levis, S. Madden, J. Polastre, R. Szewczyk, K. Whitehouse, A. Woo, D. Gay, J. Hill, M. Welsh, E. Brewer, D. Culler

8. A Service-Based Universal Application Interface for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
M. Sgroi, A. Wolisz, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, J.M. Rabaey

9. Locationing and Timing Synchronization Services in Ambient Intelligence Networks
J. Greunen, J. Rabaey

10. Security for Ambient Intelligent Systems
I. Verbauwhede, A. Hodjat, D. Hwang, B.-C. Lai

11. Low-Cost Wireless Control-Networks in Smart Environments
G. Stromberg, T.F. Sturm, Y. Gsottberger, X. Shi

Part III.Components and Technologies

12. Ambient Intelligence Technology: An Overview
F. Snijders

13. Powering Ambient Intelligent Networks
S. Roundy, M. Strasser, P.K. Wright

14. Ultra-Low Power Integrated Wireless Nodes for Sensor and Actuator Networks
J. Ammer, F. Burghardt, E. Lin, B. Otis, R. Shah, M. Sheets, J.M. Rabaey

15. Packaging Challenges in Miniaturization
C. Kallmayer, M. Niedermayer, S. Guttowski, H. Reichl

16. Algorithms in Ambient Intelligence
E. Aarts, J. Korst, W.F.J. Verhaegh


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