Biller-Andorno, Nikola

Evidence-based Practice in Medicine and Health Care

Biller-Andorno, Nikola - Evidence-based Practice in Medicine and Health Care, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Ethical Debate on Evidence-based Medicine — Introduction to the Volume
Ruud Meulen, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Christian Lenk, Reidar Lie

2. Regulating Health Care. The Development of Guidelines in Medical Practice and Health Policy
Christine Sepers, Ruud Meulen

3. Evidence-based Medicine and Power Shifts in Health Care Systems
Rein Vos, Rob Houtepen, Klasien Horstman

4. Beyond Legitimate Science: The Case for Policy-Related Science
Mariachiara Tallacchini

5. Teaching Evidence-based Medicine
Franz Porzsolt, Heike Leonhardt-Huober

6. Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Guidelines in Cardiology. Promoting Science, Practice, or Bureaucracy?
Frank Praetorius

7. Are Particular Patients Disadvantaged by EBM? Focus on Frail Elderly Patients
Fabrizio Fabris, Carla Scarafiotti, Barbara Maero

8. Evidence-based Medicine in Mental Health: Towards Better and Fairer Treatment?
Andreas Reis, Christian Lenk, Cristiane Reis-Streussnig, Nikola Biller-Andorno

9. Current Epistemological Problems in Evidence-based Medicine
Richard E. Ashcroft

10. Coordinating the Norms and Values of Medical Research, Medical Practice and Patient Worlds. The Ethics of Evidence-based Medicine in ‘Boundary Fields of Medicine’
Rein Vos, Dick Willems, Rob Houtepen

11. Research Ethics and Evidence-based Medicine
Reidar K. Lie

12. Clinical Evaluative Research: Which Patients Benefit, How and When? A Contribution to a European Discussion
Heiner Raspe

13. Defining a Proper Background for Discussing Evidence-based Medicine
Alessandro Liberati, Paolo Vineis

14. Evidence-based Medicine and Equity: The Exclusion of Disadvantaged Groups
Wendy A. Rogers

15. The Role of Formal Outcome Evaluations in Health Policy Making: A Normative Perspective
Ole F. Norheim

16. The Usefulness of Formal Outcome Evaluations in Health Policy Making: Looking for the Baby in the Bathwater
Erik Nord

17. Evidence-based Medicine and Managed Care
Marion Danis

18. Recommendations from the Evibase Project
Rob Houtepen, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Donna Dickenson, Paolo Vineis, Reidar Lie, Ruud Meulen


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