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Electrostatic Accelerators

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Table of contents

Part I. Accelerators

1. Introduction to Part I — Accelerators
R. Hellborg, J. McKay

2. Accelerators — an Introduction
R. Hellborg

3. Accelerators for Medicine
R. Hellborg, S. Mattsson

4. Accelerators for Synchrotron Radiation
M. Eriksson, S. Sorensen

Part II. The Electrostatic Accelerator

5. Introduction to Part II — the Electrostatic Accelerator
R. Hellborg, J. McKay

6. History of the Electrostatic Accelerator
J. McKay

7. Electrostatics
H.R.McK. Hyder

8. Calculation Technique for High-Voltage Equipment in Gas
K.A. Rezvykh, V.A. Romanov, R. Hellborg

9. Charging Systems
C. Westerfeldt

10. Development of Charging Belts in Russia
V.A. Romanov

11. Cascade Generators
R. Hellborg

12. Voltage Distribution Systems — Resistors and Corona Points
D. Weisser

13. Accelerator Tubes
H.R.McK. Hyder

14. Development of Tubes in Obninsk, Russia
V.A. Romanov

15. Stabilization
L. Rohrer, H. Schnitter

16. Stripper Systems
D. Weisser

17. Charge Exchange and Electron Stripping
H.J. Whitlow, H. Timmers

18. Carbon Stripper Foils — Preparation and Quality
V. Liechtenstein

19. Positive-Ion Sources
L. Bartha

20. Negative-Ion Formation Processes and Sources
G.D. Alton

21. Tandem Terminal Ion Source
G.C. Harper

22. Ion Optics and Beam Transport
J. D. Larson

23. Beam Envelope Techniques for Ion-Optical Calculations
S. Bazhal, R. Hellborg

24. Equipment for Beam Diagnostics
M. Friedrich

25. Computer Control
M.L. Roberts

26. Radiation Protection at an Accelerator Laboratory
R. Hellborg, C. Samuelsson

27. Nonradiation Hazards and Safety Considerations
R. Hellborg, C. Samuelsson

28. Confined-Space Maintenance
G.A. Norton

29. Earthquake Protection — for Pelletrons
G.A. Norton

30. Earthquake Protection of the Bucharest FN Tandem Accelerator
S. Dobrescu, L. Marinescu

31. Electrostatic-Accelerator Free-Electron Lasers
A. Gover, Y. Pinhasi

Part III. Research Fields and Their Technical Requirements

32. Introduction to Part III — Research Fields and Their Technical Requirements
R. Hellborg, J. McKay

33. Isotope Production for Medical Applications
A.D. Roberts, T.E. Barnhart, R.J. Nickles

34. Nuclear Structure
C. Fahlander, D. Rudolph

35. Nuclear Reactions
L. Corradi

36. Detection of Explosives and Other Threats Using Accelerator-Based Neutron Techniques
T. Gozani

37. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
L.K. Fifield

38. Atomic Collisions in Matter
J. Keinonen

39. Modification of Materials by MeV Ion Beams
Y. Zhang, H.J. Whitlow

40. Ion Beam Analysis
K.G. Malmqvist

41. Atomic Structure
L.J. Curtis, I. Martinson

42. Industrial Electron Accelerators
M. Letournel


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