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Traceability in Chemical Measurement

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Table of contents

1. Measurement principles for traceability in chemical analysis
Paul Bièvre, Robert Kaarls, H. Steffen Peiser, Stanley D. Rasberry, William P. Reed

2. Protocols for traceability in chemical analysis
Paul. Bièvre, Robert. Kaarls, H. Steffen. Peiser, Stanley. D. Rasberry, William. P. Reed

3. Protocols for traceability in chemical analysis
Paul Bièvre, Robert Kaarls, H. Steffen Peiser, S. D. Rasberry, William P. Reed

4. Metrological traceability in laboratory medicine
René Dybkaer

5. Traceability and analytical chemistry
Freddy Adams

6. Do interlaboratory comparisons provide traceability?
Paul Bièvre

7. From total allowable error via metrological traceability to uncertainty of measurement of the unbiased result
René Dybkaer

8. Practical considerations on the traceability to conventional scales
Mirella Buzoianu

9. Traceability of (values carried by) reference materials
Paul Bièvre

10. What can we learn from traceability in physical measurements?
A. Williams

11. How to achieve international comparability for chemical measurements
W. Richter

12. The key elements of traceability in chemical measurement: agreed or still under debate?
Paul Bièvre

13. The practical realization of the traceability of chemical measurements standards
Bernard King

14. Link to the SI via primary direct methods
M. Máriássy, L. Vyskocil, A. Mathiasová

15. The role of reference materials
Adolf Zschunke

16. The measurement assurance concept in calibration and traceability at NBS/NIST
Brian Belanger

17. Lifetime of the traceability chain in chemical measurement
Ilya Kuselman, Boris Anisimov, Irena Goldfeld

18. Proficiency evaluation as a traceability link in chemical metrology
Stanley Rasberry

19. Achieving traceability in chemical measurement — a metrological approach to proficiency testing
Paul Armishaw, Bernard King, Roderick G. Millar

20. Traceability issues in measurement
Andrew Wallard

21. Comparative study of the presentations at the CCQM workshop on traceability
Wolfgang Richter

22. Traceability in laboratory medicine
Mathias M. Müller

23. Testing for foods derived from modern biotechnology: opportunities and limitations for metrology
Markus Lipp

24. A national traceability system for chemical measurements
Wolfgang Richter, Bernd Güttler

25. Establishing measurement traceability in clinical chemistry
L. Siekmann

26. Clinical Laboratory Reference Networks
Mary M. Kimberly, Gary L. Myers, Randie R. Little

27. One way of disseminating reference values with demonstrated traceability and demonstrated uncertainty to field laboratories: IMEP
Philip Taylor

28. Implementation of traceability — needs and perspective of the in-vitro-diagnosticum industry
Emil Völkert

29. Improvements in efficiency of production and traceability for certification of reference materials
Gill Holcombe, Richard Lawn, Mike Sargent

30. Traceable measurements in clinical laboratories
M. Buzoianu, Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein

31. A traceability protocol to the SI by gravimetric analysis
Charles M. Beck

32. Reference samples for analysis of gas impurities in aluminium and titanium alloys: Features of production, certification and usage to ensure traceability of results
V.P. Antipin, A.A. Grigorieva

33. The use of certified reference materials in the Romanian traceability scheme
Steluta Duta

34. Traceable measurements of pH
Petra Spitzer

35. The development of gas standards and calibration techniques for measurements of vehicle, aircraft and industrial emissions, natural gas, occupational exposure and air quality
Paul E. Holland, Peter T. Woods, Chris Brookes, Ian Uprichard, Paul Quincey, Rod Robinson, Hansa D'Souza, Martin Milton, Brian Goody, William Bell, Des Alphonso

36. Problems of traceability of total protein and catecholamine determinations in human urine
Ilona Šperlingová, Ludmila Dabrowská, Miloò Tichý, Jan Kucera

37. Traceability in routine chemical measurements: an example of application in the determination of CO2 at atmospheric concentration
Michela Sega, Margherita Plassa, Elena Amico Meane

38. Traceability of measurement results of the effective acquisition time in gamma-ray spectrometry implemented by the pulser method
D. Glavic-Cindro, M. Korun, B. Vodenik

39. Practical ways in establishing traceability in chemical and other measurements in Mexico
Yoshito Mitani, Alejandro Perez-Castorena

40. Benefits of the implementation of a metrological structure for water analyses
Ph. Charlet, A. Marschal

41. Validation steps for traceability of linear calibrated chemical measurements
L. Brüggemann, R. Wennrich

42. Traceability, is it what we really want in our chemical measurements?
William P. Reed

43. Traceability in measurement — time for an update?
H. Steffen Peiser, Paul Bièvre

44. On the existence of primary methods of measurement
Wolfhard Wegscheider

45. Traceability and uncertainty — A comparison of their application in chemical and physical measurement
Alex Williams

46. Traceability and its role in interlaboratory comparisons (proficiency testing programmes), modeled on trace element determination in biological materials
Lars Jorhem

47. Traceable property values of in-house reference materials
Ilya Kuselman, Alexander Weisman, Wolfhard Wegscheider

48. Primary reference materials and traceability chain for gas composition
Linzhen Wang, Qiao Han

49. Traceability to units
Gary Price

50. Traceability without uncertainty: current situation in the pharmaceutical industry
Ilya Kuselman, Alexander Weisman, Wolfhard Wegscheider

51. The role of reference materials in analytical chemistry
A. Zschunke

52. Meeting ISO/IEC 17025 Traceability Requirements
Bernard King

53. UK delivery of traceable chemical measurements in the 21st century: building on the foundation of the VAM programme
Mike Sargent

54. Disseminating traceability in chemical measurement: Principles of a new EURACHEM/CITAC guide
S. L. R. Ellison, A. Williams

55. CITAC Position Paper: Traceability in chemical measurement
Ioannis Papadakis, Wolfhard Wegscheider

56. Glossary of analytical terms
John Fleming, Bernd Neidhart, Christoph Tausch, Wolfhard Wegscheider


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