Müller-Tiemann, B.

Biocombinatorial Approaches for Drug Finding

Müller-Tiemann, B. - Biocombinatorial Approaches for Drug Finding, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Protein Domain Fold Similarity and Natural Product Structure as Guiding Principles for Compound Library Design
M. A. Koch, H. Waldmann

2. Sources of Polyketides and Non-Ribosomal Peptides
S. Donadio, E. Busti, P. Monciardini, R. Bamonte, P. Mazza, M. Sosio, L. Cavaletti

3. Polyketide Synthases: Mechanisms and Models
K. J. Weissman

4. Functional and Structural Basis for Targeted Modification of Non-Ribosomal Peptlde Synthetases
T. Dürfahrt, M. A. Marahiel

5. Prerequisites for Combinatorial Biosynthesis: Evolution of Hybrid NRPS/PKS Gene Clusters
B. Shen, M. Chen, Y. Cheng, L Du, D. J. Edwards, N. P. George, Y. Huang, T. Oh, C. Sanchez, G. Tang, E. Wendt-Pienkowski, F. Yi

6. Engineering Glycosylation in Bioactive Compounds by Combinatorial Biosynthesis
C. Méndez, J. A. Salas

7. Glycosyltransferases and Other Tailoring Enzymes as Tools for the Generation of Novel Compounds
A. Bechthold, G. Weitnauer, A. Luzhetskyy, M. Berner, C. Bihlmeier, R. Boll, C. Dürr, A. Frerich, C. Hofmann, A. Mayer, I. Treede, A. Vente, M. Luzhetskyy

8. Enzymatic Incorporation of Halogen Atoms into Natural Compounds
E. Kling, C. Schmid, S. Unversucht, T. Wage, S. Zehner, K. -H. Pee

9. From Glucose to Antibiotics: What Controls the Fluxes?
J. Nielsen, A. Eliasson

10. Precursor-Directed Biosynthesis for the Generation of Novel Glycopetides
E. Stegmann, D. Bischoff, C. Kittel, S. Pelzer, O. Puk, J. Recktenwald, S. Weist, R. Süßmuth, W. Wohlleben

11. Tool-Box: Tailoring Enzymes for Bio-Combinatorial Lead Development and as Markers for Genome-Based Natural Product Lead Discovery
S. Pelzer, S. -E. Wohlert, A. Vente

12. Natural Product Biosynthetic Assembly Lines: Prospects and Challenges for Reprogramming
D. A. Vosburg, C. T. Walsh


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