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Shock Waves

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Table of contents

Part 1. Plenary Lectures

1. Summary of forty years continuous shock wave research at interdisciplinary shock wave research center, Tohoku University
K. Takayama

2. Precursor kinetics and nanoparticle synthesis studied in a shock wave reactor
P. Roth, A. Giesen

3. The propagation mechanism of cellular detonation
J. H. S. Lee

4. The development of the HyShot flight program
A. Pauli, H. Alesi, S. Anderson

5. Shock induced porous barrier flows, with underlying wall pressure amplification
B. W. Skews, S. Bugarin

6. The single pulse shock tube: its Odyssey in chemical kinetics
A. Lifshitz

7. Recent developments with gaseous detonation drivers for a shock tunnel
H-r Yu

8. Some perspectives on pulse detonation propulsion systems
F. K. Lu, D. R. Wilson

Part II. Supersonic and Hypersonic Aerodynamics

9. Laser energy deposition in Edney IV interaction
D. Knight, R. Adelgren, G. Elliott, H. Yan, T. Beutner

10. Hypersonic wave drag reduction in re-entry capsules using concentrated energy deposition
K. Satheesh, G. Jagadeesh, P. S. Kulkarni

11. Supersonic flow over double cone geometries
H. Kleine, K. Hiraki

12. An expansion tube study of high enthalpy carbon-dioxide flows
T. J. Mclntyre, T. N. Eichmann, I. Lourel, K. M. Hajek, H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop

13. Shock tunnel measurement of the interaction amplification factor for a hot gas side jet in a supersonic cross flow
M. Havermann, H. Ende, F. Seiler, M. Schwenzer

14. Drag reduction by controlled base flow separation for missile shaped bodies flying at hypersonic Mach number
V. Menezes, M. Sun, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy, K. Takayama

15. Improvement of aerospike nozzle efficiency due to change of plug base configuration
S. Aso, K. Sugimoto

16. Measurement and calculation of vibrational temperature behind strong shock waves
R. L. Zhang, J. L. Le, J. P. Cui, F. M. Yu, L. H. Han, S. Wang, J. Liu

17. Interference effects due to a transverse slot jet in a hypersonic flow
F. C. Dixon, G. T. Roberts, O. R. Tutty

18. Aerodynamic characteristics of generic flight vehicle configuration from shock tunnel tests
A. G. Sarwade, A. S. Narayana, S. Panneerselvam, N. Sahoo, S. Saravanan, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

19. Heat transfer measurement and its application to CFD code evaluation
T. Kuribayashi, T. Saito, V. Menezes, M. Sun, G. Jagadeesh, K. Takayama

20. Chemical nonequilibrium effects on flow field for reusable launch vehicles
H. Ma, L. Zhao, F. M. Wang

21. Integration property of a wedge-elliptic cone waverider with scramjet engine
H. Liu, F. M. Wang, L. W. Li, Y. B. Geng

22. Dynamic behavior of the shock wave formed around a reflector in supersonic flow
K. Hiraki, H. Kleine

23. Flow establishment over rearward-facing steps in high enthalpy flows
M. J. Hayne, D. J. Mee, S. L. Gai, B. S. Stewart, R. G. Morgan

24. Experimental and numerical investigation of high enthalpy flow past a cylinder in HEG
S. Karl, J. Martinez Schramm, K. Hannemann

25. Non-conventional dissociation rate in non-equilibrium boundary layer
N. Belouaggadia, R. Brun, T. Saito, K. Takayama

26. Power law shapes for leading-edge blunting with minimal standoff distance in low-density hypersonic flow
W. F. N. Santos

27. Surface temperature and pressure dependency of catalytic effects to flat plates in high enthalpy flow
S. Ueda, K. Sato, T. Komuro, H. Tanno, K. Itoh, T. Kurotaki

28. Force and moment measurements on the HOPPER configuration for high enthalpy conditions
C. Glößner, H. Olivier

29. Time resolved holographic interferometry for short duration hypersonic high enthalpy test facilities
J. Martinez Schramm, A. Boutry, M. Vital Durand, K. Hannemann

30. Investigation of electromagnetic wave propagation in plasma by shock tube
N. Y. Zhu, X. F. Li, L. S. Huang, X. L. Yu, Q. S. Yang

31. Reduction of radiative heating due to a SiC ablation layer
M. Funatsu, H. Shirai

32. Effect of aerodynamic heating on infrared guided missiles
J. F. Milthorpe, P. J. P. Lynn

33. Numerical calculation of visible spectral radiation of sphere model in ballistic range
J. Liu, M. Zeng, A. H. Shi, R. L. Zhang, J. L. Le, Z. H. Qu

34. Effect of gas injection on drag and surface heat transfer rates for a 30° semi-apex angle blunt body flying at Mach 5.75
N. Sahoo, V. Kulkarni, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

35. Nozzle start flow investigation in the conditions of high-altitude test
V. V. Volodin, T. V. Bazhenova, V. E. Fortov, V. V. Golub, A. A. Makeich, S. B. Shcherbak

36. Real gas effects on flows over rearward-facing steps in high enthalpy flows
M. J. Hayne, S. L. Gai, D. J. Mee, R. G. Morgan

37. Investigation of nonequlibrium radiation and relaxation phenomena in shock tubes
N. Y. Zhu, Q. S. Yang, H. L. Zhang, X. L. Yu, L. S. Huang

38. An experimental study on aerodynamic characteristics of standard model HB-2 in high enthalpy shock tunnel HIEST
K. Sato, T. Komuro, H. Tanno, S. Ueda, K. Itoh, S. Kuchiishi, S. Watanabe

39. Measurement of electron density profile behind strong shock waves with a Langmuir probe
S. Wang, J. P. Cui, B. C. Fan, Y. Z. He, R. L. Zhang, L. H. Han, F. M. Yu, J. L. Le

40. Shock wave shape on power law leading edges
W. F. N. Santos

Part III. Experimental Facilities and Diagnostics

41. Nozzle development for an expansion tunnel
M. P. Scott, P. A. Jacobs, R. G. Morgan

42. Active diaphragm rupture with laser beam irradiation
T. Takahashi, H. Torikai, Q. S. Yang, K. Watanabe, A. Sasoh

43. Development of a shock-induced detonation driver
F. K. Lu, D. R. Wilson

44. Operation of the ISL transonic shock tube in a high subsonic flow regime
F. Seiler, M. Havermann, F. Boller, P. Mangold, K. Takayama

45. Performance of the detonation driven shock tunnel
W. Zhao, Z. Jiang, T. Saito, J. M. Lin, H. R. Yu, K. Takayama

46. End-to-end modelling of the HEG shock tunnel
P. A. Jacobs, A. D. Gardner, D. R. Buttsworth, J. Martinez Schramm, S. Karl, K. Hannemann

47. Ground testing of the HyShot supersonic combustion flight experiment in HEG
A. D. Gardner, K. Hannemann, A. Pauli, J. Steelant

48. An investigation of shock induced gas mixing in a large cross section shock tube with a laser sheet technique
L. Houas, G. Jourdan

49. Force measurements on hypersonic waveriders in the IISc hypersonic shock tunnel HST2
K. Nagashetty, S. Saravanan, K. Satheesh, B. R. Srinivasa Rao, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

50. Laser-induced-incandescence (LII) for particle sizing behind shock waves
R. Starke, P. Roth

51. Experimental study and numerical simulation of cellular structures and Mach reflection of gaseous detonation waves
D. Zhang, C. M. Guo

52. Application of the FM spectroscopic technique to SiH2 detection in a shock tube
M. W. Crofton, E. L. Petersen

53. A new 6-component accelerometer force balance for short duration ground testing facilities
S. Saravanan, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

54. Unsteady drag force measurement in shock tube
H. Tanno, T. Komuro, K. Sato, K. Itoh, S. Ueda, K. Takayama, H. Ojima

55. Measurements of mixing induced at a gas interface by the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
D. Ranjan, J. Niederhaus, J. Oakley, M. H. Anderson, J. Greenough, R. Bonazza

56. Experimental investigation on the influence of the starting process of the nozzle of shock tunnel on the operating condition of shock tube
P. Xie, Z. Y. Han

57. Surface pressure and heat transfer measurements in the unsteady separated hypersonic flow field over double cones
B. Vasudevan, S. P. Srikanth, H. U. Shashidhar, G. Jagadeesh

58. Application of heat transfer measurement using TLC in gun wind tunnel
X. Chen, Z. X. Bi, Z. S. Wu

59. Impulse combustion tunnel and its application in experimental research of scramjet
W. He, Y. Tan, X. D. Li, W. X. Liu, J. L. Le

60. A novel free floating accelerometer force balance system for shock tunnel applications
R. Joarder, D. R. Mahaptra, G. Jagadeesh

61. Nozzle flow calibration of high enthalpy shock tunnel HIEST
T. Komuro, H. Tanno, K. Sato, S. Ueda, K. Itoh

Part IV. Shock Reflection, Refraction and Focussing

62. Shock wave reflection from a wedge in a dusty gas
O. Igra, G. Hu, J. Falcovitz, B. Y. Wang

63. Study on the shock interference in a wedged convergent-divergent channel
F. M. Yu, C. Z. Wang

64. 3D interaction of shock waves in corner flow
Y. P. Goonko, A. N. Kudryavtsev, A. Chpoun

65. Wave systems around an accelerated disk
B. W. Skews, C. Law

66. Effects of heat transfer on the propagation of shocks at small scales
M. Brouillette

67. Experimental study of diverging and converging spherical shock waves and their interaction with product gases
S. H. R. Hosseini, K. Takayama

68. The wall-jetting effect in Mach reflection: A numerical investigation
G. Ben-Dor, E. I. Vasilev, L. F. Henderson, T. Elperin

69. Analytical solution of flow field for weak Mach reflection over plane surface
A. Sakurai, F. Takayama

70. Numerical investigation of toroidal shock waves focusing
H. H. Teng, Z. Jiang, Z. Y. Han, S. H. R. Hosseini, K. Takayama

71. Study of separated flows over double wedges and cones
T. Hashimoto, K. Takayama

72. Numerical and experimental study of the Mach 2 pseudo-shock wave in a supersonic duct
L. Q. Sun, H. Sugiyama, K. Mizobata, T. Hiroshima, A. Tojo

73. Shock reflection and focusing in H2-air mixtures
B. L. Wang, W. Rehm

74. Optimal triple configurations of stationary shocks
G. Tao, V. N. Uskov, M. V. Chernyshov

75. Effects of the shock tube open-end shape on vortex loops released from it
M. Kainuma, M. Havermann, M. Sun, K. Takayama

76. Numerical simulation of steady shock and detonation wave configurations in a supersonic chemically reacting flow
A. V. Trotsyuk, A. N. Kudryavtsev, M. S. Ivanov

77. Hysteresis effect of oblique shock interactions in an axisymmetric steady flow
Y. Burtschell, D. E. Zeitoun

78. Mach disk destruction by interference of rarefaction and compression waves
A. L. Kotelnikov, T. V. Bazhenova, V. V. Golub, A. S. Chizhikov, M. V. Bragin, S. B. Scherbak

79. 3-D shock structure in underexpanded supersonic jets from elliptical and rectangular exits
N. Menon, B. W. Skews

80. Action on the obstacle of a shock wave discharged from a partly closed channel exit
T. V. Bazhenova, V. V. Golub, A. L. Kotelnikov, A. S. Chizhikov

81. Laser energy deposition in crossing shock interaction
H. Yan, D. Knight, G. Elliott

82. Numerical investigation on shock passing through a gas particle suspension and diffracting over a wedge in a duct
S. L. Xu, S. Han, P. T. Yue, J. M. Yang, R. D. Archer

83. Enhancement of shock waves
D. Igra, O. Igra

84. Shock wave reflections at an wedge in dusty gases
T. Saito, M. Marumoto, K. Takayama

85. Investigation of imploding shock waves using the hydraulic analogy
C. B. Kiyanda, P. Chaput, A. J. Higgins, J. H. S. Lee

86. Analysis of behaviors of shock focusing in the inner cavities of double wedge and cone
C. Wang, Z. Y. Han, M. Situ

Part V. Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Mechanisms

87. Silane oxidation behind reflected shock waves
E. L. Petersen, D. M. Kalitan, M. J. A. Rickard, M. W. Crofton

88. Kinetics of the gas phase reaction of SnO with O2

J. Herzler, M. Kennedy, F. E. Kruis, P. Roth

89. Heat transfer modelling to catalytic protection systems of space vehicles entering into martian atmosphere
V. Kovalev, N. Afonina, V. Gromov

90. Shock-tube study of acetaldehyde pyrolysis
Y. Hidaka, S. Kubo, T. Hoshikawa, H. Wakamatsu

91. Shock tube studies on the high temperature chemical kinetics of allyl radicals: reactions with C2H2, CH4, H2 and C3H5 at 1000–1400 K
S. J. Isemer, K. Luther

92. Shock wave kinetics of Fe + NO based on Fe, O, and N atom measurements
A. Giesen, J. Herzler, P. Roth

93. Thermal decomposition of haloethanols: single pulse shock tube and ab initio studies
B. Rajakumar, K. P. J. Reddy, E. Arunan

94. Shock-tube studies on the reactions of 2H-heptafluoropropane with H and 0(3P) atoms and the subsequent reactions
O. Yamamoto, K. Takahashi, T. Inomata

95. Modeling iron particle synthesis in a shock wave reactor
A. Kowalik, P. Roth

96. Reactions of C2 oxy-hydrocarbons at high temperatures
T. Koike, H. Ichino, K. Yasunaga, Y. Hidaka

97. A shock tube method in the kinetic study of nonequilibrium ionization-recombination by rarefaction wave cooling
S. Wang, J. P. Cui, B. C. Fan, Y. Z. He

98. Shock-tube study of ethanol pyrolysis
Y. Hidaka, H. Wakamatsu, M. Moriyama, T. Koike, K. Yasunaga

Part VI. Shock/Boundary Layer and Shock/Votex Interactions

99. Two-dimensional numerical modelling of overtaking shock-wave/moving-body interactions
C. Law, B. W. Skews

100. Experimental investigation of shock accelerated spherical gas inhomogeneity
G. Layes, G. Jourdan, L. Houas

101. Sudden energy release at the vicinity of a vortex
M. L. Wang, M. Li, Y. K. Wu, Y. J. Zhu, J. M. Yang

102. The flow-field around a small square plate interacting with the vortex flow released from a shock tube
T. Minota

103. Noise reduction by using smoothed corner at a duct exit
S. M. Liang, H. Chen

104. Diffraction patterns of a shock wave interacting with strong/weak vortices
S.-M. Chang, K.-S. Chang

105. Investigation of supersonic/hypersonic shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions (SBLIs)
R. O. Bura, G. T. Roberts, Y. F. Yao, N. D. Sandham

106. Experimental study of a shock accelerated water layer with imaging and velocity measurement
P. Meekunnasombat, J. G. Oakley, M. H. Anderson, R. Bonazza

Part VII. Biological and Medical Applications

107. Evolution of the design of Venturi devices for the delivery of dry particles to skin or mucosal tissue
G. Costigan, Y. Liu, G. L. Brown, F. V. Carter, B. J. Bellhouse

108. A novel method to transform prokaryotic cells using shock waves
K. N. Nataraja, M. Udayakumar, G. Jagadeesh

109. The effects of diaphragm rupture and particle loading in contoured shock tubes for vaccine delivery
N. K. Truong, M. P. Hardy, M. A. F. Kendall

110. Development of Ho: YAG laser-induced cavitational shock wave generator for endoscopic shock wave exposure
J. Sato, A. Nakagawa, T. Saito, T. Hirano, T. Ohki, H. Uenohara, K. Takayama, T. Tominaga

Part VIII. Detonation Phenomena and Pulse Detonation Devices

111. Head-on collision of a detonation with a planar shock wave
H. D. Ng, N. Nikiforakis, J. H. S. Lee

112. Numerical simulation on pulse detonation propulsion
C. Wang, Z. Jiang

113. Temperature and velocity measurements of imploding detonation
T. Tsuboi, K. Babazono, S. Nishizuka, M. Asakura, K. Ishii

114. The interaction of a detonation with a perforated plate
J. Chao, J. H. S. Lee

115. Initiation of stabilized detonations by projectiles
P. Hung, J. E. Shepherd

116. Effect of reaction order on stability of planar detonation waves
Z. Liang, L. Bauwens

117. Numerical and experimental study on the effect of obstacles on DDT process
A. K. Hayashi, H. Shimada, K. Eto, J. Misawa, S. Shiokawa, H. Sato, N. Tsuboi, J. H. S. Lee

118. Pulse detonation in a chamber with divergent nozzle
H. H. Li, Y. J. Zhu, J. M. Yang, M. Sun, X. S. Luo

119. Aluminium dust-air detonation at elevated pressures
F. Zhang, S. B. Murray, K. B. Gerrard

120. Influence of diaphragm properties on shock wave transmission
S. B. Murray, F. Zhang, K. B. Gerrard, P. Guillo, R. C. Ripley

121. Jet-initiated hydrogen detonation phenomena
S. P. Medvedev, S. V. Khomik, H. Olivier, A. N. Polenov, A. M. Bartenev, B. E. Gelfand

122. The effect of chain initiation reaction on the stability of gaseous detonations
K. Mazaheri, S. A. Hashemi

123. Numerical studies of pre-detonator ignition of pulse detonation engine
J. P. Wang, Y. F. Liu, T. W. Li

124. Experimental study of a pulse detonation rocket with Shchelkin spiral
F. K. Lu, J. M. Meyers, D. R. Wilson

125. Transition between detonation and deflagration in a tube with a cavity
Z. M. Hu, C. L. Liu, D. L. Zhang, Z. Jiang

126. Investigation on detonation in 2H2/O2 mixture initiated by AgN3

S. L. Xu, K. Takayama, M. Y. Sun

127. Eigenvalue detonation of nitromethane and its failure
Y. M. Li, D. L. Frost

128. Experimental investigation on gaseous detonation propagation through a heart-shape tube
C. J. Wang, S. L. Xu, Y. J. Zhang

129. Detonation modelling of high explosive cylinders
J. P. Lu, J. G. Anderson, F. C. Christo

130. Experimental study on liquid-fueled pulse detonation engine
Q. H. Mu, C. Wang, W. Zhao, Z. Jiang

131. Detonation loading of tubes in the modified shear wave speed regime
T. Chao, J. E. Shepherd

132. Direct initiation of detonation with ignition tube
H. Chen, X. Y. Zhang, H. R. Yu

133. New applications of soot track record in investigation of gaseous detonation diffraction
C. M. Guo, D. L. Zhang, S. L. Xu

Part IX. Supersonic Combustion and Scramjets

134. Performance measurements in a shock tunnel of a fuelled scramjet vehicle generating lift, thrust and pitching moment
M. J. Robinson, D. J. Mee

135. Experimental studies on model scramjet in a Mach 6 high enthalpy free-jet wind tunnel
X. Y. Chang, L. H. Chen, H. B. Gu, G. Yu

136. Massively parallel computation of three-dimensional scramjet combustor
Z. H. Zheng, J. L. Le

137. Reducing skin friction by boundary layer combustion on a generic scramjet model
M. Trenker, D. J. Mee, R. J. Stalker

138. Numerical study on ignition of supersonic combustion fueled by partly catalyzed kerosene
S. L. Xu, S. H. Huang, X. Y. Liu, J. M. Dong, X. Z. Liu

2injection in Mach 5 air flow: numerical study
Y. Burtschell, D. E. Zeitoun

140. Observation of mixing and combustion processes of H2 jet injected into supersonic streamwise vortices
T. Sunami, F. Scheel

141. Numerical study on kerosene spray in supersonic flow
L. J. Yue, G. Yu

142. Study on the high speed scramjet characteristics at Mach 10 to 15 flight condition
M. Takahashi, K. Itoh, H. Tanno, T. Komuro, T. Sunami, K. Sato, S. Ueda

143. Numerical investigation on the mixing and combustion in supersonic ejecting flow of RBCC
S. H. Huang, G. Q. He, H. Q. He, S. L. Xu

144. Time requirements for scramjet performance study with fuel of kerosene
J. L. Le, W. X. Liu, Y. Tan, W. He

145. Time series evaluation of 2-D air and hydrogen supersonic mixing layer by using catalytic reaction
F. Sakima, T. Arai, J. Kasahara, F. He, M. Murakoshi

146. An experimental study of supersonic combustion with incoming high temperature pure air stream obtained by shock tunnel
A. N. Hakim, S. Aso, S. Miyamoto, K. Toshimitsu

147. Gas sampling/analysis of the high enthalpy supersonic flow
L. H. Chen, B. K. Zheng, X. Y. Chang

Part X. Blast Waves and Explosions

148. Blast Waves and Explosions Sound generation by explosive decompression of an airplane
J. E. Shepherd, H. G. Hornung

149. Impulse characteristics of laser-induced blast wave in monoatomic gases
X. L. Yu, T. Ohtani, A. Sasoh, S. Kim, N. Urabe, I.-S. Jeung

150. Blast field of microexplosives at atmospheric and reduced pressures
E. Martel, M. Brouillette

151. Blast wave attenuation by lightly destructable granular materials
V. V. Golub, F. K. Lu, S. A. Medin, O. A. Mirova, A. N. Parshikov, V. A. Petukhov, V. V. Volodin

152. Study on numerical simulation of gas explosion in confined volume
C. Wang, J. Lu, J. G. Ning

153. Unsteady drag force measurements over bodies with various configurations in a vertical shock tube
K. Tamai, T. Ogawa, H. Ojima, J. Falcovitz, K. Takayama

154. Planar shock-cylindrical blast wave interaction
M. Li, X. L. Yang, Y. J. Zhu, J. M. Yang, M. Sun, K. Takayama

155. Numerical investigations of volcanic eruption and prodution of hazard maps
H. Yamashita, T. Saito, K. Takayama

156. Reflection of blast waves from straight surfaces
H. Kleine, E. Timofeev, K. Takayama

157. The effect of ground and wall on the impulse wave discharged from an open end of a duct
Y. H. Kweon, T. Aoki, Y. Miyazato, H. D. Kim, T. Setoguchi

Part XI. Shocks in Solids and Multi-Phase Flows

158. Shock tube problem with phase transition: numerical analysis and experiments
X. Luo, D. G. Labetski, V. Holten, M. E. H. Dongen

159. Shock wave phenomena in underwater laser peening
K. Watanabe, H. Torikai, Q. S. Yang, A. Sasoh, Y. Sano, N. Mukai

160. An experimental and theoretical study of shock-induced surface waves in porous boreholes
G. Chao, D. M. J. Smeulders, M. E. H. Dongen

161. Two-dimensional effects of the head on interaction between planar shock wave with low density foam
G. Malamud, D. Levi-Hevroni, A. Levy

162. Shock waves in complex (dusty) plasmas
D. Samsonov, S. Zhdanov, G. Morfill

163. Condensation coefficient of methanol vapor near vapor-liquid equilibrium states
S. Fujikawa, T. Yano, M. Ichijo, K. Iwanami

164. Possible meteoritic impact structures in China
Y. Miura, A. Koga, A. Nakamura, X. Hu, J. B. Li, Z. Jiang, K. Takayama

165. Study on the effect of Mach number and initial amplitudes on the evolution of a single-mode shock-induced hydro-dynamic instability
O. Sadot, A. Rikanati, D. Oron, G. Ben-Dor, D. Shvarts

166. Influence of an axial flow on the near-field of axisymmetric dissemination of liquid
L. Yang, Z. Y. Han, P. Xie

167. Shock wave propagation and bubble collapse in liquids containing gas bubbles
H. Sugiyama, K. Ohtani, K. Mizobata, H. Ogasawara

168. Shock-induced dust cloud over a deposit layer of fine particles
B. Y. Wang, Y. Xiong, Q. Chen, A. N. Osiptsov

169. Impact behavior of two-dimensional particulate aggregation containing dissimilar material layer
M. Nishida, K. Tanaka, A. Ito, Z. Lu

170. An optical investigation of shock waves in various liquids
W. Garen, M. Müller, S. Koch, L. Popelka, W. Neu

Part XII. Numerical Simulations of Shock Waves

171. Development of the hybrid numerical simulation to clarify shock viscosity effects in a plastic shock wave front
A. Abe

172. Computation of turbulent separated nozzle flows
Q. Xiao, H. M. Tsai

173. Simulation of strong shock-interface interaction
T. G. Liu, K. C. Hung, B. C. Khoo

174. A robust and simple upwind scheme: a way to resolve contact discontinuities and suppress the carbuncle instability
M. Sun, K. Takayama

175. Recent development of a coupled CFD/CSD methodology using an embedded approach
J. D. Baum, E. L. Mestreau, H. Luo, R. Löhner, D. Pelessone, C. Charman

176. Numerical simulations of 3-dimensional laminar hypesonic blunt fin interactions
S. J. Vithana, O. R. Tutty, G. T. Roberts

177. Prediction of jet flows from the axisymmetric supersonic nozzle
Y. Liu, M. A. F. Kendall, G. Costigan, B. J. Bellhouse

178. An ALE method for compressible multi-material flows on unstructured grids
H. Luo, J. D. Baum, R. Löhner

179. Blast type shock wave phenomena simulated using regularized smoothed particle hydrodynamics
M. Omang, S. Børve, J. Trulsen

180. Aerodynamic characteristics of high Mach, low Reynolds numbers flow past micro spheres
M.-S. Liou, K. Takayama

181. Starting nozzle flow simulation using K-G two-equation turbulence model
G. W. Yang, Z. M. Hu, Z. Jiang

182. Perturbational finite volume scheme for the one-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations
Y. Q. Shen, Z. Gao, G. W. Yang

183. Numerical study of reactive flow in an over-expanded nozzle: influence of wall temperature and altitude
L. Meister, Y. Burtschell, D. E. Zeitoun

184. Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations of nitromethane under shock initiation conditions
S. A. Decker, D. Chau, T. K. Woo, F. Zhang

185. Molecular dynamics studies of shock wave propagation in argon by using higher order symplectic integrators
Y. Kohno, T. Yashima, O. Takahashi, K. Saito, T. Saito, K. Takayama

186. Numerical studies on shock cell interaction
X. Y. Hu, B. C. Khoo

187. Shock/bubble interaction near a rigid boundary in shock wave lithotripsy
A. R. Jamaluddin, G. J. Ball, T. G. Leighton

188. Moment solution of comprehensive kinetic model for plane shock wave problem
R. Nagai, K. Maeno, H. Honma, A. Sakurai

189. Numerical simulations of forward detonation drivers for high-enthalpy shock tunnel
C. L. Liu, Z. M. Hu, D. L. Zhang, Z. Jiang

Part XIII. Various Industrial Applications

190. Shock wave assisted removal of micron size dust particles from silicon wafer surfaces
G. Jagadeesh, M. Mizunaga, K. Shibasaki, S. Shibasaki, T. Saito, K. Takayama

191. A new shock wave assisted sandalwood oil extraction technique
A. N. Arunkumar, Y. B. Srinivasa, G. Ravikumar, K. H. Shankaranarayana, K. S. Rao, G. Jagadeesh

192. Synthesis of high temperature materials for aerospace applications using a shock tube
V. Jayaram, M. S. Hegde, K. P. J. Reddy

193. Attenuation of shock wave by porous materials
K. Kitagawa, M. Yokoyama, M. Yasuhara

194. Experimental study of pressure wave refrigerator performance
W. Zhao, T. Saito, P. Voinovich, K. Shibasaki, S. Shibasaki, H. Ojima, K. Takayama

195. A new shock wave assisted wood preservative injection system
K. S. Rao, G. Ravikumar, Ram Lai, G. Jagadeesh

Part XIV. Others

196. Atomization experiment of pulsed supersonic liquid jets
H.-H. Shi, H. Sato, M. Itoh

197. Effect of secondary swirl flow on the supersonic and coaxial free jet
K. H. Lee, T. Setoguchi, S. Matsuo, H. D. Kim, S. Yu

198. Experimental application of pulsed Ho:YAG laser-induced liquid jet for neuroendoscopic hematoma removal
T. Ohki, A. Nakagawa, J. Sato, H. Jokura, T. Hirano, Y. Sato, H. Uenohara, M. Sun, T. Tominaga, K. Takayama

199. Attenuation and penetration of pulsed supersonic liquid jets—An experimental study
K. Pianthong, K. Takayama, B. E. Milton, M. Behnia

200. Prediction of the driving conditions for hypersonic liquid fuel jets
B. E. Milton, K. Pianthong

201. Presence of shock wave like structures in pedestrian motion
S. G. Rakesh, P. K. Barhai, A. Sasoh, G. Jagadeesh

202. Study of a hypervelocity underwater projectile
S. Yamashita, K. Togami, T. Saeki, M. Kobayashi, S. Oshiba, K. Takayama

203. Experimental investigation on supersonic jet noise from convergent-divergent nozzles
Y. Miyazato, T. Aoki, N. Kondoh, M. Masuda, Y. H. Kweon, H. D. Kim, T. Setoguchi, K. Matsuo

Part XV. Supplement for ISSW23

204. Curved shock wave interaction with a spiral vortex
B. Skews

Keywords: Physics, Classical Continuum Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Engineering

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