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Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology

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Table of contents

Part 1. Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Basics and Advanced Approaches

1. Basics of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biosciences
M. Hof, V. Fidler, R. Hutterer

2. Pulse and Phase Fluorometries: An Objective Comparison
B. Valeur

3. Non-Exponential Fluorescence of Electronically Coupled Donors Contains Distance Information
S. Kalinin, M. Isaksson, L. B.-Å. Johansson

4. Fluorescence Nanotomography: Recent Progress, Constraints and Opportunities
O. J. Rolinski, D. J. S. Birch

5. Solvent Relaxation as a Tool for Probing Micro-Polarity and -Fluidity
J. Sýkora, R. Hutterer, M. Hof

6. Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy: Applications in Biophysics
N. L. Thompson, J. K. Pero

7. Single Molecule Spectroscopy: Basics and Applications
J. Enderlein

Part 2. Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Biological Membranes

8. Raft Microdomains in Model Membranes as Revealed by Fluorescence Quenching
G. Duportail

9. The Lateral Structure of Lipid Membranes as Seen by Fluorescence Microscopy
L. A. Bagatolli

Part 3. Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Protein Studies

10. Protein Dynamics and Protein Folding Dynamics Revealed by Time-Resolved Fluorescence
Anoop Saxena, J. B. Udgaonkar, G. Krishnamoorthy

11. Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Two-Photon FCS Investigation of the Interaction of HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein with Hairpin Loop Oligonucleotides
J. Azoulay, S. Bernacchi, H. Beltz, J.-P. Clamme, E. Piemont, E. Schaub, D. Ficheux, B. Roques, J.-L. Darlix, Y. Mély

Part 4. Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy to DNA and Drug Delivery

12. Fluorescence Techniques in Non-Viral Gene Therapy
N. Adjimatera, A. P. Neal, I. S. Blagbrough

13. Fluorescence Applications in Targeted Drug Delivery
K. Bryl, M. Langner

Part 5. Fluorescence Spectroscopy in cells: FCS and Quantum Dots

14. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in Cell Biology
R. Brock

15. Fluorescent Quantum Dots: Properties and Applications
M. R. Warnement, S. J. Rosenthal

16. Heat Stress of Cancer Cells: Fluorescence Imaging of Structural Changes with Quantum Dots 605 and Alexa 488
O. Minet, C. Dressler, J. Beuthan


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