Matthäus-Maier, Ingrid

EU Accession — Financial Sector Opportunities and Challenges for Southeast Europe

Matthäus-Maier, Ingrid - EU Accession — Financial Sector Opportunities and Challenges for Southeast Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I:.Stimulating the Economy of Southeast Europe

1. Setting the Stage for Stability and Progress in Southeast Europe
Paul Hare

2. The Scenario for EU Accession by Southeast European Countries
Marc Franco

3. Infrastructure Finance, Accession, and Related Policy Issues in Southeast Europe
Ewald Nowotny

4. Making It Easier to Do Business in Southeast Europe
Khaled F. Sherif

Part II:.Financial Regulation for Stability and Protection in Southeast Europe

5. Financial Sector Development in Southeast Europe — The Roles of EU Accession and Basel II
Evan Kraft

6. Implementing European Standards of Banking Regulation in Georgia
Merab Kakulia

7. Issues Concerning Foreign Banks' Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Peter Nicholl

8. The Role of Foreign Banks in SEE
Mihai Bogza

9. The Impact of Basel II on Banking in Albania and Southeast Europe
Eris Sharxhi

10. Financial Stability in Southeast Europe — Basel II and the Challenges Ahead
Christian Fehlker, Arnaud Mehl, Adalbert Winkler

Part III:.Bankers' Perspectives — Dynamic Banking in the Changing Market of Southeast Europe

11. Bankers' Perspectives — Dynamic Banking in a Changing Market
Sylvia Wisniwski

12. Evolution of the Banking Sector in Southeast Europe — The Role and Business Strategies of Domestic Banks
Per Fischer

13. Financing Small and Medium-Sized Companies
Mita Katic

14. The Business Strategies of Domestic Banks in the Long Run — SME Lending as an Attractive Market Segment
Evgeny Gospodinov

15. Building a Market Niche Also Builds a Market — Opportunity Bank in Montenegro
Keith Flintham

Part IV:.Clients' Perspectives on Access to Financial Services for Micro and Small Enterprise in Southeast Europe

16. Clients' Perspectives — Providing More Effective Financial Services for Micro and Small Enterprises
Sarah Forster

17. Access to Finance: Issues and Opportunities in Southeast Europe
Albrecht Mulfinger

18. Nonfinancial Obstacles to SME Financing in Serbia
Igor Brkanovic

19. Constraints to Business Development in Bulgaria and the Case for Action
Stefan Kossev

20. Degrees of Competition in Serving Target Groups — They May Be Closer than You Think
Christoph Freytag

21. A New Approach to Business Development Services in Southeast Europe
Hayder Al-Bagdadi, Dirk Steinwand, Frank Wältring

Part V:.Looking Ahead — Public-Private Partnerships in the Financial Sector in Southeast Europe

22. Public-Private Partnerships for Financial Development in Southeast Europe
Reinhard H. Schmidt, Nina Moisa

23. Replicable and Transparent PPP Models for Financial Sector Development
Klaus-Eckhard Hartmann

24. Using PPPs to Facilitate Transactions in Financial Markets
Ira W. Lieberman

25. Sustainable Microfinance Banks — IMI as a Public-Private Partnership in Practice
Helen Alexander

26. Opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships in Financial Sector Development
Syed Aftab Ahmed

27. Public-Private Partnership — Results in the Banking Sector in Southeast Europe
Klaus Glaubitt, Haje Schütte

28. Microfinance Investment Funds — An Innovative Form of PPP to Foster the Commercialisation of Microfinance
Doris Köhn, Michael Jainzik

PART VI:.Summary and Conclusions

29. An Overview of Banking, Financial Regulation, and Access to Financial Services in Southeast Europe in the Context of EU Enlargement
Ingrid Matthäus-Maier, J.D. Pischke


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