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Gravity, Geoid and Space Missions

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Table of contents

Session 1:. Session 1

1. Initial results from retracking and reprocessing the ERS-1 geodetic mission altimetry for gravity field purposes
Ole B. Andersen, P. Knudsen, P. A. M. Berry, E. L. Mathers, R. Trimmer, S. Kenyon

2. Space-borne gravimetry: determination of the time variable gravity field
P.N.A.M. Visser, E.J.O. Schrama

3. Satellite clusters for future gravity field missions
Nico Sneeuw, Hanspeter Schaub

4. A Preliminary Gravitational Model to Degree 2160
N.K. Pavlis, S.A. Holmes, S.C. Kenyon, D. Schmidt, R. Trimmer

5. Stochastic model validation of satellite gravity data: A test with CHAMP pseudo-observations
J.P. Loon, J. Kusche

6. Analysis of J2-Perturbed Relative Orbits for Satellite Formation Flying
C. Xu, R. Tsoi, N. Sneeuw

7. GOCE Gravity Field Processing
R. Pail, W.-D. Schuh, M. Wermuth

8. GRACE Gradiometer
M.A. Sharifi, W. Keller

9. Modelling the Earth’s gravity field using wavelet frames
I. Panet, O. Jamet, M. Diament, A. Chambodut

10. Numerical Velocity Determination and Calibration Methods for champ Using the Energy Balance Approach
M. Weigelt, N. Sneeuw

11. Upward Continuation of Ground Data for GOCE Calibration/Validation Purposes
K.I. Wolf, H. Denker

12. Global Gravity Field Solutions Based on a Simulation Scenario of GRACE SST Data and Regional Refinements by GOCE SGG Observations
A. Eicker, T. Mayer-Guerr, K.H. Ilk

13. Effect of geopotential model errors on the projection of GOCE gradiometer observables
Gy. Tóth, L. Földváry

14. Comparison of some robust parameter estimation techniques for outlier analysis applied to simulated GOCE mission data
B. Kargoll

15. Comparison of outlier detection algorithms for GOCE gravity gradients
J. Bouman, M. Kern, R. Koop, R. Pail, R. Haagmans, T. Preimesberger

16. Using the EIGEN-GRACE02S Gravity Field to Investigate Defectiveness of Marine Gravity Data
Wolfgang Bosch

17. Determination of gravity gradients from terrestrial gravity data for calibration and validation of gradiometric GOCE data
M. Kern, R. Haagmans

Session 2:. Session 2

18. Evaluation of Airborne Gravimetry Integrating GNSS and Strapdown INS Observations
Ch. Kreye, G.W. Hein, B. Zimmermann

19. Network Approach versus State-space Approach for Strapdown Inertial Kinematic Gravimetry
Assumpció Térmens, Ismael Colomina

20. The Airborne Gravimeter Chekan-A at the Institute of Flight Guidance (IFF)
T. H. Stelkens-Kobsch

21. Numerical investigation of downward continuation methods for airborne gravity data
I.N. Tziavos, V.D. Andritsanos, R. Forsberg, A.V. Olesen

Session 3:. Session 3

22. Status of the European Gravity and Geoid Project EGGP
H. Denker, J.-P. Barriot, R. Barzaghi, R. Forsberg, J. Ihde, A. Kenyeres, U. Marti, I.N. Tziavos

23. Merging a Gravimetric Model of the Geoid with GPS/Levelling data : an Example in Belgium
H. Duquenne, M. Everaerts, P. Lambot

24. The Antarctic Geoid Project: Status Report and Next Activities
Mirko Scheinert

25. First Results from new High-precision Measurements of Deflections of the Vertical in Switzerland
Anna Müller, Beat Bürki, Hans-Gert Kahle, Christian Hirt, Urs Marti

26. Error Propagation with Geographic Specificity for Very High Degree Geopotential Models
N.K. Pavlis, J. Saleh

27. Gravity Data Base Generation and Geoid Model Estimation Using Heterogeneous Data
G.S. Vergos, I.N. Tziavos, V.D. Andritsanos

28. A new strategy for processing airborne gravity data
B.A. Alberts, R. Klees, P. Ditmar

29. Multiresolution representation of a regional geoid from satellite and terrestrial gravity data
M. Schmidt, J. Kusche, J.P. Loon, C.K. Shum, S.-C. Han, O. Fabert

30. A Study on Two-boundary Problems in Airborne Gravimetry and Satellite Gradiometry
P. Holota, M. Kern

31. Local Geoid Computation by the Spectral Combination Method
O. Gitlein, H. Denker, J. Müller

32. On the incorporation of sea surface topography in establishing vertical control
G. Fotopoulos, I.N. Tziavos, M.G. Sideris

33. A New Gravimetric Geoidal Height Model over Norway Computed by the Least-Squares Modification Parameters
H. Nahavandchi, A. Soltanpour, E. Nymes

34. On the Accuracy of Vertical Deflection Measurements Using the High-Precision Digital Zenith Camera System TZK2-D
Christian Hirt, Birger Reese, Heinz Enslin

35. TERRA: A feasibility study on local geoid determination in Bolivia with strapdown inertial airborne gravimetry
M. Giménez, I. Colomina, J. J. Rosales, M. Wis, C. C. Tscherning, E. Vásquez

36. Artificial Neural Network: A Powerful Tool for Predicting Gravity Anomaly from Sparse Data
A.R. Tierra, S.R.C. Freitas

Session 4:. Session 4

37. Photon Counting Airborne Laser Swath Mapping (PC-ALSM)
W. E. Carter, R. L. Shrestha, K.C. Slatton

38. Evaluation of SRTM3 and GTOPO30 Terrain Data in Germany
H. Denker

39. Multiscale Estimation of Terrain Complexity Using ALSM Point Data on Variable Resolution Grids
K.C. Slatton, K. Nagarajan, V. Aggarwal, H. Lee, W. Carter, R. Shrestha

Session 5:. Session 5

40. A comparison of different isostatic models applied to satellite gravity gradiometry
F. Wild, B. Heck

Session 6:. Session 6

41. Spectral Analysis of Mean Dynamic Ocean Topography From the GRACE GGM01 Geoid
Zizhan Zhang, Yang Lu

42. Interannual to decadal sea level change in south-western Europe from satellite altimetry and in-situ measurements
L. Fenoglio-Marc, E. Tel, M.J. Garcia, N. Kjaer

43. Space-time analysis of sea level in the North Atlantic from TOPEX/Poseidon satellite altimetry
S. M. Barbosa, M. J. Fernandes, M. E. Silva

44. Mean Sea Level and Sea Level Variation Studies in the Black Sea and the Aegean
I.N. Tziavos, G.S. Vergos, V. Kotzev, L. Pashova

45. Modelling Future Sea-level Change under Green-house Warming Scenarios with an Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity
O. Makarynskyy, M. Kuhn, W.E. Featherstone

46. Crossover Adjustment of New Zealand Marine Gravity Data, and Comparisons with Satellite Altimetry and Global Geopotential Models
M.J. Amos, W.E. Featherstone, J. Brett

Session 7:. Session 7

47. Results of the International Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters in Walferdange (Luxembourg) of November 2003
Olivier Francis, Tonie Dam, M. Amalvict, M. Andrade Sousa, M. Bilker, R. Billson, G. D’Agostino, S. Desogus, R. Falk, A. Germak, O. Gitlein, D. Jonhson, F. Klopping, J. Kostelecky, B. Luck, J. Mäkinen, D. McLaughlin, E. Nunez, C. Origlia, V. Palinkas, P. Richard, E. Rodriguez, D. Ruess, D. Schmerge, S. Thies, L. Timmen, M. Camp, D. Westrum, H. Wilmes

48. A New Small Cam-Driven Absolute Gravimeter
J.E. Faller, A.L. Vitouchkine

49. Absolute Gravity Measurements in Australia and Syowa Station, Antarctica
Y. Fukuda, T. Higashi, S. Takemoto, S. Iwano, K. Doi, K. Shibuya, Y. Hiraoka, I. Kimura, H. McQueen, R. Govind

50. Unified European Gravity Reference Network 2002 (UEGN02) — Status 2004
G. Boedecker, O. Francis, A. Kenyeres

51. Determination of gravity anomalies from torsion balance measurements
L. Völgyesi, G. Tóth, G. Csapó

Session 8:. Session 8

52. Decadal Ocean Bottom Pressure Variability and its Associated Gravitational Effects in a Coupled Ocean- Atmosphere Model
R.J. Bingham, K. Haines

53. Gravity Changes in the Fennoscandian Uplift Area to be Observed by GRACE and Absolute Gravimetry
J. Müller, L. Timmen, O. Gitlein, H. Denker

54. Recovery of global time-variations of surface water mass by GRACE geoid inversion
G. Ramillien, A. Cazenave, Ch. Reigber, R. Schmidt, P. Schwintzer

55. Seasonal Gravity Field Variations from GRACE and Hydrological Models
Ole B. Andersen, Jacques Hinderer, Frank G. Lemoine

56. Mass redistribution from global GPS timeseries and GRACE gravity fields: inversion issues
J. Kusche, E.J.O. Schrama

57. The Fennoscandian Land Uplift Gravity Lines 1966–2003
J Mäkinen, A. Engfeldt, B.G. Harsson, H. Ruotsalainen, G. Strykowski, T. Oja, D. Wolf

58. Temporal Gravity Variations in GOCE Gradiometric Data
F. Jarecki, J. Müller, S. Petrovic, P. Schwintzer

59. Estimating GRACE Aliasing Errors
Ki-Weon Seo, Clark R. Wilson

60. Methods to Study Co-seismic Deformations Detectable by Satellite Gravity Mission GRACE
Wenke Sun, Shuhei Okubo

61. The gradiometric-geodynamic boundary value problem
Gy. Tóth

62. Relation between the geological conditions and vertical surface movements in the Pannonian basin
L. Völgyesi, G. Csapó, Z. Szabó

63. Modelling gravity gradient variation due to water mass fluctuations
L. Völgyesi, G. Tóth

Keywords: Geosciences, Geophysics/Geodesy

Publication year
International Association of Geodesy Symposia
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