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Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring

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Table of contents

1. Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring: Foundations and Future
M. R. Pinsky, D. Payen

2. Defining Hemodynamic Instability
M. H. Weil

3. Determinants of Blood Flow and Organ Perfusion
E. Calzia, Z. Iványi, P. Radermacher

4. Determining Effectiveness of Regional Perfusion
D. M. Payen

5. Microcirculatory and Mitochondrial Distress Syndrome (MMDS): A New Look at Sepsis
P. E. Spronk, V. S. Kanoore-Edul, C. Ince

6. ‘Adequate’ Hemodynamics: A Question of Time?
L. Gattinoni, F. Valenza, E. Carlesso

7. Arterial Pressure: A Personal View
D. Bennett

8. Central Venous Pressure: Uses and Limitations
T. Smith, R. M. Grounds, A. Rhodes

9. Pulmonary Artery Occlusion Pressure: Measurement, Significance, and Clinical Uses
J. J. Marini, J. W. Leatherman

10. Cardiac Output by Thermodilution and Arterial Pulse Contour Techniques
J. R. C. Jansen, P. C. M. Berg

11. Clinical Value of Intrathoracic Volumes from Transpulmonary Indicator Dilution
A. B. J. Groeneveld, R. M. B. G. E. Breukers, J. Verheij

12. Methodology and Value of Assessing Extravascular Lung Water
A. B. J. Groeneveld, J. Verheij

13. Arterial Pulse Contour Analysis: Applicability to Clinical Routine
D. A. Reuter, A. E. Goetz

14. Arterial Pulse Power Analysis: The LiDCOM plus System
A. Rhodes, R. Sunderland

15. Esophageal Doppler monitoring
M. Singer

16. Splanchnic Blood Flow
J. Creteur

17. Microcirculatory Blood Flow: Videomicroscopy
D. Backer

18. Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (SvO2)
J. B. Hall

19. Central Venous Oxygen Saturation (ScvO2)
K. Reinhart, F. Bloos

20. DO2/VO2 relationships
J. L. Vincent

21. Cardiac Preload Evaluation Using Echocardiographic Techniques
M. Slama

22. Right Ventricular End-Diastolic Volume
J. Boldt

23. Fluid Therapy of Tissue Hypoperfusion
R. P. Dellinger

24. The Use of Central Venous Pressure in Critically Ill Patients
S. Magder

25. Arterial Pressure Variation during Positive-pressure Ventilation
A. Perel, S. Preisman, H. Berkenstadt

26. Arterial Pulse Pressure Variation During Positive Pressure Ventilation and Passive Leg Raising
J.-L. Teboul, X. Monnet, C. Richard

27. Standardization of Care by Defining Endpoints of Resuscitation
M. Mythen, H. Meeran, M. Grocott

28. Protocolized Cardiovascular Management Based on Ventricular-arterial Coupling
M. R. Pinsky

29. Cost Effectiveness of Monitoring Techniques
J. Wendon


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