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Earth Observation with CHAMP

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Table of contents

I. Orbit and Earth Gravity Field

1. Ice Mass Balance and Antarctic Gravity Change: Satellite and Terrestrial Perspectives
Erik R. Ivins, Eric Rignot, Xiaoping Wu, Thomas S. James, Gino Casassa

2. Gravity Model TUM-2Sp Based on the Energy Balance Approach and Kinematic CHAMP Orbits
Lóránt Földváry, Dražen Švehla, Christian Gerlach, Martin Wermuth, Thomas Gruber, Reiner Rummel, Markus Rothacher, Björn Frommknecht, Thomas Peters, Peter Steigenberger

3. On the Contribution of CHAMP to Temporal Gravity Field Variation Studies
Zhang Qiang, Philip Moore

4. Earth Gravity Field and Seasonal Variability from CHAMP
Christoph Reigber, Horst Jochmann, Johann Wünsch, Svetozar Petrovic, Peter Schwintzer, Franz Barthelmes, Karl-Hans Neumayer, Rolf König, Christoph Förste, Georges Balmino, Richard Biancale, Jean-Michel Lemoine, Sylvain Loyer, Felix Perosanz

5. Comparison of Superconducting Gravimeter and CHAMP Satellite Derived Temporal Gravity Variations
Jürgen Neumeyer, Peter Schwintzer, Franz Barthelmes, Olaf Dierks, Yuichi Imanishi, Corinna Kroner, Bruno Meurers, He-Ping Sun, Heikki Virtanen

6. Improvements in Arctic Gravity and Geoid from CHAMP and GRACE: An Evaluation
David McAdoo, Carl Wagner, Seymour Laxon

7. Evaluation of Gravity Data by EIGEN-2 (CHAMP-only) Model in China
Yang Lu, Hongling Shi

8. Energy Balance Relations for Validation of Gravity Field Models and Orbit Determinations Applied to the CHAMP Mission
Anno Löcher, Karl Heinz Ilk

9. Evaluation of Terrestrial Gravity Data by Independent Global Gravity Field Models
Markus Roland, Heiner Denker

10. Recent Developments in CHAMP Orbit Determination at GFZ
Rolf König, Grzegorz Michalak, Karl Hans Neumayer, Roland Schmidt, Sheng Yuan Zhu, Heribert Meixner, Christoph Reigber

11. On Calibrating the CHAMP On-Board Accelerometer and Attitude Quaternion Processing
Karl Hans Neumayer, Grzegorz Michalak, Rolf König

12. Evaluation of the CHAMP Accelerometer on Two Years of Mission
Félix Perosanz, Richard Biancale, Jean Michel Lemoine, Nicole Vales, Sylvain Loyer, Sean Bruinsma

13. A New Method to Detect and Estimate CHAMP Clock Bias Change Cycle Slip
Bibo Peng, Bin Wu, Jun Li, Houze Hsu

14. Comparison of Different Stochastic Orbit Modeling Techniques
Adrian Jäggi, Heike Bock, Urs Hugentobler, Gerhard Beutler

15. Determination of Non-Conservative Accelerations from Orbit Analysis
Jose IJssel, Pieter Visser, Roger Haagmans

16. CHAMP and Resonances
Robert H. Gooding, Carl A. Wagner, Jaroslav Kloko?ník, Jan Kostelecký, Christoph Reigber

17. CHAMP Gravity Field Solutions and Geophysical Constraint Studies
Shin-Chan Han, C.K. Shum, Christopher Jekeli, Alexander Braun, Yiqun Chen, Chung-Yen Kuo

18. Application of Eigenvalue Decomposition in the Parallel Computation of a CHAMP 100x100 Gravity Field
Mark B. Hinga, Steve R. Poole, Byron D. Tapley

19. Time-Variable Gravity Seen by Satellite Missions: On its Sampling and its Parametrization
Martin Wiehl, Reinhard Dietrich

20. Gravity Field Recovery by Analysis of Short Arcs of CHAMP
Karl Heinz Ilk, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Martin Feuchtinger

21. Statistical Assessment of CHAMP Data and Models Using the Energy Balance Approach
Jürgen Kusche, Jasper Loon

22. Multiscale Geopotential Solutions from CHAMP Orbits and Accelerometry
Martin J. Fengler, Willi Freeden, Jürgen Kusche

23. Multiscale Modeling from EIGEN-1S, EIGEN-2, EIGEN-GRACE01S, UCPH2002_0.5, EGM96
Martin J. Fengler, Willi Freeden, Martin Gutting

24. A Comparison of Various Procedures for Global Gravity Field Recovery from CHAMP Orbits
Torsten Mayer-Guerr, Martin Feuchtinger, Juergen Kusche

25. Precise Orbit Determination for CHAMP Using an Efficient Kinematic and Reduced-Dynamic Procedure
Heike Bock, Urs Hugentobler, Adrian Jäggi, Gerhard Beutler

26. On Bias and Scale and Thrust Factors for CHAMP Accelerometry
Zhang Qiang, Philip Moore

27. CHAMP Accelerometer Preprocessing at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
Christoph Förste, Sunchan Choi

28. CHAMP Clock Characterization Revisited
Rolf König, Grzegorz Michalak, Ludwig Grunwaldt, Christoph Reigber

29. How Baltic Sea Water Mass Variations Mask the Postglacial Rebound Signal in CHAMP and GRACE Gravity Field Solutions
Martin Wiehl, Reinhard Dietrich, Andreas Lehmann

30. The Impact of the New CHAMP and GRACE Gravity Models on the Measurement of the General Relativistic Lense-Thirring Effect
Lorenzo Iorio

31. Recovery of Isostatic Topography over North America from Topographic and CHAMP Gravity Correlations
Laramie V. Potts, C. K. Shum, Ralph Frese, Shin-Chan Han, Rainer Mautz

32. Dynamic Topography as Reflected in the Global Gravity Field
Mikhail K. Kaban, Peter Schwintzer, Christoph Reigber

33. Impact of the CHAMP Mission on Estimating the Mean Sea Surface
Verena Seufer, Jens Schröter, Manfred Wenzel, Wolfgang Keller

34. Improved Estimates of the Oceanic Circulation Using the CHAMP Geoid
Gennady Kivman, Sergey Danilov, Bernadette Fritzsch, Sven Harig, Christian Reick, Jens Schröter, Verena Seufer, Dmitry Sidorenko, Joanna Staneva, Manfred Wenzel

35. Contemporary Changes in the Geoid About Greenland: Predictions Relevant to Gravity Space Missions
Kevin Fleming, Zden?k Martinec, Jan Hagedoorn, Detlef Wolf

36. Mantle Viscosity and S-Wave to Density Conversion Profiles using CHAMP Geoid Data
Gabriele Marquart, Radboud Koop

37. Regional Geoid Undulations from CHAMP, Represented by Locally Supported Basis Functions
Rainer Mautzl, Burkhard Schaffrin, C. K. Shum, Shin-Chan Han

II. Earth Magnetic Field

38. Ionospheric Plasma Effects for Geomagnetic LEO Missions at Mid- and Low-Latitudes
Matthias Förster, Martin Rother, Hermann Lühr

39. Interpretation of CHAMP Crustal Field Anomaly Maps Using Geographical Information System (GIS) Technique
Kumar Hemant, Stefan Maus, Volker Haak

40. Magnetic Crustal Thickness in Greenland from CHAMP and Ørsted Data
Cathrine Fox Maule, Michael E. Purucker, Nils Olsen

41. CHAMP Magnetic Anomalies of the Antarctic Crust
Hyung Rae Kim, Luis R. Gaya-Piqué, Ralph R. B. Frese, Patrick T. Taylor, Jeong Woo Kim

42. Magnetic Petrology Database for Interpretation Satellite Magnetic Anomalies
Katherine A. Nazarova

43. Balloon Geomagnetic Survey at Stratospheric Altitudes
Katherine A. Nazarova, Yuri Tsvetkov, James Heirtzler, Terence Sabaka

44. Effect of Varying Crustal Thickness on CHAMP Geopotential Data
Patrick T. Taylor, Käroly I. Kis, Ralph R. B. Frese, Juha V. Korhonen, Géza Wittmann, Hyung Rae Kim, Laramie V. Potts

45. Reliability of CHAMP Anomaly Continuations
Ralph R.B. Frese, Hyung Rae Kim, Patrick T. Taylor, Mohanmmad F. Asgharzadeh

46. Introducing POMME, the POtsdam Magnetic Model of the Earth
Stefan Maus, Hermann Lühr, Georgios Balasis, Martin Rother, Mioara Mandea

47. Alternative Parameterisations of the External Magnetic Field and its Induced Counterpart for 2001 and 2002 Using Ørsted, Champ and Observatory Data
Vincent Lesur, Susan Macmillan, Alan Thomson

48. New Insight into Secular Variation Between MAGSAT and CHAMP/ØRSTED
Ingo Wardinski, Richard Holme

49. Time Structure of the 1991 Magnetic Jerk in the Core-Mantle Boundary Zone by Inverting Global Magnetic Data Supported by Satellite Measurements
Ludwig Ballani, Ingo Wardinski, Dietrich Stromeyer, Hans Greiner-Mai

50. Use of Champ Magnetic Data to Improve the Antarctic Geomagnetic Reference Model
Luis R. Gaya-Piqué, Angelo Santis, Joan Miquel Torta

51. Secular Variation of the Geomagnetic Field from Satellite Data
Vadim P. Golovkov, Tatiana I. Zvereva, Tatiana A. Chernova

52. The Spectrum of the Magnetic Secular Variation
Richard Holme, Nils Olsen

53. Geomagnetic Induction Modeling Based on CHAMP Magnetic Vector Data
Heather McCreadie, Zden?k Martinec

54. Electromagnetic Induction by Sq Ionospheric Currents in a Heterogeneous Earth: Modeling Using Ground-based and Satellite Measurements
Jakub Velímský, Mark E. Everett

55. Wavelet Analysis of CHAMP Flux Gate Magnetometer Data
Georgios Balasis, Stefan Maus, Hermann Lühr, Martin Rother

56. Modelling the Ocean Effect of Geomagnetic Storms at Ground and Satellite Altitude
Alexei Kuvshinov, Nils Olsen

57. 3-D Modelling of the Magnetic Fields Due to Ocean Tidal Flow
Alexei Kuvshinov, Nils Olsen

58. The Enhancement of the Thermospheric Density During the Sept. 25–26, 2001 Magnetic Storm
Huixin Liu, Hermann Lühr, Wolfgang Köhler

59. On the Modelling of Field-Aligned Currents from Magnetic Observations by Polar Orbiting Satellites
Peter Stauning, Freddy Christiansen, Jürgen Watermann

60. The Low-Altitude Cusp: Multi-Point Observations During the February 2002 SIRCUS Campaign
Jurgen Watermann, Hermann Lühr, Kristian Schlegel, Peter Stauning, Jeffrey P. Thayer, Freddy Christiansen, Patrick T. Newell

61. Detection of Intense Fine-Scale Field-Aligned Current Structures in the Cusp Region
Peter Stauning, Freddy Christiansen, Jürgen Watermann

62. A Comparative Study of Geomagnetic Pi2 Pulsations Observed by CHAMP and on the Ground
Peter R. Sutcliffe, Hermann Lühr

63. ULF Wave Magnetic Measurements by CHAMP Satellite and SEGMA Ground Magnetometer Array: Case Study of July 6, 2002
Massimo Vellante, Hermann Lühr, Tie-Long Zhang, Viktor Wesztergom, Umberto Villante, Marcello Lauretis, Andrea Piancatelli, Martin Rother, Konrad Schwingenschuh, Wolfgang Koren, Werner Magnes

64. Classes of the Equatorial Electrojet
Heather McCreadie

65. The ESPERIA Project: a Mission to Investigate the near-Earth Space
Vittorio Sgrignal, Rodolfo Console, Livio Conti, Arkady Moiseev Galper, Valeria Malvezzil, Michel Parrot, Piergiorgio Picozza, Renato Scrimaglio, Piero Spillantini, David Zilpimiani

66. Status of the CHAMP ME Data Processing
Martin Rother, Sungchan Choi, Wolfgang Mai, Hermann Lüuhr, David Cooke

III. Neutral Atmosphere and Ionosphere

67. Atmospheric and Ocean Sensing with GNSS
Thomas P. Yunck, George A. Hajj

68. Amplitude Variations in CHAMP Radio Occultation Signal as an Indicator of the Ionospheric Activity
Alexander Pavelyev, Jens Wickert, Christoph Reigber, Torsten Schmidt, Yuei-An Liou, Chen-Young Huang, Stanislav Matyugov, Dmitrii Pavelyev

69. About the Potential of GPS Radio Occultation Measurements for Exploring the Ionosphere
Norbert Jakowski, Konstantin Tsybulyal, Stanimir M. Stankov, Andreas Wehrenpfennig

70. Validation of GPS Ionospheric Radio Occultation results onboard CHAMP by Vertical Sounding Observations in Europe
Norbert Jakowski, Konstantin Tsybulyal, Jens Mielich, Anna Belehaki, David Altadill, Jean-Claude Jodogne, Bruno Zolesi

71. Ionospheric Tomography with GPS Data from CHAMP and SAC-C
Miquel García-Fernández, Angela Aragón, Manuel Hernandez-Pajares, Jose Miguel Juan, Jaume Sanz, Victor Rios

72. Topside Plasma Scale Height Modelling Based on CHAMP Measurements: First Results
Stanimir M. Stankov, Norbert Jakowski

73. Differential Code Bias of GPS Receivers in Low Earth Orbit: An Assessment for CHAMP and SAC-C
Stefan Heise, Claudia Stolle, Stefan Schlüter, Norbert Jakowski

74. Ionosphere/Plasmasphere Imaging Based on GPS Navigation Measurements from CHAMP and SAC-C
Stefan Heise, Norbert Jakowski, David Cooke

75. Three-Dimensional Monitoring of the Polar Ionosphere with Ground- and Space-Based GPS
Claudia Stolle, Stefan Schlüter, Christoph Jacobi, Norbert Jakowski, Stefan Heise, Armin Raabe

76. Comparison of Electron Density Profiles from CHAMP Data with NeQuick Model
Norbert Jakowski, Konstantin Tsybulyal, Sandro M Radicella, Marta Cueto, Miguel Herraiz

77. Model for Short-term Atmospheric Density Variations
Mark Zijlstra, Stephan Theil, Silvia Scheithauer

78. Atmospheric Profiling with CHAMP: Status of the Operational Data Analysis, Validation of the Recent Data Products and Future Prospects
Jens Wickert, Torsten Schmidt, Georg Beyerle, Grzegorz Michalak, Rolf König, Julia Kaschenz, Christoph Reigber

79. Simulated Temperature and Water Vapor Retrieval from Bending Angles and Refractivity Measurements using an Optimal Estimation Approach
Axel Engeln, Gerald Nedoluha

80. An Analysis of the Lower Tropospheric Refractivity Bias by Heuristic Sliding Spectral Methods
Georg Beyerle, Jens Wickert, Torsten Schmidt, Rolf König, Christoph Reigber

81. Diffractive Integrals for Bistatic Remote Sensing Using GPS Signals
Alexander Pavelyev, Jens Wickert, Yuei-An Liou

82. Canonical Transform Methods for Analysis of Radio Occultations
Michael E. Gorbunov, Kent B. Lauritsen

83. GPS Radio Occultation with CHAMP: Comparison of Atmospheric Profiles from GFZ Potsdam and IGAM Graz
Jens Wickert, Andreas Gobiet, Georg Beyerle, Andrea K. Steiner, Gottfried Kirchengast, Ulrich Foelsche, Torsten Schmidt

84. Evaluation of Stratospheric Radio Occultation Retrieval Using Data from CHAMP, MIPAS, GOMOS, and ECMWF Analysis Fields
Andreas Gobiet, Gottfried Kirchengast, Jens Wickert, Christian Retscher, Ding-Yi Wang, Alain Hauchecorne

85. Derivation of the Water Vapor Content from the GNSS Radio Occultation Observations
Francesco Vespe, Jens Wickert, Catia Benedetto, Rosa Pacione

86. Processing of CHAMP Radio Occultation Data Using GRAS SAF Software
Georg Bergeton Larsen, Kent Bækgaard Lauritsen, Frans Rubek, Martin Bjært Sørensen

87. Gravity Wave "Portrait" Reconstructed by Radio Holographic Analysis of the Amplitude of GPS Radio Occultation Signals
Yuei-An Liou, Jens Wickert, Alexander Pavelyev, Christoph Reigber, Torsten Schmidt, Chen-Young Huang, Shen Yan

88. Global Analysis of Stratospheric Gravity Wave Activity Using CHAMP Radio Occultation Temperatures
Christoph Jacobi, Madineni Venkat Ratnam, Gerd Tetzlaff

89. Tropical Tropopause Characteristics from CHAMP
Torsten Schmidt, Jens Wickert, Georg Beyerle, Christoph Reigber

90. Comparisons of MIPAS/ENVISAT and GPS-RO/CHAMP Temperatures
Ding-Yi Wang, Jens Wickert, Gabriele P. Stiller, Thomas Clarmann, Georg Beyerle, Torsten Schmidt, Manuel López-Puertas, Bernd Funke, Sergio Gil-López, Norbert Glatthor, Udo Grabowski, Michael Höpfner, Sylvia Kellmann, Michael Kiefer, Andrea Linden, Gizaw Mengistu Tsidu, Mathias Milz, Tilman Steck, Herbert Fischer

91. Comparison of GPS/SAC-C and MIPAS/ENVISAT Temperature Profiles and Its Possible Implementation for EOS MLS Observations
Jonathan H. Jiang, Ding-Yi Wang, Larry L. Romans, Chi O. Ao, Michael J. Schwartz, Gabriele P. Stiller, Thomas Clarmann, Manuel López-Puertas, Bernd Funke, Sergio Gil-López, Norbert Glatthor, Udo Grabowski, Michael Höpfner, Sylvia Kellmann, Michael Kiefer, Andrea Linden, Gizaw Mengistu Tsidu, Mathias Milz, Tilman Steck, Herbert Fischer

92. Structure and Variability of the Tropopause Obtained from CHAMP Radio Occultation Temperature Profiles
Madineni Venkat Ratnam, Gerd Tetzlaff, Christoph Jacobi

93. An Assessment of an Ionospheric GPS Data Assimilation Process
Matthew Angling

94. The Continuous Wavelet Transform, a Valuable Analysis Tool to Detect Atmospheric and Ionospheric Signatures in GPS Radio Occultation Phase Delay Data
Achim Helm, Georg Beyerle, Stefan Heise, Torsten Schmidt, Jens Wickert

95. The CHAMP Atmospheric Processing System for Radio Occultation Measurements
Torsten Schmidt, Jens Wickert, Georg Beyerle, Rolf König, Roman Galas, Christoph Reigber

96. Potential Contribution of CHAMP Occultation to Pressure Field Improvement for Gravity Recovery
Shengjie Ge, C. K. Shum

97. Analysis of Gravity Wave Variability from SAC-C and CHAMP Occultation Profiles between June 2001 and March 2003
Alejandro Torre, Toshitaka Tsuda, Ho Fang Tsai, George Hajj, Jens Wickert

98. The CHAMPCLIM Project: An Overview
Ulrich Foelsche, Andreas Gobiet, Armin Löscher, Gottfried Kirchengast, Andrea K. Steiner, Jens Wickert, Torsten Schmidt

Keywords: Geosciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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