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Particle Physics and the Universe

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Table of contents

Part I. Neutrinos, Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology and Gravity

1. The Neutrino Mass Matrix — From A4 to Z3
Ernest Ma

2. Neutrinos — Inner Properties and Role as Astrophysical Messengers
Georg G. Raffelt

3. Lepton Flavor Violation in the SUSY Seesaw Model: An Update
Frank Deppisch, Heinrich Päs, Andreas Redelbach, Reinhold Rückl

4. Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter in the Galaxy
Neven Bilic, Gary B. Tupper, Raoul D. Viollier

5. Supernovae and Dark Energy
Ariel Goobar

6. Semiclassical Cosmology with Running Cosmological Constant
Joan Solà

7. Limits on New Inverse-Power Law Forces
Dennis E. Krause, Ephraim Fischbach

8. Quantum Gravity Phenomenology and Lorentz Violation
Ted Jacobson, Stefano Liberati, David Mattingly

9. On the Quantum Width of a Black Hole Horizon
Donald Marolf

10. The Internal Structure of Black Holes
Igor D. Novikov

11. Microscopic Interpretation of Black Hole Entropy
Maro Cvitan, Silvio Pallua, Predrag Prester

12. Dark Matter Experiments at Boulby Mine
Vitaly A. Kudryavtsev

13. Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and the Pierre Auger Observatory
Danilo Zavrtanik, Darko Veberic

14. Self-Accelerated Universe
Boris P. Kosyakov

15. Charge and Isospin Fluctuations in High Energy pp-Collisions
Mladen Martinis, Vesna Mikuta-Martinis

16. Superluminal Pions in the Linear Sigma Model
Hrvoje Nikolic

Part II. Strings, Branes, Noncommutative Field Theories and Grand Unification

17. Comments on Noncommutative Field Theories
Luis Álvarez-Gaumé, Miguel A. Vázquez-Mozo

18. Seiberg-Witten Maps and Anomalies in Noncommutative Yang-Mills Theories
Friedemann Brandt

19. Renormalisation Group Approach to Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory
Harald Grosse, Raimar Wulkenhaar

20. Noncommutative Gauge Theories via Seiberg-Witten Map
Branislav Jurco

21. The Noncommutative Standard Model and Forbidden Decays
Peter Schupp, Josip Trampetic

22. The Dressed Sliver in VSFT
Loriano Bonora, Carlo Maccaferri, Predrag Prester

23. M5-Branes and Matrix Theory
Martin Cederwall, Henric Larsson

24. Brane Gravity
Merab Gogberashvili

25. Stringy de Sitter Brane-Worlds
Tristan Hübsch

26. Finite Unified Theories and the Higgs Mass Prediction
Abdelhak Djouadi, Sven Heinemeyer, Myriam Mondragón, George Zoupanos

27. Non-Commutative GUTs, Standard Model and C, P, T Properties from Seiberg-Witten Map
Paolo Aschieri

28. Noncommutative Gauge Theory on the q-Deformed Euclidean Plane
Frank Meyer, Harold Steinacker

29. A Multispecies Calogero Model
Marijan Milekovic, Stjepan Meljanac, Andjelo Samsarov

30. Divergencies in Noncommutative SU(2) Yang-Mills Theory
Voja Radovanovic, Maja Buric

31. Gauge Theory on the Fuzzy Sphere and Random Matrices
Harold Steinacker

Part III. Standard Model — Theory and Experiment

32. Waiting for Clear Signals of New Physics in B and K Decays
Andrzej J. Buras

33. Electron-Positron Linear Collider
Klaus Desch

34. New Source of CP Violation in B Physics?
Nilendra G. Deshpande, Dilip Kumar Ghosh

35. LHC Physics
Fabiola Gianotti

36. Precision Calculations in the MSSM
Wolfgang Hollik

37. Theoretical Aspects of Heavy Flavour Physics
Thomas Mannel

38. Hard Exclusive Processes and Higher-Order QCD Corrections
Kornelija Passek-Kumericki

39. Strings in the Yang-Mills Theory: How They Form, Live and Decay
Adi Armoni, Mikhail Shifman

40. Constraining New Physics from the Muon Decay
Astrid Bauer

41. Jets in Deep Inelastic Scattering and High Energy Photoproduction at HERA
Gerd W. Buschhorn

42. CP Violation from Orbifold: From Examples to Unification Structures
Nicolas Cosme

43. Doubly Projected Functions in Out of Equilibrium Thermal Field Theories
Ivan Dadic

44. Nonfactorizable Contributions in overline {B^0 } ? Ds/+Ds/- and overline {B_s^0 } ? D+D- Decays
Jan O. Eeg, Svjetlana Fajfer, Aksel Hiorth

45. On the Geometry of Gauge Field Theories
Helmuth Hüffel, Gerald Kelnhofer

46. On the Singlet Penguin in B ? K?' Decay
Jan Olav Eeg, Krešimir Kumericki, Ivica Picek

47. Bjorken-Like Limit versus Fermi-Watson Approximation in High Energy Hadron Diffraction
Andrzej R. Malecki

48. Some Aspects of Radiative Corrections and Non-Decoupling Effects of Heavy Higgs Bosons in Two Higgs Doublet Model
Michal Malinský

49. Towards a NNLO Calculation in Hadronic Heavy Hadron Production
Jürgen G. Körner, Zakaria Merebashvili, Mikhail Rogal

50. Jet Physics at CDF
Sally Seidel


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