Fisher, Peter F.

Developments in Spatial Data Handling

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Table of contents

1. About Invalid, Valid and Clean Polygons
Peter Oosterom, Wilko Quak, Theo Tijssen

2. 3D Geographic Visualization: The Marine GIS
Chris Gold, Michael Chau, Marcin Dzieszko, Rafel Goralski

3. Local Knowledge Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Community-Integrated Geographic Information Systems and Rural Community Self-Definition
Gregory Elmes, Michael Dougherty, Hallie Challig, Wilbert Karigomba, Brent McCusker, Daniel Weiner

4. A Flexible Competitive Neural Network for Eliciting User’s Preferences in Web Urban Spaces
Yanwu Yang, Christophe Claramunt

5. Combining Heterogeneous Spatial Data From Distributed Sources
M. Howard Williams, Omar Dreza

6. Security for GIS N-tier Architecture
Michael Govorov, Youry Khmelevsky, Vasiliy Ustimenko, Alexei Khorev

7. Progressive Transmission of Vector Data Based on Changes Accumulation Model
Tinghua Ai, Zhilin Li, Yaolin Liu

8. An Efficient Natural Neighbour Interpolation Algorithm for Geoscientific Modelling
Hugo Ledoux, Christopher Gold

9. Evaluating Methods for Interpolating Continuous Surfaces from Irregular Data: a Case Study
M. Hugentobler, R.S. Purves, B. Schneider

10. Contour Smoothing Based on Weighted Smoothing Splines
Leonor Maria, Oliveira Malva

11. Flooding Triangulated Terrain
Yuanxin Liu, Jack Snoeyink

12. Vague Topological Predicates for Crisp Regions through Metric Refinements
Markus Schneider

13. Fuzzy Modeling of Sparse Data
Angelo Marcello Anile, Salvatore Spinella

14. Handling Spatial Data Uncertainty Using a Fuzzy Geostatistical Approach for Modelling Methane Emissions at the Island of Java
Alfred Stein, Mamta Verma

15. A Visualization Environment for the Space-Time-Cube
Menno-Jan Kraak, Alexandra Koussoulakou

16. Finding REMO — Detecting Relative Motion Patterns in Geospatial Lifelines
Patrick Laube, Marc Kreveld, Stephan Imfeld

17. Spatial Hoarding: A Hoarding Strategy for Location-Dependent Systems
Karim Zerioh, Omar Beqqali, Robert Laurini

18. Distributed Ranking Methods for Geographic Information Retrieval
Marc Kreveld, Iris Reinbacher, Avi Arampatzis, Roelof Zwol

19. Representing Topological Relationships between Complex Regions by F-Histograms
Lukasz Wawrzyniak, Pascal Matsakis, Dennis Nikitenko

20. The Po-tree: a Real-time Spatiotemporal Data Indexing Structure
Guillaume Noël, Sylvie Servigne, Robert Laurini

21. Empirical Study on Location Indeterminacy of Localities
Sungsoon Hwang, Jean-Claude Thill

22. Registration of Remote Sensing Image with Measurement Errors and Error Propagation
Yong Ge, Yee Leung, Jianghong Ma, Jinfeng Wang

23. Double Vagueness: Effect of Scale on the Modelling of Fuzzy Spatial Objects
Tao Cheng, Pete Fisher, Zhilin Li

24. Area, Perimeter and Shape of Fuzzy Geographical Entities
Cidália Costa Fonte, Weldon A. Lodwick

25. Why and How Evaluating Generalised Data ?
Sylvain Bard, Anne Ruas

26. Road Network Generalization Based on Connection Analysis
Qingnian Zhang

27. Continuous Generalization for Visualization on Small Mobile Devices
Monika Sester, Claus Brenner

28. Shape-Aware Line Generalisation With Weighted Effective Area
Sheng Zhou, Christopher B. Jones

29. Introducing a Reasoning System Based on Ternary Projective Relations
Roland Billen, Eliseo Clementini

30. A Discrete Model for Topological Relationships between Uncertain Spatial Objects
Erlend Tøssebro, Mads Nygård

31. Modeling Topological Properties of a Raster Region for Spatial Optimization
Takeshi Shirabe

32. Sandbox Geography — To learn from children the form of spatial concepts
Florian A. Twaroch, Andrew U. Frank

33. Street Centreline Generation with an Approximated Area Voronoi Diagram
Steven A. Roberts, G. Brent Hall, Barry Boots

34. Determining Optimal Critical Junctions for Real- time Traffic Monitoring for Transport GIS
Yang Yue, Anthony G. O. Yeh

35. Collaborative Decision Support for Spatial Planning and Asset Management: IIUM Total Spatial Information System
Alias Abdullah, Muhammad Faris Abdullah, Muhammad Nur Azraei Shahbudin

36. Automatic Generation and Application of Landmarks in Navigation Data Sets
Birgit Elias, Claus Brenner

37. Towards a Classification of Route Selection Criteria for Route Planning Tools
Hartwig Hochmair

38. An Algorithm for Icon Labelling on a Real-Time Map
Lars Harrie, Hanna Stigmar, Tommi Koivula, Lassi Lehto

39. Semantically Correct 2.5D GIS Data — the Integration of a DTM and Topographic Vector Data
Andreas Koch, Christian Heipke

40. Generalization of integrated terrain elevation and 2D object models
J.E. Stoter, F. Penninga, P.J.M. Oosterom

41. An Image Analysis and Photogrammetric Engineering Integrated Shadow Detection Model
Yan Li, Peng Gong, Tadashi Sasagawa

42. Understanding Taxonomies of Ecosystems: a Case Study
Alexandre Sorokine, Thomas Bittner

43. Comparing and Combining Different Expert Relations of How Land Cover Ontologies Relate
Alexis Comber, Peter Fisher, Richard Wadsworth

44. Representing, Manipulating and Reasoning with Geographic Semantics within a Knowledge Framework
James O’Brien, Mark Gahegan

45. A Framework for Conceptual Modeling of Geographic Data Quality
Anders Friis-Christensen, Jesper V. Christensen, Christian S. Jensen

46. Consistency Assessment Between Multiple Representations of Geographical Databases: a Specification-Based Approach
David Sheeren, Sébastien Mustière, Jean-Daniel Zucker

47. Integrating structured descriptions of processes in geographical metadata
Bénédicte Bucher

48. Toward Comparing Maps as Spatial Processes
Ferko Csillag, Barry Boots

49. Integrating computational and visual analysis for the exploration of health statistics
Etien L. Koua, Menno-Jan Kraak

50. Using Spatially Adaptive Filters to Map Late Stage Colorectal Cancer Incidence in Iowa
Chetan Tiwari, Gerard Rushton


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