Schanz, Tom

Unsaturated Soils: Numerical and Theoretical Approaches

Schanz, Tom - Unsaturated Soils: Numerical and Theoretical Approaches, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Conservation laws for three-phase partially saturated granular media
Ronaldo I. Borja

2. Thermally-induced pore pressure generation in a nearly-saturated cementitious material
A. P. S. Selvadurai

3. Strain localisation simulation in non-isothermal multiphase geomaterials
Lorenzo Sanavia, Francesco Pesavento, Bernhard A. Schrefler

4. Non-linear behaviour in the deformation and localization analysis of unsaturated soil
Wolfgang Ehlers, Tobias Graf, Martin Ammann

5. A process-oriented approach to compute THM problems in porous media - Part 1: Theoretical and informatics background
Olaf Kolditz, Wenqing Wang, Joëlle Jonge, Mingliang Xie, Sebastian Bauer

6. The influence of hydraulic hysteresis on unsaturated soils FE analyses
Roberto Tamagnini

7. Effects of intergranular adhesive force on failure criterion of granular materials
S. Kato, Y. Yoshimori, T. Sakakibara

8. A bounding surface plasticity model for sands in an unsaturated state
A. R. Russell, N. Khalili

9. A unified framework for elastoplasticity of unsaturated soils: From capillary hysteresis to soil skeletal deformations
Kanthasamy K. Muraleetharan, Changfu Wei

10. State parameters for unsaturated soils, basic empirical concepts
J. Engel, T. Schanz, C. Lauer

11. Investigations regarding soils below phreatic surface as unsaturated porous media
Hans-Jürgen Köhler, Hector Montenegro

12. Inspection of excess pressure propagation in the zone of gas entrapment below the capillary fringe
Hector Montenegro, Hans-Jürgen Köhler, Tilman Holfelder

13. A new concept for the numerical simulation and parameter identification of multiphase flow and transport processes in cohesive soils
Sandra Hölzemann, Holger Class, Rainer Helmig

14. Statistical approach in soil-water characteristic curve modelling
Eugenia Stoimenova, Maria Datcheva, Tom Schanz

15. Generalized effective stress in unsaturated granulate by DEM analysis
Mingjiang Jiang, David Harris

16. Grading entropy variation due to soil crushing
J. Lörincz, M. Gálos, K. Rajkai

17. A process-oriented approach to compute THM problems in porous media - Part 2: Numerical applications
Olaf Kolditz, Wenqing Wang, Joëlle Jonge, Mingliang Xie, Sebastian Bauer

18. Numerical study to the desiccation cracks formation in mineral liners for landfills
S. Wendling, H. Meißner

19. Modelling the behaviour of an earth and rockfill dam during construction and impoundment
E. E. Alonso, S. Olivella, J. Hugas

20. Numerical simulation of air loss during tunnel advance in compressed air tunnelling
Y. Scheid, S. Semprich, A. Chinkulkijniwat

21. Centrifuge and numerical modeling of contaminant transport through the unsaturated silty soil
S. Sreedeep, Catherine Berton, Thomas Moronnoz, D. N. Singh

22. Modeling of seepage flow through layered soils
Veena S. Soraganvi, M. S. Mohan Kumar, Srinivas Muthineni

23. Hydro-mechanical behaviour of unsaturated buffer
H. R. Thomas, P. J. Cleall, N. Chandler, D. Dixon, H. P. Mitchell

24. Applications of CODE-BRIGHT to thermal-hydro-mechanical experiments on clays
Chun-Liang Zhang, Klaus-Peter Kröhn, Tilmann Rothfuchs

25. An unsaturated soil seepage analysis for design of a soil cover system to reduce oxidation of a mine tailings deposit
Baolin Wang, Len Murray


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