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Unsaturated Soils: Experimental Studies

Schanz, Tom - Unsaturated Soils: Experimental Studies, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Laboratory Experiments and Simulations on the Significance of Non-Equilibrium Effect in the Capillary Pressure-Saturation Relationship
S. Majid Hassanizadeh, Oubol Oung, Sabine Manthey

2. Determination of hydro-mechanical Properties of Sand
Yvonne Lins, Tom Schanz

3. Column test apparatus for the inverse estimation of soil hydraulic parameters under defined stress condition
A. Scheuermann, H. Montenegro, A. Bieberstein

4. Water permeability of unsaturated compacted kaolin
N. Peroni, E. Fratalocchi, A. Tarantino

5. Moisture retention curve in landfilled waste
Y. K. Kazimoglu, J. R. McDougall, I. C. Pyrah

6. The pF-curve of fine-grained soils at high pore water suction
Peter Schick

7. Influence of microstructure on geotechnical properties of clays
R. M. Schmitz, C. Schroeder, R. Charlier

8. Suction induced by static compaction
Sara Tombolato, Alessandro Tarantino, Luigi Mongiovì

9. Suction of compacted residual soils
S. Tripathy, E. C. Leong, H. Rahardjo

10. Creation of artificial loess soils
A. Zourmpakis, D. I. Boardman, C. D. F. Rogers

11. Analysis of the mechanical response of an artificial collapsible soil
G. M. Medero, F. Schnaid, W. Y. Y. Gehling, D. Gallipoli

12. Fabric Evolution of an Unsaturated Compacted Soil during Hydromechanical Loading
Olivier Cuisinier, Lyesse Laloui

13. Measurement of osmotic suction using the squeezing technique
N. Peroni, A. Tarantino

14. The use of different suction measurement techniques to determine water retention curves
M. Boso, E. Romero, A. Tarantino

15. Measurement of Suction of Thick Textured Soil using Filter Paper Method and Equivalent Tensiometer — EQT
C. F. Mahler, C. A. R. Mendes

16. Laboratory measurement of matric suction in pyroclastic soil using vacuum and high-suction tensiometers
M. V. Nicotera, A. Tarantino

17. Volume Change Behaviour of Fine Grained Soils
A. Sridharan

18. Volume change behaviour of cohesive soils
M. Dobrowolsky

19. Swelling Pressures and Wetting-Drying Curves of a Highly Compacted Bentonite-Sand Mixture
S. S. Agus, T. Schanz

20. Results and interpretation of bentonite resaturation experiments with liquid water and water vapour
Klaus-Peter Kröhn

21. Shear strength of unsaturated bentonite buffer material
A. Farouk, J. Kos, L. Lamboj

22. Evaluation of Yielding in Unsaturated Clays Using an Automated Triaxial Apparatus with Controlled Suction
James Blatz, David Anderson, Jim Graham, Greg Siemens

23. A triaxial device for unsaturated sand — New Developments
C. Lauer, J. Engel

24. Undrained Isotropic Compression of Soil
Jack P. Oostveen

25. Hydro-mechanical behaviour of a clayey silt under isotropic compression
C. Buenfil, E. Romero, A. Lloret, A. Gens

26. The concept of “apparent” Compression Index
M. Bardanis, M. Kavvadas

27. Behaviour of unsaturated cohesive soils subjected to cyclic loads
T. Becker, T. Li

28. Remarks on consolidation in unsaturated soils from experimental results
Ernesto Ausilio, Enrico Conte

29. Prediction and modeling of tensile stresses and shrinkage
Thomas Baumgart

30. Tensile Strength of Compacted Clays
G. Heibrock, R. M. Zeh, K. J. Witt

31. Fine Fissuring of Clay Fill Materials for Flood Defence Embankments
Mark Dyer, Barnaby Coulsony

32. Laboratory investigation of the virgin drying of the Corinth Marl
M. Bardanis, M. Kavvadas

33. From experimental evidence towards the assessment of weather-related railway embankment hazards
Gilson Gitirana, Delwyn G. Fredlund

34. Large scale hill creep in cohesive sediments: A field and model study
Erwin Zehe, Falk Lindenmaier, Jürgen Ihringer

35. The effect of soil suction in stability of partially submerged slopes
I. Bellezza, E. Fratalocchi

36. Effects of unsaturation on the stability of a moraine slope
L. Simeoni, A. Tarantino, L. Mongiovi

37. A large physical Mock-Up model for investigating engineered barriers
Jaroslav Pacovský

38. Experimental testing and modelling of a Design for HLW Disposal through a Large Scale Mock-Up
Jan Verstricht, Xiang Ling Li, Frederic Bernier


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