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Smart Business Networks

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Table of contents

1. Welcome to Smart Business Networks
2. The Actors
3. The Emergence of Smart Business Networks
Peter Vervest, Kenneth Preiss, Eric Heck, Louis Pau

4. Challenges of Smart Business Networks — Five Perspectives
5. The Cordys Panel — Science Meets Business
Section 1.Outcomes of Smart Business Networks

6. Spontaneous Collaborative Networks
Benn Konsynski, Amrit Tiwana

7. Where Are the Smarts Located in a Smart Business Network?
Kenneth Preiss

8. Information Flow Structure in Large-Scale Product Development Organizational Networks
Dan Braha, Yaneer Bar-Yam

9. Smart Business Networks Enable Strategic Opportunities Not Found in Traditional Business Networking
Roger N. Nagel, Jason P. Walters, Greg Gurevich, Patrick D. Schmid

10. Unlocking Smart Business Networks

11. Smart and Sustainable Supply Chains
Jo A.E.E. Nunen, Rob A. Zuidwijk, Hans M. Moonen

Section 2.Execution of Smart Business Networks

12. Marketing Translation Services Internationally: Exploiting IT to Achieve a Smart Network
Christopher P. Holland, Duncan R. Shaw, J.B. Westwood, Ian Harris

13. Node to Network: Partnerships in the Second-Hand Book Trade
William Golden, Martin Hughes, Helen Burke

14. Towards Smarter Supply and Demand Chain Collaboration Practices Enabled by RFID Technology
Katerina Pramatari, Georgios I. Doukidis, Panos Kourouthanassis

15. Building Networks In-Sync
Matthijs J.J. Wolters, Peter H.M. Vervest, Eric Heck

16. “Off the Shelf” Smart Business Networks
Peter C. Muller, Gerrit Schipper

17. Designing Intelligent Service Supply Networks
Arun Rai, Jonathan Wareham, V. Sambamurthy

Section 3.Governance of Smart Business Networks

18. Embedded Coordination in a Business Network
Diederik W. Liere, Lorike Hagdorn, Martijn R. Hoogeweegen, Peter H. M. Vervest

19. Supply and Demand Driven Coordination in Smart Business Networks
Otto Koppius, Eric Heck

20. The Viable Systems Model Applied to a Smart Network: The Case of the UK Electricity Market
Duncan R. Shaw, Bob Snowdon, Christopher P. Holland, Peter Kawalek, Brian Warboys

21. Governing Smart Business Networks by Means of Distributed Innovation Management
Jens Eschenbaecher, Falk Graser, Axel Hahn

Section 4.Design of Smart Business Networks

22. Sharing Process Knowledge in Business Networks
Amit Basu

23. How Much Business Modularity?
Martijn R. Hoogeweegen, Peter H.M. Vervest

24. The Potential of Webservices to Enable Smart Business Networks
Jos Hillegersberg, Ruurd Boeke, Willem-Jan Heuvel

25. Embedding Business Logic Inside Communication Networks: Network-based Business Process Management
Louis F. Pau, Peter H.M. Vervest

26. What Is SMART about Credit Card Payments?
Jimmy C. Tseng

27. Smart ICT Support for Business Networks
Jukka Heikkilä, Marikka Heikkilä, Jari Lehmonen, Samuli Pekkola

28. Web Information Extraction and Mediation as a Basis for Smart Business Networking
Hannes Werthner, Oliver Fodor, Marcus Herzog

29. Public Administration Networked with Business: Towards Architectures for Interoperable and Retrievable Law
Rob M. Peters, Marijn F.W.H.A. Janssen


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