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Excimer Laser Technology

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Table of contents

1. Introductory Remarks
D. Basting, G. Marowsky

2. Historical Review of Excimer Laser Development
D. Basting, N. Djeu, K. Jain

3. Trends in Worldwide Excimer Laser Sales
Stephen G. Anderson

Part I.Fundamentals

4. Some Fundamentals of Laser Physics
K. Körber, C. Kulik

5. Principles of Excimer Lasers
H. Bergmann, U. Stamm

6. Design and Technology of Excimer Lasers
H. Bergmann, U. Rebhan, U. Stamm

7. High-Repetition-Rate and High-Power Lasers
H. Bergmann

8. High-Energy Lasers
V. Borisov, I. Bragin

9. Excimer Lasers for Microlithography
R. Pätzel, U. Stamm

10. Laser Beam Characterization
K. Mann

11. Optical Coatings for Excimer Laser Applications
N. Kaiser, H. Lauth, H. Bernitzki

12. Small Structures with Large Excimer Lasers
P. Oesterlin, A. Koch

Part II.Applications

13. Overview
M. Wehner

14. Ablation
M Wehner

15. Micro-Machining
M. Wehner, J. Ihlemann

16. Via Drilling
M. Hessling, J. Ihlemann

17. Micro-Processing of Borosilicate Glass and Polymers
B. Keiper, T. Petsch, H. Exner

18. F2-Laser Microfabrication for Photonics and Biophotonics
Peter R. Herman

19. Nano-Structuring with Femtosecond Excimer Laser Pulses
J.-H. Klein-Wiele, J. Bekesi, J. Ihlemann, P. Simon

20. Physical Aspects of Ultra-Fast UV Laser Transfer
D. G. Papazoglou, I. Zergioti, C. Fotakis

21. Microlithography
M. Wehner

22. TFT Annealing
M. Fiebig

23. Fiber Bragg Gratings
K. Körber, C. Kulik

24. Marking
M. Wehner

25. Activation and Metallization of Dielectrics
K. Körber

26. Excimer-Laser Assisted Deposition of Carbon and Boron Nitride-Based High-Temperature Superconducting Films
G. Reiße, S. Weißmantel

27. Combustion Analysis
V. Beushausen

28. Medical Applications of Excimer Lasers
H. Lubatschowski

29. High-Intensity Applications of Excimer Lasers
Alex B. Borisov, Jack Davis, Keith Boyer, Charles K. Rhodes

30. High-Repetition-Rate Applications of Excimer Lasers
R. F. Delmdahl, L. Herbst, B. Nikolaus

31. New Frontiers: Extreme-Ultraviolet (EUV) Technology at 13.5 nm
Uwe Stamm


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Natural Sciences

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